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The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for November 29, 2009

by Paul Slavens 29 Nov 2009 7:53 PM

Welcome Back ! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, I sure did. Got to see my folks in Nebraska. Now I’m back and its time to check out some tunes ! Dont be shy, give me a couple suggestions for songs you think would be good for people to hear. Links to where the music […]


Welcome Back ! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, I sure did. Got to see my folks in Nebraska. Now I’m back and its time to check out some tunes !
Dont be shy, give me a couple suggestions for songs you think would be good for people to hear.
Links to where the music can be purchased or downloaded is always handy.
Polite comments are always welcomed.
If you prefer to comment by email its [email protected]
The playlist will be posted at the top of this blog page at the end of the show.

Cibo Matto Sugar Water (Album Version) Viva! La Woman

Tito Puente Oye Como Va Live At The Monterey Jazz Festival, 1977

Little Feat Fat Man In The Bathtub The Best Of Little Feat


Rodgers and Hammerstein , “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning,”  Oklahoma OCR

Norah Jones “Chasing Pirates” The Fall

Michael Hedges “Ragamuffin” Aerial Boundaries

Naptime “Shake Nourishment” Blood and Panic


Monsters of Folk “Dear God (sincerely M.O.F.)” Monsters Of Folk

Obernkirchen Children’s Choir “The Happy Wanderer” The Fabulous Fifties Vol 5

Sarah Vaughan “Fever” Verve Remixed 3


Jeff Beck wRod Stewart “Morning Dew” Truth

Scott Johnson John Somebody “Involuntary Song #3” John Somebody


Maxine Sullivan “Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life” The Very Best Of

Dirty Projectors “The Bride” Bitte Orca

Fred Hamilton “A Mulligan for Craig” Afternoon of the Soul

The Band “Whispering Pines” (2000 Digital Remaster) The Band


The Sugarcubes” Birthday” Life’s Too Good

Wendy Carlos “Beauty in the Beast” Beauty in the Beast

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds “Lovely Creature” Murder Ballads


Deerhoof “Numina O Offend” Maggie

Duke Ellington & His Orchestra “Blood Count” (Live) Berlin ’65/Paris ’67

George Jones “Trouble In Mind” Trouble In Mind


Dunkelbunt/Boban_I_Marko “Cinnamon Girl” Cinnamon Girl

Alice Russell “Remember to Forget” My Favorite Letters

Sr. Coconut “We Are the robots” El Baile Aleman

  • Francois

    Hi Paul, will you be back at Dan’s tomorrow ??? Thanks.

    • nope
      one more november monday night off
      then I will be back in December every monday night

  • adrienne

    hey Paul,
    several requests/suggestions:
    Gloomy Sunday – Diamanda Galas
    Broken Bottle Blues – 100 Damned Guns
    Transmisson – Joy Division
    Midnight Drifter – Whiskey Folk Ramblers
    Stagger Lee – Lloyd Price

    • an excellent selection
      nice and varied, with a good local representation
      you will get some satisfaction next week , fo sho

  • Yimmy

    Sometime before the big day, how ’bout Blue Christmas by Elvis.
    Is the archive of past playlists still up on the web? If so, where’s it found? Thanks for your great show.

    • Im a bit confused about this myself
      I dont administer those , but I am trying to find out what is up with them.
      you can always go to and search the culture blog for “slavens”, that will give you a listing of all my blogs and the playlists are posted at the top of each weeks blog.

  • Ed

    Exquisite vintage Little Feat selection. Is anyone else as galled as I am that there’s a band out there touring under the Little Feat name even though their heart and soul, Lowell George, has been dead for over thirty years?

    I’ll take this opportunity to put in a request for another true Little Feat tune, “Easy to Slip”.

  • jobo mojo

    good evening my friend, and welcome back. good show. Mose Allison is always good.

    • I havent played the wildman in quite some time, I will get some on next week

  • This may be a little out of left field for tonight, but how about Treasure MammaL? Best Friends Forever, Can You Dig It, or Unicorn?

    Thanks! Great show!

    • cool
      I have no idea what this is
      I will check it out for sure

      • Suzy

        Please play “Moody River” or “Speedy Gonzales” by Pat Boone.

  • Ed

    “Nap Time Shake”: real fine.

    • indeed

      • Timmy

        Hey Paul, this is a little different, but can you play The Blow, Remi Shand, Joss Stone or/and Regina Spector. Thanks Great Show I’m A Big Fan.

        • I know some of that stuff , but not all
          I will check it all out and see if i cant find some tracks for you for next time

          • Russ

            Can’t believe you played “The Happy Wanderer!” That sounded great! The used LP I bought barely played.

            But here’s a better one for this audience: “Calling You” by Jevetta Steele, from the classic movie “Bagdad Cafe.” Haunting song and great character-driven movie. Don’t make either like that anymore. Much.

          • I will glady try to locate this interesting sounding music

  • Diane Brantley

    Dolapdere Big Gang of Turkey . Featured on The World. Band made up of Roma and Turks. Covers American songs with a Turkish twist. What I’ve heard sounds really good.

    • any idea if I can find it on amazon?

  • Kelly Alexander

    hey Paul-here’s some GREAT stuff i’ve been listening to alot. hope you had a great holiday!

    The Unthanks-Here’s the Tender Coming. the Northumbrian trad folk group has recently changed it’s name to this, from the more unwieldy-Rachel Unthank and The Winterset. these are beautiful mostly traditional folk songs given a slightly modern edge. the Unthank Sisters Harmonies are just heartbreaking. i LOVE “The Testimony Of Patience Kershaw”.

