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Art&Seek on Think TV: Fair Park Public Art Quirks

by Jerome Weeks 16 Oct 2009 2:10 PM

The State Fair ends this weekend, but what can we enjoy there — year-round — that won’t cost a penny and won’t seriously endanger our arteries? Try the public art, the statues and murals. Dallas history author Steven Butler talks about some of the quirkier lessons Fair Park has to offer. Amaze your friends with your knowledge about why Davy Crockett looks so strange on the Alamo mural.


What can we enjoy at the State Fair that won’t cost a cent, won’t seriously endanger our arteries and will actually deepen our knowledge of history?

It’s the public art on display in Fair Park: the murals and statues and buildings. Our producer Therese Powell talked with Steven Butler, a history scholar and the author of several books about Texas and Dallas.

  • This is really splendid. What a wonderful tour and such amazing historical information!