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[email protected] with Paul Slavens: Live Blog for Oct. 4, 2009

by Paul Slavens 4 Oct 2009 6:54 PM

Good evening and welcome to the live blog. This is where you can leave you polite comments and your music suggestions for future shows. If you have links to the music, please post them, especially if it is hard to find. New to me this week: Hackensack Boys, Tiny and Vic Damone Fiona Apple, “Why […]


Good evening and welcome to the live blog.
This is where you can leave you polite comments and your music suggestions for future shows. If you have links to the music, please post them, especially if it is hard to find.

New to me this week: Hackensack Boys, Tiny and Vic Damone

Fiona Apple, “Why Try To Change Me Now,” The Best is Yet to Come: The Songs of Cy Coleman
Phillip Roebuck, “Summons Song,” One Man Band
Miles Davis, “Deception,” Birth of the Cool
Jeanie C. Riley, “The Back Side Of Dallas,” Greatest Hits
Bros Johnson, “Strawberry Letter,” Jackie Brown Soundtrack
Ethel Smith, “Monkey On A String,” Tico Tico: Greatest Hits
Esperanza Spalding, “I Know You Know,” Esperanza
Hackensaw Boys, “Hobo,” Look Out
Mount Righteous, “Circle Yes or No,” Open Your Mouth
Vic Damone, “The Pleasure Of Her Company,” 16 Most Requested Songs
Os Mutantes, “Ave, Lucifer,” The Best of Os Mutantes
Tiny, “Closer,” Close Enough
Marianne Faithful, “Alabama Song,” 20th Century Blues
Elvis Costello, “Two Little Hitlers,” Armed Forces
Frank Sinatra, “On The Road To Mandalay,” Concepts
Joanna Newsom, “Sprout and the Bean,” The Milk-Eyed Mender
Nick Drake, “Northern Sky,” Bryter Layter
Hendrick, “Enough is Enough,” Exhale
Blonde Redhead, “Messenger,” Misery is a Butterfly
Rheostatics, “The Pooby Song,” Nightline Sessions
Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson, “Relator,” Break Up
Tito Puente, “Lambada Timbales,” Party with Puente
Ted Nuggent & the Amboy Dukes, “Journey To The Center Of The Mind,” Loaded for Bear
Bongwater, “Free Love Messes Up My Life,” The Big Sell-Out
Oscar Peterson and Clark Terry, “Mumbles,” Putamaya Swing Around the

Areski & Bridgette Fontaine, “Cest Normal,” Areski et Brigette Fontaine
Shostakovitch, “Jazz Suite #1,” Polka the Jazz Album/Royal

Leadbelly, “John Hardy,” Absolutely the Best

  • here we go
    lets hear some fresh suggestions for music !

    • Amie


      Thanks so much for playing the tunes I suggested…I was just now driving home and my car stalled out, then magically started again just as the music came on. You made my night! I have a new suggestion for next week: anything by Rasputina. They are my favorite band and if you haven’t heard of them I think you might dig it. Cheers!

    • Katie Ramsey

      My husband & I are big fans of your show. We really appreciate the variety. Could you play something by the Duhks from Canada they play great folk music. Favorites are from the Your Daughters & Your Sons album Annabel & Pretty Boy Floyd.

    • Kenneth Sewell

      How about some Iris Dement…like “My Life”.

    • Cliff

      For Rasputina, I kind of like DwarfStar from their 1998 album How We Quit the Forest:

  • Gotta check out Eaton Lake Tonics, a Fort Worth band. They have a new album — “Rancho Folly IV” — coming out at the end of the month. Hit that website link ( ).
    Thanks, Capt. Paul!!!!!!

  • Ron Bulla

    Hello friends to the South, some suggestions for you y’all:

    Tower of Power “You’re Still a Young Man”
    Spearhead “Of Course You Can”

    It’s a great day to be alive.

  • Philip

    I’ve listened to your program for a long time now, and as much as I love it, I cannot recall ANY time you’ve ever played a rap or hip hop artist. Granted, most aren’t radio-friendly. I think you should play “America (feat. Mos Def & Chali 2na)” by K’naan in his album Troubadour. If you’re not familiar with him, he’s a Somalian hip hop artist, and this particular song blends hip hop rhythms with jazzy instrumentation reminiscent of north African artist like Mulatu Astatke. If you can’t find it, I know it’s at least available on iTunes.