    The Watson Twins-Talking to You, Talking To Me. this record will not be out until Feb. 2010, but they’ve been playing the songs on their mini-tour. “Harpeth River” is sort of vintage Portishead with a folk edge, “Devil In You” is quite dark and lovely, “U-N-Me” is just good. well worth checking out.

    the French Punk-Pop all girl outfit The Plastiscines is AWESOME. anything off their new About Love Record is good. but “Bi*ch” is my favorite.

    Kap Bambino are also French and also Electronic-Punk-Pop. they are either feared and loathed, or love and lauded. i fall in the second camp, shouty French girls make me pretty happy. their record Blacklist from earlier this year is still in frequent rotation here. i like “Batcaves”, “Plague” and “Acid Eyes”.

    once again, i’m going to tout the Buika e Chucho Valdez collabo El Ultimo Trago. it’s already in my Best Of 2009 List up near the top, i don’t think much needs to be said about the LEGENDARY STATUS of either of these artists. she’s easily the equal of the beloved Celia Cruz. just breathtaking vocals-Viva Revolucion!

    also going to push Mos Def’s The Ecstactic, certainly the best hip-hop record made this year, and there have been some good ones. we need this guy, he’s intelligent, savvy, involved in everything:politics, music, acting and pulled a hilarious turn on Jimmy Fallon the other night MC-ing with the Roots(THE BEST late night show band EVER! PERIOD.) his performance with Talib Kweli was brilliant as well.

    i only ever try to give you five selections, in order to not overwhelm you, i have MANY more. hope you have a great week! best regards, as always, Kelly.

  • Ed

    As long as Rod Stewart’s fair game for this show, how ’bout some Faces, such as “Stay With Me”, “Bad ‘n’ Ruin” and/or “You Wear It Well”? Some of the first grunge, it seems to me.

  • Ed

    How ’bout playin’ some Luna? They occupy a musical space somewhere between Muzak and Lou Reed in my opinion; you can red more about them here:

    A song I recommend is the exquisite “Malibu Love Nest” off of Rendezvous but they have a lot of music I’ve never heard so if you wanna play something else of theirs that would be good too.

    If you wanna purchase an entire CD of theirs you can get it here I think:

    If you wanna hear “Malibu Love Nest”, that’s here:

  • its always fun to check out your picks
    you get a lot of plays on my show
    keep it up, please

  • Cliff

    Have you ever spun any Doctor Nerve? They were an octet that produced some very intense and complex instrumental music, consisting of a metal power trio plus a horn section and vibraphone. I especially like their 1995 album Skin; select tracks include “Plague”, “Preaching to the Converted”, and “Dead Silence”. If those seem too loud, try the track “Beta 14 ok”, in which the guitar is considerably less distorted. Or just turn it down a little. (However, the CD says to play it as loud as possible with your windows open, so your neighbours can hear it too.)

    • sounds like some weird stuff
      I will get after it

  • Diane Brantley

    Dolapdere Big Gang of Turkey I think there is an MP3 download on [email protected] website. Search on music, turkish. Don’t know if you can get their CD on Amazon yet.

  • Ed

    I’d like to get more familiar with Gnarls Barkley. He’s getting a little airplay on some pop stations but I get the impression there’s more there than we’re hearing – can you bring some of his music to us?

    And I second the Joss Stone request – she has a new album out with a terrific torchy song that gives Etta James a run for her money…. Mmmmmmwah!

    • definitely spun some Gnarles a few months back when the album came out, and a couple since
      but I would love to do some more

  • John

    Check out Emily Elbert, who is from this area

  • Ed

    Paul said, “[I]t’s always fun to check out your picks; you get a lot of plays on my show.”

    Yup – I agree.

    “[K]eep it up, please.”

    Will do. You once told me that the best way to get something on was to keep hitting you up about it, so that’s what I do.

  • Ed

    And, so that your audience can get in on e-mails sent to you outside of the show:

    With the well-deserved buzz surrounding the new t.v. show Glee, a few days ago I was ruminating on the purported decline of music education, and arts education in general, in our public schools and I thought back fondly to my experiences in our (daily?) music classes with one Mrs. Capps at W.T. Hanes Elementary in Irving in the late sixties and early seventies. One of the songs I remember best from those classes is Jackie DeShannon’s “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” – we put on a smashing rendition of this with multi-part layered/sequenced harmonies that, in my opinion, would rival the performances in today’s Glee.

    While it’s probably asking a bit much for you to round up my fellow classmates from those days so that we could do a live performance of “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” on your show, perhaps your playing Ms. DeShannon’s original take would be the next best thing: .

    Incidentally, Ms. DeShannon has led an interesting life intersecting with many popular and rock music icons that you can read about here:

    England’s Lulu does a fine job with this song too (

    There’s also a terrific rendition by Al Green and Annie Lennox:

    All of these versions (as well as the original by Ms. DeShannon) can be heard on YouTube if you want to listen to them in their entirety before airing any on your show.

    And be thinking about my suggestion to round up my old elementary school classmates and having us come in and doing a live on-air rendition OK?

  • Kelly Alexander

    GAHHH! i forgot about this and it was especially for you, Paul. the really well bred Martha Wainwright has released her Piaf Record:San Fusils, Ni Souliers, a Paris. and it gorgeous. being Canadian, her French is very good, and she never falls into the maudlin Absinthe drowned trap. it was recorded live over several night with an orchestra. with your Francophile leanings YOU MUST check it out. best, K.

  • Chad

    Play ANYTHING by 16 Horsepower or Woven Hand. It’s all gold.

  • thanks everybody
    see you next week

  • Ed

    Re: ““Put a Little Love in Your Heart”

    If, however, you choose to air the Leonard Nimoy rendition of this – well, I may then be forced to go on a crime spree….

  • Just heard this guy on a youtube video. Some really sick beats/grooves. Not sure what he’s saying, but its pretty amazing.

  • Hehe you’re joking right 🙂