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90.1@Night with Paul Slavens: Live Blog for Nov. 8, 2009

by Paul Slavens 8 Nov 2009 6:52 PM

Well, this is it ! My last show on 90.1@Night, in fact, the last night of 90.1@Night. After more than a decade, it is with some sadness that I lay the show to rest. However, next week just twist that dial a bit to the right, 91.7, and tune in at the same time for […]


Well, this is it ! My last show on 90.1@Night, in fact, the last night of 90.1@Night. After more than a decade, it is with some sadness that I lay the show to rest.
However, next week just twist that dial a bit to the right, 91.7, and tune in at the same time for The Paul Slavens Show. You will find that it is very, very similar to this show. Like, exactly the same.
Please make sure and let people know about the new all music station KXT 91.7, which launches Monday morning at 7.

This is the place to leave your polite comments and music suggestions for future show. I base this show heavily on your suggestions, so turn me and everyone else on to some great music !

New to me this week: Mozelle Alderson, Gert Wilden, Tangle Eye, Natural Self and Nellie McKay

Monsters of Folk, “Temazcal,” Monsters Of Folk
Kenny Ball, Midnight in Moscow, Midnight in Moscow
Kate Bush, “Wuthering Heights,” The Kick Inside

Fever in the Funkhouse, “Don’t Take It Like That,” Life Stories ‘n’ Jam
D’Oyly Carte Opera Company, “My Gallant Crew, Good Morning HMS Pinafore
Mozelle Alderson, “Tight Whoopee,” Shake Your Wicked Knees: Classic
Piano Rags, Blues & Stomps 1928 – 43
Little Joy, “The Next Time Around,” Little Joy

Stephen Stills, “Like A Fox,” Manassas Pieces
Vienna Teng Transcontinental, “1:30 A.M.,” Dreaming Through The Noise
Gert Wilden & Orchestra, “Title Theme (Die Dressierte Frau),”
P J Harvey & John Parish, “Sixteen, Fifteen, Fourteen,” A Woman A Man
Walked By

The Beach Boys, “The Warmth Of The Sun (2007 Digital Remaster),” The
Warmth Of The Sun
Astor Piazzola, “Oblivion,” The Best Of Astor Piazzolla
Tangle Eye, “O Death,” Alan Lomax’s Southern Journey Remixed

Rodgers & Hammerstein 07, “There Is Nothin’ Like A Dame,” South
Pacific [Original Soundtrack]
Ornette Coleman, “Mind And Time,” Tomorrow Is The Question
Tom Waits, “Goin’ Out West,” Glitter and Doom Preview
Gary Miles and the Statues, “Look For A Star” Hard To Find 45s On
[Disc 7]

RTB2, ,”Beta Crush,” In the Fleshed
Natural Self, “My Heart Beats Like A Drum [Feat. Elodie Rama],” My Heart Beats Like a Drum
Jorge Ben, “O Plebeu,” África Brasil

Nina Nastasia & Jim White, “Our Discussion,” You Follow Me
Spirit, “Fresh Garbage,” Time Circle (1968-1972)
Nellie McKay, “Wonderful Guy,” Normal As Blueberry Pie: A Tribute to Doris Day
Salim Nourallah, “The Man Who Learned to Love,” Constellation

The Books, “Smells Like Content,” Lost And Safe
Frank Zappa, “Naval Aviation In Art,” Quaudiophiliac
Brian Eno, “The Fat Lady of Limbourg,” Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy


  • let the suggesting and digesting begin !!

  • Kelly Higgins

    Play something people with lots of tattoos will like…Ferlin Husky! The more tattoos one has, the more refined their taste in Ferlin Husky. I don’t have any tattoos, and never really got Ferlin Husky.

  • gregg

    What the heck happened? Why did KERA decide to interrupt the last airing of 90.1 at night? I know you’re moving over to 91.7 and all…

    This is the highlight of my week. Keep it coming.

    I guess I’ll hear from you next week…

    • Stephen Becker

      Greg – not sure what you are referring to – the show sounds like it is happening right on time tonight.

  • can’t wait to add 91.7 to my commute!!

