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Flickr Photo of the Week

by Stephen Becker 11 Nov 2009 7:54 AM

Congratulations to Neff Conner of Bedford, the winner of the Flickr Photo of the Week contest!


Congratulations to Neff Conner of Bedford, the winner of the Flickr Photo of the Week contest! Neff previously won the contest in September with this photo of the Traveling Man sculpture in Deep Ellum. Neff follows last week’s winner, Wade Griffith.

If you would like to participate in the Flickr Photo of the Week contest, all you need to do is upload your photo to to our Flickr group page. It’s fine to submit a photo you took previous to the current week, but we are hoping that the contest will inspire you to go out and shoot something fantastic this week to share with Art&Seek users. If the picture you take involves another facet of the arts, even better. The contest week will run from Monday to Sunday, and the Art&Seek staff will pick a winner on Monday afternoon. We’ll notify the winner through FlickrMail (so be sure to check those inboxes) and ask you to fill out a short survey to tell us a little more about yourself and the photo you took. We’ll post the winners’ photo on Wednesday.

Now, here’s more from Wade:

Neff Conner

Title of photo: Window Washer

Equipment Used: Canon SD750, PhotoShop

neffconnerTell us more about your photo: November 6, 2009: A Friday like most other Fridays, except there were people dangling from ropes, casting unfamiliar shadows in the office where I work. Were they wannabe stuntmen climbing up to the roof? Or a S.W.A.T. team repelling down the face of the building in a daring rescue attempt or training exercise? No, they were window washers wielding squeegees, and they were practicing their trade and risking their lives so we can fully enjoy our view of the city and beyond.

I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pics as the worker quickly and skillfully serviced the pane directly in front of me. The outside of the glass is quite reflective, so I don’t know if he saw me or not. I felt fortunate to have been able to catch this moment. We were physically 3 feet from one another but couldn’t be farther apart, in some ways. I was safely inside a climate-controlled, high-rent office as he dangled dangerously in the bright midday sun. Two contrasting worlds separated by a thin pane of glass. Studying the photo more closely, I notice that the windowpane is halved – a clean side and an unfinished side – and the worker seems to be peaking around the defined line separting the two, further accentuating the dichotomy.

  • Very well done, I also liked your comments –

  • Jennifer

    Great photo!

  • Kathy


    That is an amazing photo of the window washer. Your description of the picture is awesome!!!! You are a fantastic writer and you really have a great eye for interesting photos.