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90.1@Night with Paul Slavens: Live Blog for November 1, 2009

by Paul Slavens 1 Nov 2009 7:55 PM

Just a few more weeks of 90.1@Night before I move to the new station, KXT 91.7, and the show becomes the Paul Slavens Show (I’m still getting used to the name change !) This is where you can join the live blog, a great place to make polite comments and give me suggestions of music […]


Just a few more weeks of 90.1@Night before I move to the new station, KXT 91.7, and the show becomes the Paul Slavens Show (I’m still getting used to the name change !)

This is where you can join the live blog, a great place to make polite comments and give me suggestions of music or artists that you would like to hear on the show.

New to me this week: Rodrigo y Gabriela, Mamie Van Doren and Hugh Mundell.


The Boswell Sisters, “Doggone!,” I’ve Done it Art Deco: Sophiticated Ladies
Sigur Rós, “Gobbledigook,” Með suð I eyrum við spilum endalaust
Blind Faith, “Can’t Find My Way Home,” Blind Faith
Rodrigo y Gabriela, “Hanuman,” 11:11
Mamie Van Doren, “I Fell In Love,” Hollywood Actors Sing
Wynton Marsalis, “Supercapitalism,” From The Plantation To ThePenitentiary
Deerhunter, “Agoraphobia,” Microcastle
The Babys, “I Love How You Love Me,” The Babys
Stravinsky, Igor, “The Owl & the Pussycat,” Complete Stravinsky
Velvet Underground, “The Black Angel’s Death Song,” The Velvet Underground & Nico
Jeff Tweedy and Rosanne Cash, “Long Black Veil (Feat. Jeff Tweedy),” The List
Camper Van Beethoven, “When I Win The Lottery,” Key Lime Pie
Eddie Lang, “Prelude In C Sharp Minor Op 3,” Pioneers Of Jazz Guitar -1927-1939
Imogen Heap, “Earth,” Ellipse
Tegan & Sara, “Alligator,” Sainthood
Steve Miller, “Winter Time,” Book Of Dreams
Hugh Mundell, “Africa Must Be Free By 1983,” Africa Must Be Free By 1983
Grace Jones, “Warm Leatherette,” Warm Leatherette
Joey Heatherton, “Hullabaloo,” The Joey Heatherton Album
The Move, “Chinatown Message,” From The Country
Ken Nordine, “Fibonacci Numbers,” Word Jazz: A Transparent Mask
Naked Eyes, “Always Something There To Remind,” Me Fumbling With The Covers
Alice Russell, “Mean to Me,” My Favourite Letters
The Books, “Tokyo,” The Lemon of Pink
Andrew Bird, “Tenuousness,” Noble Beast
Carter Albrecht, “Rome,” Jesus is Alive.. and Living in London
Alela Diane, “Pirate’s Gospel,” The Pirate’s Gospel
Frank Sinatra, “Witchcraft,” The Very Best Of

  • Hi Ho
    Lets Go!!!!!

    • dbx

      Hey paul. D in denton here. How about some tragically hip next week? Maybe “fiddler’s green” off road apples? thanks

  • Francois

    Good evening Paul, I found a Leo Ferre double CD at my house, if you are interested or anyone is…
    Looking forward to DA SHOW tonite.

  • Tim

    Hi Paul, I am not sure how hard this one would be for someone of your talent and resources, but I would sure like to hear a version of “Slow Down” by Mal Ryder. I have heard that it is available on a compilation called “That Driving Beat” but that is all the info I have been able to find.

    • well , if it isnt on Amazon , Lala, etc. it will probably be a hard find, unless one of our intrepid blogges knows of a copy. But I will put out feelers.
      I have never heard of Mal Ryder,
      Mitch Ryder , yes, but not Mal

  • Jeff Ryan

    great, looking fwd to the new digits on the airwaves.

  • Chuck

    Hey Paul. I think you’ve played some showtunes before. I have a few requests:

    “Coffee Break” from How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

    “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?” from My Fair Lady.