    • guilty
      I am not very familiar with that genre, and all the stuff I do like is never gonna make it on the air.
      mostly I am just afraid of the language, lots of times the lyrics are going by pretty quick and I dont always have time to listen that carefully or go lyrics hunting when i put together the show.
      thats why its nice to have a suggestion, just make sure its clean.

    • Cliff

      I’ll suggest a fun little track called “Click Beat Box” by Styles of Beyond, from the album 2000 Fold. All vocal, but no lyrics, so totally safe for broadcast. I was thinking the other day it’d fit in on this show. Download it here:

      (Hey Paul, when you asked for download links, did you only mean for stuff that isn’t easy to find from the obvious sources?)

  • Kelly Higgins

    What’s the deal with with the bridge in Strawberry Letter 23? It’s like a respectable soul band is playing and then Alan Parsons and Manfred Mann hijack the song. There must be a story.

    • that was where the acid kicked in

      • Ron Bulla

        Spearhead. Clean rap.

  • Regan

    I heard a band called Wye Oak on Friday that I liked performing at the Cavern.

  • Gini Mascorro.

    Muchas gracias for the Bongwater! Wheeee!!!

  • Glenn & Suzy

    Hadn’t heard Strawberry Letter in years—always thought it was one of the better disco-era tracks. I like the earlier comment about Alan Parsons–never thought about that but it’s true. (I was a big Parsons fan anyway.)

    Suzy stumbled across a group a few year ago called Spooky Daily Pride, and she thinks you should play “Birthday Song’–includes the lyric “Today is my birthday and the cake is on fire” .

    Also appreciated your playing Godley and Creme a while back.

  • Dan

    When you played Monkey on a String, I said to myself, “What the hell is that psychopath playing now?” Love it. Keep ’em coming Paul. Maybe one of these days you can play some Secret Chiefs 3.

    • you dont have to ask twice
      I love Secret Chierfs 3

  • Hey, dude. Perfect mix as always.

    Dionne Farris started out in Arrested Development – band that had 80’s hit “Tennessee” and coupla others – she did a solo thing that had a hit, but all her stuff is really cool, especially secong album that I never even knew was out until recently – record company hassles kept her hiding for quite a while – hard to explain her style – nouveau jazz hop. There. Maybe try “Stuck in the MIddle” cover from album “For Truth if Not Love.” – That’s half-commercial – might like deeper cuts better. Anyway.

    You could play a song called “Fuzzy” by The Incredible Moses Leroy, too. Sweet.

  • Jeff
  • How about some electronic flavor, still with a melodic soul. Some Bent would be nice to hear. “Exercise 4” is upbeat. Ariels is a great album, great chill vocals.

  • Philip

    One more suggestion. Os Mutantes got me thinking you should play Que Pena (Ele Já Não Gosta Mais de Min (So Sorry She Does Not Like Me)) by none other than Gal Costa and Caetano Veloso. It’s a Brazilian classic.

  • Michael McGehee

    The song w/ the female vocals, i think you said it was a swedish band? Thank you so much for playing such great music, this is so beautiful. I called a friend of mine to tell him to turn on npr & listen in! 🙂

  • Janice Hill

    I have several requests:

    John Doe – Here (There) Stands the Glass
    Something from the movie soundtrack – Chicago
    Something from the movie soundtrack – Cabaret

    Really enjoying the music you play!


  • Kenneth Sewell

    Hey, Paul. Kenneth Sewell here, a fellow Dentonite. Stuck in a hotel in Jackson MS, listening on the computer, and hoping you’ll play some Iris Dement…something like “My Life”.



  • Don’t confuse the two. Hendrick is a band in the 60 year old retro tradition of rock and bands. Hendricks is leading the post-band revolution that the media is boycotting out of fear of the new music and what it represents. Thanks.

  • suzy and glenn

    Suzy says: Caught Spooky Daily Pride at an outdoor concert in Mass. a few years ago. My favorite cut is The Birthday Song.

    Glenn says: Hadn’t heard ‘Strawberry Letter” in years; always thought is was one of the better disco-era tunes; I like the comment about Alan Parsons, but never thought of that before.
    I appreciate the Godley and Creme track you played a while back–I thought I was the only one who knew about them. Play more. Thanks.

  • Coupla other modern black artists who are fab – not nec. hip-hop – Tricky (play “Poems” offa “A Ruff Guide”) and Santigold (mebbe “L.E.S Artistes” from her eponymous debut if that one’s clean.)

