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KXT: Inaugural Paul Slavens Show

by Anne Bothwell 15 Nov 2009 8:05 PM

KXT welcomes Paul Slavens for his first show on the new station. Listen in tonight – the first hour is all local music – and feel free to leave your comments on tonight’s show. Paul may comment later as he settles into his new digs.


KXT welcomes Paul Slavens for his first show on the new station. Listen in tonight – the first hour is all local music – and feel free to leave your comments on tonight’s show. Paul may comment later as he settles into his new digs.

  • Russ


  • Cory

    The Paul Slavens Show! yay!

    and also yay for playing the wrong CD. So charming. =D

  • Dennis

    Glad to be here for show #1!

  • still with the blog, glad to see!!!

    mazel tov!

  • Mike W

    Is it just me or does Paul’s voice sound a little different on this station?

  • Lawrence Sutherland

    I think he’s running his voice through a special tube, perhaps to make it more teen-friendly and Chipmunk-like.
    This Grace Jones dub sound makes me think of Twilight Circus (a side project of a Legendary Pink Dots member), which I’m now formally requesting.

  • paul slavens

    hey y’all
    trying to figure out the new studio gear
    stick with me
    by the way
    Welcome to my show, it will get smoother, eventually !!
    carry on
    I will be checking in a lot so give me your suggestions for the new show !!!

    • Sioux-Z b

      Love the local music! Such a nice change of pace from all that other main stream crap on air. Thanks!

      BTW – How do I find more of that very first band you played (instrumental only). Chambliss was it?

  • Kelly Alexander

    i’m in. so here’s my list for this week, Paul-

    Nicola Conte-Modern Sounds Of Nicole Conte-Versions In Jazz Dub. a superior sets of reimagined tracks by Conte, him own, amongst others. i particularly enjoyed the NCJC featuring Jose James-“All Or Nothing At All” and Till Bronner’s “So Danco Samba”

    Lisa Gerrard-The Black Opal. the dead Can Dance singer has a new record. i love “The Maharaja”, “The Serpent And The Dove” and her cover of “All Along The Watchtower”.

    Pink Martini-Splendor In The Grass. it’s all brilliant be the version of the Sesame Street Classic “Sing”, really made me smile.

    Mario Biondi-If. the spectacular Italian Soul/Jazz/Funk bad boy is back. i like “Be Lonely”, “If” and “No Mo’ Blues”.

    and lastly. the REALLY beautiful and poignant styling of the Irish/Scottish Folk band The Unthanks-Here’s The Tender Coming. the whole thing is AMAZING, but i love “The Testimony Of Patience Kershaw”, “Where’ve Yer Been Dick” and “Sad February”.

    i’ll also note that seminal punk/reggae innovators The Slits have a new record out called “Trapped Animal”. and NO matter that lead Slit stormtrooper Ari Up was a personal heroine of mine. this return is only half brilliant. The slits have made little headway, and sound pretty much the same. Arianna’s lyric induce winces at points when she refers to herself as a “warrior princess” and rhymes “pieces” with “feces”??? i know my life would not have been musically the same with out The Slits tremendous feminine influence, along with the glacial Japanophile chic that was Siouxsie And The Banshees. however The Banshees continued to innovate over their career. it’s not a BAD record for today’s standards, i just think The Slits could’ve done MUCH BETTER.

    best as always and congrats one the new “digs”. Kelly.

  • Dennis

    Hey Paul can you play some Spacemen 3, if possible in the future?
    Walkin’ with Jesus, or Soul 1?
    Those are pretty short songs, because most of their stuff are long epics.

  • Brad Ellis

    Don’t sweat it , great music!

  • Cindy Chaffin

    I donned the KXT-shirt today at Cliff Fest – I was surrounded by (Slavens’) adoring fans more than once…”so what is Paul really like?”….”do you actually KNOW Paul Slavens???”…”he’s like a GOD to us…”

    …I just said I was Paul’s mom…signed a couple of autographs and went home to nap….