  • No matter how much music I listen to and play I still find that I have missed some of the Titans of music, I will certainly rock some Ferlin Husky on the new station.
    I have a tattoo

  • Peter

    Good luck at the new station, if you ever get a chance check out yoshida brothers

  • chipg

    Have you played any Nouvelle Vague? I can’t recall any but may have missed it.

    Looking forward to the new/old show on KXT 91.7!

    • I have but not for a year or so
      I can dig some up for sure
      let me know if you have a favorite

  • Marty

    I’m scrambling to find the archive of Paul’s excellent playlists for the last 5 years… did it move?

  • Les Connally

    I get that it is sad about “90.1@Night”. But as someone with lingering bitterness at the previous death of music at 90.1 during the black era of Ritchie/Harmon, I am VERY EXCITED about 91.7!
    We promise we will make you feel at home in the new digs, even if it will take awhile to smell right.

    PS still looking for my “Million Dollar Hotel” soundtrack CD. Can’t find squat since moving.

  • Dan


    I’m happy to hear you’re going to make the transition to the new sister station. Does it play the same time as 90.1 at night?

    A few requests for next week: Sonic Youth, Dr. John, Benny Goodman (something from Carnegie Hall, preferably with Lionel Hampton). I’d love to hear “China My China” by Brian Eno.

    Thanks for years of enjoyment, and I look forward to listening next week a little up the dial. (Is dial appropriate any more, it these days of digital recievers?)

    • same bat time, robin.
      I am actually ending my tenure on KERA with the same song I began it with 5 1/2 years ago- Brian Eno from the same album as your suggestion
      The Fat Lady of Limbourg

    • Dan

      Excellent. Once again I think we’re on the same wavelength. Maybe you can start off next week with “The Big One is Coming.”

  • Les Connally

    Its quiet here tonight. I never realized so many music-lovers watched football!

  • evertime I watch the Cowboys game they lose. so I am not watching.
    you can thank me later

  • Les Connally

    Paul, I gotta, that was the most inelegant segue I’ve heard you do…

  • Les Connally

    Paul, I gotta say, that was the most inelegant segue I’ve heard you do…

    This last one much nicer..

    (web seems sluggish tonite:-(

  • Dan

    How about “God’s Comic” by Declan MacManus?

    • Dan

      That request came from Glenn.

    • my favorite EC album, I would love to play that next week

  • Les Connally

    what is the URL of tonights playlist?

    • to access the playlists you can go to
      there is a link there
      have been having some trouble with the playlist editor
      also, I can no longer post my playlists before the show is over
      but the playlist always appears at the top of this blog as soon as the show is over.

  • Kelly Alexander

    hey Paul-here’s the list for this week-

    Rupa And The April Fishes-Este Mundo. S.F. band with a gypsy/salsa/world/polka twist, better than it sounds.

    Karachi Prison Band-just one song as of yet, the awesomely titled “Put some Git In It. Pt. 1.” it’s Quantic’s Will Holland, hoy like FIRE!

    BUIKA, BUIKA, BUIKA! don’t care what, she’s magnificent.

    Hanne Hukkelberg-Blood From A Stone. clever little album, this.

    The Incredible Bongo Band-Bongo Rock. a band comprised of some legends of jazz and funk for movie soundtracks. the story is interesting but long.

    Woods-Songs of Shame. alt. folk goodness.

    thanks for the Mozella and Natural Self. best regards as always. Kelly Alexander.

    • I didnt play Mozella, but in looking for it I found Mozelle Alderson, she is great and I played some of THAT
      thanks for your list Kelly as always

  • You have a tat or is that a song name?

  • Tim

    Hi Paul,
    Looking forward to 91.7 – Request for this week (or for the new show):
    The Nerves original version of “Hanging on the Telephone”
    knocks the Blondie cover out of the water.

  • What’s yer tat, Paul? I got six or seven. I see you having Tweety or Betty Boop… 😉

  • Ed


    I gotta hand it to you regarding last week’s show – it was good; I really enjoyed listening while I was on a bike ride (which explains my absence from your blog – I’ve yet to perfect texting-while-cycling, at least during mosquito season). I particularly enjoyed the songs from Mamie van Doren, Roseanne Cash w/ Jeff Tweedy, and Joey Heatherton (not in the least because I suggested them), as well as the pieces by Wynton Marsalis, Grace Jones and Ken Nordine – and those are just the ones I specifically recall. Really, it was all good last week – I don’t remember you playing anything I didn’t like.