  • Cliff

    Imogen Heap was mentioned in last week’s blog; I first heard her (as Frou Frou) on this show. What do all you 90.1 night owls think of her new album Ellipse? To me, “Tidal” is the standout track. (Hey Paul, that’s my song suggestion for next time.) Overall the other tracks don’t impress me quite as much as her previous album, though there are some good moments, and only a couple duds, in my opinion. And the production is quite good throughout—there is some impressive deep bass on the album that really must be heard (and felt) on a good stereo to fully appreciate.

    So, anyone else here care to opine on the album?

    Paul, here’s the download link:

    • Great post!!
      lets hear it
      I have yet to hear the CD so I will have to get back to you
      anybody else?
      I really like a lot of what she does, maybe it will just take some time for the new stuff to grab you?

  • AND – last thing, just wanna say – every single week you play something that I have to have and I hit iTunes and get it.

  • Great show. Can you play Danny Gatton? Just heard about him today.

    Clean Hip-Hop. Kelly Rowland. Song title: Dilemma ( with Nelly)

    Thank you for the tour of music!

    • thanks so much
      I will look into your suggestions this week
      stay tuned!!!

  • AND – last thing, just wanna say – every single week you play something that I have to have and I hit iTunes and get it. Tonight Marianne Faithfull, Mount Righteous and Hackensaw Boys, – Yo la Tengo, Jim Carroll and Martha Reeves from a few shows ago, and THANK YOU for introducing me to Memphis Minnie – Greatest woman EVAR.

  • monena

    How about Emiliana Torrini, Air, Interpol, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Dining Rooms, and Buena Vista Social Club.

    We love the show!! Keep up the great work!

    • great list
      thanks I will try to find this stuff for next time

  • I’m likin’ this Johansson/Yorn. She’s surprisingly good – she really makes a contribution.

  • Dan

    One other thing. I know you’re a ginormous Zappa fan, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard you play anything by his old high school buddy, Don Van Vleet, aka Captain Beefheart. Just a thought.

    • oh contraire
      I have played a bit in the past
      but I guess its time to play some more
      any suggestions?

    • Dan

      Trout Mask Replica is one of my all time favorite albums, but Safe as Milk is also quite tasty. So much to choose from, but if I was to limit it to one song, I think my favorite Beefheart is “Moonlight on Vermont.”

      BTW, have you ever played any Residents on your show?

    • Philip

      You knew Von Vleet? Wow! He’s a legend. Not a bad painter, but I prefer his voice. Howlin’ Wolf inspired no doubt.

    • I have played some Residents over the years
      but as always if you have something specific hep me to it

    • Dan

      The Tunes of Two Cities is such a bizarre album. I think you’d love it. Maybe something off that or Fingerprince.

    • Philip

      oh, oops I misread your comment. Thought you said “my” high school buddy.

  • Veronica Beats

    You are really setting things on fire tonight!
    This has been an awesome playlist.
    Thank you!

  • Kelly Alexander

    hey Paul. not sure if I was the “Kelly” you meant? (i know you have another male friend Kelly, too), however, i love BRH. i particularly favor their new stuff off the record “23”/

    as far as hip-hop…start with MadLib, Mos Def(the Ecstatic is THE BEST record this year so far!), MF Doom, Dangermouse, DangerDoom, M.I.A., Rye Rye, Ursula Rucker, Yo Majesty, Stacy Epps(a personal friend from MySpace), Dizzie Rascal, Tinie Tempah….

    OH YEAH! and THE DALLAS NATIVE FUNK/SOUL GODDESS N’DAMBI’s new record comes out on Tuesday, it’s called Pink Elephants. my birthday is on the 27th, so that would be lovely for you to play something from her in the next week or two for me. as always, best regards, Kelly Alexander.

    • afraid I was shouting out to my Austin buddy
      but you are always a welcome voice here
      thanks as always for your excellent contributions

  • Ron Bulla

    Loved “Mumbles”. It’s as if that guy from Blazing Saddles was singing.

  • Max

    Could you play One More Time by Daft PunK? That would be awesome!

  • Kelly Higgins

    The invention of the flute was a mistake.

  • thanks again y’all
    another fun night of music
    see you next week!

    • Paul: Are you able to receive & listen to new CDs by local artists? If so, by mail?

  • Hey, Paul~

    please forgive me if I’ve already recommended this artist (I honestly can’t recall), but would be keen to hear anything by the Devils. The two men in the project are Nick Rhodes and Stephen Duffy. Their “Dark Circles” release is a well-manicured album of brooding synth-pop and I like all of it. If you don’t have time to listen to it in its’ entirety, feel free to let me know if you might prefer a more specific request.

    Thank you very much,