  • $|_!X

    Hey Paul! How about playing the track “I Am The Rain” by Assemblage 23. It’s a very epic track that I fell in love with while heard it on Pandora. Also, there’s another track I suggested a couple of weeks back from Apoptygma Berzerk titled “Non-Stop Violence” that I think you might have missed. It’s a track that I’m particulary fond of because it pretty much describes how we are getting bombarded by violent imagery from our mainstream news media. Hope you get around to playing that one next week, and good luck in your future endeavors over on KXT 91.7.


  • I am not afraid to play some showtunes.

  • Veronica Beats

    I like whatever is playing now.

  • Veronica Beats

    I like how you havent published what you are playing.
    I like the element of surprise.
    Its like you are making me stay on the station and not change the channel.

  • Caleb

    Did you ever end up playing any Shibuya-Kei style music such as Cornelius?

    • yeah, cant quite recall what it was, I also played some Cornelius
      some of it was hard to find.

  • Kelly Alexander

    hey Paul. here’s what i’ve been playing this week:

    Buika e Chuco Valdez-El Ultimo Trago. the unbelievably talented Concha Buika with piano legend Chuco Valdez. her voice is a thing of wonder!

    Natural Self-My Heart Beats Like A Drum. beautiful experimental Jaxx from Brighton’s Tru Thoughts label(the best in the world right now). adding the sublime voice of Elodie Rama from the the SPANKING French hip-hop group Hocus Pocus.

    Benjamin Biolay-La Superbe. said to be the modern equivalent to Jaques Brel. the album is a masterwork of electronic chansons. really spectacular.

    Doveman-The Confirmist. a beautiful album of misery and heartache.

    Mozelle-Belle Island. clever white girl on the Motown label, with a distinctive 50’s Soul voice. whorty pop music.

    hope all is well, thanks for the Rosanne Cash track…The List is a very excellent record. best regards, Kelly.

  • Mike W

    Hey Paul,
    how ’bout something from the late-great Dallas
    band Bedhead?

    • know where I can get a copy (free?)
      I would consider it for sure if I had some

  • Brian

    Hey, Paul, looking forward to your next show as much as i look forward to this one weekly. How ’bout something by Little Joy, maybe ‘Next Time Around’ or Unattainable?

    Thanks for many great Sunday eves

    • If I can find it and they dont say dirty words and its not too long or too soft or too loud I will spin it. : )

  • They Might Be Gaints were in town yesterday, I wish they would have played ‘The Mesopotamians’ from the album The Else.

    Beulah’s “If We Can Land a Man on the Moon, Surely I Can Win Your Heart” from there album When Your Heartstrings Break is great.

  • Kevin

    How about a little Kate Bush? “Wuthering Heights” is always wonderful. “Babooshka” is fun. But one of her *hidden gems* is “Night Scented Stock” (which segues nicely into “Army Dreamers”).

  • My request is anything from the world’s first top forty list. I like the idea that because of youtube and myspace there can be a first world list – not just from any one country. There’s plenty to choose from, any one of the 200 hits will do for me. Thanks.

    • there should be something on a list that long
      I will check it out

  • Have you heard of Government Cheese, Tommy Womack’s old band, late 80’s early 90’s band. They recently put up a myspace band site

  • Sean

    Could you play “His Master’s Voice” by Monsters of Folk? I think it might quite possibly be the most beautiful song ever written.

  • listener mark

    The Books! Yeahhhh!

    Hows about some Jorge Ben…or maybe People like us.

  • dbx

    Hey paul. i found this one too late. I left you a response up top also.

  • Brad Ellis

    Enjoying the music as always. So tell me more about this move to the new station. Same day, same time. More days and time I hope.


  • I keep forgetting to play MOR-next week fo sho
    Jorge Ben – oh yes!
    Govt Cheese, sounds wacky, I will check it out
    Played some Kate Bush last week, but your suggested songs are some of my faves

    Thanks everybody
    I really do appreciate your input


  • Richard

    How ’bout you finish you gig there with a Dallas-only show? (The Carter track was nice tonight) Chomsky, Deathray Davies, Dane Petersen, Shibboleth, Funland, Ten Hands! etc.


  • Lawrence Sutherland

    Mike Graff was the guitarist of Course of Empire, but his later music-only project was called Halls of the Machine. I’d love to hear anything by them.