    • paul

      oh CIndy,
      you would be a sweet mommy
      thanks for tuning in

  • paul

    thanks for all the suggestions
    the instrumental you heard was probably Shibboleth
    that is actually my theme song !
    thanks for sticking with me !!!

  • yay yay yay
    love love love the local hour… do you have any billy radcliff and the economy?

  • Ivana Corsale

    I am not sure if I can make requests here but I would love to hear something by Carmen Consoli – a singer from Sicily. She just came out with a new album titled Elettra…it may not be available in the US yet but anything from Carmen would be great!

    • paul

      this is exactly the place to make suggestions
      thank you

  • Kelly Alexander

    Paul-i am so glad that you love Lady Alice as much as i do. the best living soul/jazz vocalist. she’s a wonder. best, K.

  • Cyndi

    More outstanding Dallas-bred music….
    Captain Audio- “Because of You”, “Star”, etc etc etc
    Chao- “Gotta Go” or, anything from Hitsthemiss
    Sorta- anything from Laugh Out Loud

    Please and thank you.

    • paul

      you are welcome and I will play it if I can get a copy
      I have the Sorta, but not the others

    • Cyndi

      I just checked, Paul- they’re all available on itunes, and surely also @ Good Records and the like…. Thanks again- great stuff tonight!

  • Miranda and Josh

    Heya Paul… loved the last two hours.
    What was the name of the last hip hop artist you played?
    And later, maybe can you play some Elysian Fields? I like When.

    • paul

      danger doom
      the mouse and the mask , is the album
      crossfire is the song

      I will chek out elysian fields if I can find it

  • dale

    It’s Been an Inspired Set Tonight (in spite of technicals) So Big Congrats on the New Show!

  • greg metz

    Brilliant sampler set for this tabula raza!
    congrats on your handle with this new sailing rig!
    trim and luff. this is well overdue.

  • Ron Bulla

    Congrats and much success.
    “Chicago Promenade” by Jason Isbell.

  • Herb Levy

    Thanks a ton for the Wendy Carlos & for what sounded kind of Vietnamese-ish before the dub track.

  • Josh

    great show.. loving it so far.

    …And you will know us by the trail of dead, is a good Austin band to scope out

  • Dennis

    My face hurts from smiling for the last 2 hours!
    Thanks Paul!

  • paul

    thanks everybody
    see you here again next week
    lets share some more music!

  • Dennis

    So the first song played from your other show is the last one of your first show here, awesome!
    Loving the Eno.

  • Dan

    I knew you had to slip in The Fat Lady of Limbourgh. Thanks for playing Sonic Youth. Great show, even if you did have a few glitches early on. The music made up for any other shortcoming. Keep up the great work.

  • François & Rebecca

    Hiya, Paul –

    Thanks so much for playing Keren Ann!

    Few more suggestions for next week…

    Azam Ali – ‘I am a stranger in this world’
    Téléphone – ‘Le jour s’est levé’
    Rita Mitsouko – ‘Marcia Biala’

    Congratulations on your inaugural show!

  • diamond williams

    1st shows are always a blast. Enjoyed all the music from everyone/everywhere that u played last nite. Hopefully u can locate the version of “FEVER” as remixed by Sarah Vaughn. I recorded from the Chris Bote show out of New York. All things mellow and get better with time. Thks.

    Diamond Williams

  • penny stark

    First show was great, hilariously human since that kind of stuff usually happens to me. If you can please play anything by the late Michael Hedges (aerial boundries, absolutely anything by him is fine by me), the old Subdudes, and anything by Katie Lessley (UT/W.T.White grad) but especially the country song on her myspace page called “How Long” and ya, she’s my kiddo, but she still has skills.

  • Me

    Hey Paul, are you guys ever gonna post at the Art-and-Seek or KXT sites the set list from last week’s (Nov. 15, 2009) show?

    Also, what about all of your old set lists – where did they go or, more importantly, where are they gonna be in the future? The November 8, 2008 show must’ve been extraordinary because that’s the only set list that’s at the old “90.1 at Night” link at KERA.org – somebody went through and lifted all the rest of ’em.