  • Steve J

    Paul, hope you don’t think it’s rude, but I guess I’m not the only one feeling like we have to find your playlist archive before the “janitor” cleans out your office at 90.1. I have been keeping a spreadsheet but I got a little behind, and since your playlists are like pure gold, it would be good to know where they are or what will become of them.

  • The Mean One Mr. Grinch dude was on that South Pacific song…

  • Francois & Rebecca

    Hiya, Paul –

    Really enjoying the show tonight!

    A few French flings for you…

    Autour de Lucie – ‘Je reviens’
    Keren Ann – ‘Reste la’
    Charles Aznavour – ‘Le temps’

    You might also check out the Swedish band Roenik (see their MySpace or Facebook pages). British band Editors, too.

    Looking forward to meeting you again in Denton. In the meantime, good luck with the move to the new station and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Francois & Rebecca

    • so very nice to hear from you my friend
      I will definitely check out your suggestions
      I will probably be back to playing Dans on Mondays sometime in December

  • Poster Children.

    • And Poe. And the Troggs. And King Missle. and always Mel Torme!!!
      Tom Waits, Alice – Alterboy.
      Did you ever find Dear Edwina?

      Thanks for keeping me away from the football game!!!

  • Ed


    Speaking of french flings, I need I little help with a recommendation for this show. I figure this audience will be the best place to get help finding what I’m looking for.

    I remember an American Express commercial from – well, I think it’s been at least fifteen years since I last saw it. Anyway, it’s a scene of a horse-drawn sleigh making its way across a snowy country landscape – France presumably, because of the music accompanying the scene. It’s a saucy-, sassy- yet laconic-sounding vocal (as best I can tell – Je ne parles pas francois tres bien) by a woman with a none-too-pure voice, backed by a trumpet and a bold bass drum. My guess is the singer was Edith Piaf, but I’m not sure, and even if I have that much right I have no idea which recording of hers to direct Paul to. But I found the song arresting, and I must know what it is. Anybody?

  • Ed


    And thanks a couple of weeks ago, I think it was, for the Fiona Apple and Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66.

  • Hey Paul,
    Congrats on the last 90.1 show and can’t wait for next week, and the first one on 91.7…..


  • Ron Bulla

    The song is “Way Up In NYC” from the CD High Wide & Handsome, The Charlie Poole Project by Loudin Wainwright lll.
    Or “Walkin’ Down The Road” by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils.
    I wish you much success with the new venture, it should be a grand and beautiful thing.

  • Ed

    Hey Paul,

    How ’bout some Luna (out of New York)? I I’ve only heard “Rendezvous” (off of which “Malibu Love Nest” is my favorite), but I read that their work on their “Penthouse” and “Bewitched” albums was also quite good. So how ’bout bringin’ ’em to us?

    You can buy it here:

  • Ed


    Speaking about “old hippy music”, how about something from an early ’70s Bay-area band: the Joy of Cooking? You can get it here:

  • Ed


    I think Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66 gave a fine twist to the work of a songwriter ordinarily well-regarded for his work in country music: Jimmy Webb, and his “Wichita Lineman”. I think you audience might find their work on this piece surprisingly beguiling; you can buy it here:

  • thanks for never playing any of my suggestions Paul!!! Loved Sarah in concert on Friday night………….

  • Paul, while I’m sure others have had a hand in this, yours is the face on this event.
    I’m a “90.1 At Night” listener from way back (does anyone else remember when Kim Corbet would play his answering machine tapes, non-stop, over Philip Glass music?), and I’m sorry to see it go, too. But I’ll gladly trade the last vestiges of what was, for this feast of what is to come at 91.7.

    I’ll tune in, and keep tuning in. And I will pledge.

    Thank you for this. Thank all those who made it possible.

    I think of the letters that I wrote to Jeff Luchsinger when the music went away, and how upset I was, then (and yes, I pledged). Now, I feel as strongly, but happy.

  • I’d love to hear some Pomplamoose on the new station.

    Either one/some of their originals or some of their great covers.