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[email protected]: Live Blog for September 27,2009.

by Paul Slavens 27 Sep 2009 4:47 PM

Its sunday again ! Time to blog. This is where you can leave your polite comments and best of all leave suggestions for great music to check out. or lousy music, or whatever music you think might liven up the mix. new to me this week Raphael Saadiq Dead MAns Bones Georgia Anne Muldrow The […]


Its sunday again !
Time to blog.

This is where you can leave your polite comments and best of all leave suggestions for great music to check out. or lousy music, or whatever music you think might liven up the mix.
new to me this week
Raphael Saadiq
Dead MAns Bones
Georgia Anne Muldrow
The Church (yep)
THe Mermen

Julie London “You And The Night And The Music” the very best of
Roxy Music “To Turn You On” Avalon
John Coltrane “Coast to Coast” Complete Recordings with Dizzy Gillespie
Cibo Matto Sugar Water Viva! La Woman

Fleet Foxes “Heard Them Stirring” Fleet Foxes
Mermen “Krill Slippin’” Krill Slippin’
Raphael Saadiq “Never Give You Up” The Way I See It
Tom Lehrer “When you are old and Gray” Songs by Tom Lehrer

Peter Paul and Mary “I Dig Rock And Roll Music” The Very Best Of
Dead Mans Bones “My Body’s A Zombie For You” Anti Sampler Fall 2009
The Church “Violet Town” Sing Songs
Otis Redding “These Arms Of Mine” Pain In My Heart

De Larrocha Albeniz “Puerta De Tierra” De larrocha/Albeniz
Hercules and Love Affair “Time Will” Hercules and Love Affair

Georgia Anne Muldrow “Roses” Roses
Four Lads
“Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” 16 most requested songs
Sex Pistols “Anarchy In The U.K.” Never Mind the Bollocks

Hendrick “Licked” Exhale
The Knife “Neverland” Silent Shout
Ferrante & Teicher “The Moon Was Yellow” Heavenly Sounds in HiFi
Eleni Mandell “Moonglow, Lamp Low” Miracle of Five

Kristy Kruger “Dark Stranger” Songs From a Dead Man’s Couch
Silver Arrows “Arpeggionassis” Arpeggionassis
J Tillman
“Someone With Child” Vacilando Territory Blues
Phaoroa Sanders Moniebah

Radiohead “Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box” Amnesiac
Dolly Parton “She Never Met a Man She Didn’t Like” Coat of Many Colors
Jeff Buckley
“Je Nen Cannais Pas La Fin” So Real

  • excellent lineup as always.

  • kumar

    Paul how about ciulba ulba from Rasa ir Jonas These guys are fron Lithuania

    • Hey I second that call for music from Lithuania. We’re having a Lithuania week on the Art&Seek blog, with Allen Mondell reporting from his trip there….

    • I will have to look this up this week
      are they on amazon?

  • lets get this party started!!

  • lets get this party started !!

  • michele

    Smooth start!
    Forgot how fantastic this song was!

  • michele

    Thinking about organ music, Soundtrack music from:
    Napoleon Dynomite- Bus Rider
    Barfly (1987)
    Carnival of Souls (60’s)

    This current set is putting me in mind of a perfet Manhattan or Martini.

    • interesting, I will go hunting this week, thanks

  • kumar

    you know when is it?

  • Les

    Anyone watch Crsig Ferguson? About a month ago there was a female musical guest. Sitting at a 9′ grand piano, with a laptop and a digital thing she ‘played’ with a grid of square buttons.. Anyway, semed tall, exotic costume & hair. Made great wrist gestures as she sang. Anyone know who it was? Web totally useles, inc his own website & FB page. PS I do know it was a repeat from the summer.

    • wow
      I would love to know who this was

    • that would be Imogen Heap. She is/was member of the pop group Frou Frou, and her song “Hide and Seek” was a pretty big hit. I think she has a new album coming out.

      Funny thing, that pad probably was just for looks.

      here’s a link to her appearance on Letterman:

    • Les

      I finally figured it out! It was Imogen Heap on Letterman (aug 28th)… It’s on YouTube if ur curious. “First Train Home” think it’s called. I had been swearing it was on Craig Ferguson. It was last 5 min of Letterman (sorry TMI)

    • Herb Levy

      The square pad is a Tenori-on, a sequencer that Yamaha licensed for sale about a year or two ago. I’ve only heard a couple of simple pop uses so far, but from the demo stuff I’ve seen it seems flexible enough so that a lot more could be done with it.

  • Russ

    The Levee Singers, preferably with Paul Buskirk. Going to see them in November, haven’t seen them since the 1960s or 1970s. Put on quite a show back then down on Mockingbird Lane. The late Buskirk was said to be the greatest banjo player of all time. Don’t know if he has any solo recordings.

  • Les

    let’s show a Lithuanian film @ The MAC that week!

    • Oh man, that’d be great. Wish I’d thought of it sooner. Allen is already in Lithuania, has been sending posts last week, and will have more tomorrow.

  • Les

    Paul, you know the soundtrack to the Herzog film “million dollar hotel”? There’s a Spanish version of “Anarchy in the UK”

    • totally clueless

    • Wasn’t a lot of that film scored by Bono? I know he wrote it.

  • danielhawn

    I’d like to hear you play some Why? or cLOUDDEAD.
    Why just released a new album, but my favorite is Alopecia, (almost) every song on it is amazing.

    and everything by cLOUDDEAD is great, very different.

    • ok
      never heard of them
      is their music readily avaliable?

  • Ron Bulla

    Great show with a supreme lineup. Some suggestions: Elvis Costello and the Attractions “Two Little Hitlers”. Brothers Johnson “Strawberry Letter 23”. And that song that played at the end of the movie The Shining as the camera zooms in to the photograph of Jack Nicholson hanging on the wall. And lastly, my body’s a zombie for this show.

  • No Post-bands music? Wow it must be a really scary music to be the only kind of music you won’t play. Wow.

  • michele

    Monsters of Folk – amazing.

    • yeah, look for this stuff next week, I was just checking it out this week

  • Davis

    Hey Paul,
    Do you think that there might have been a little “tongue-in cheek” involved in that” P,P,&M” song?
    I always thought so, but I learned to never look too deep into lyrics,
    (Sir Paul is still alive… yet, someone “buried” him!)
    Question Mark and the Mysterians, Amboy Dukes, Rory Gallagher, and the Rutles are all i can suggest.
    Great show.

    • hey, unlike some folks on the blog, i do love rock and roll music
      but my tongue was a bit cheekified, fo sho

      amboy dukes? wasnt that Nugents old outfit, or am I trippin?

    • michele


  • Regan

    Danny Barnes and his banjer? He has an album coming out in October called Pizza Box but I haven’t heard any of it.

  • michele

    “Latte Boy” and /or “Dear Edwina” Heisler and Goldrich

  • I heard a story about a new collection of songs by Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson consisting of some, if not entirely of, re-dos of songs recorded by Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot. Hows about yous playin’ us summa dat sometime soon?

  • Katie

    I would like to recommend Binary Sunrise, a local band from Dallas.

    • they should send me their CD
      its hard to play it if I dont have it
      I am easy to find

  • Ron Bulla

    You ain’t trippin’. The Motor City Madman was in the Amboy Dukes.

  • adrienne

    great to hear Sex Pistols on the radio. *sigh*
    bands i’d like to hear:
    Nick Drake
    The American Fuse
    Diamanda Galas
    Albama Song, preferably any other version than The Doors
    Whiskey Folk Ramblers

    • I like the way you think
      these are all great ideas

    • adrienne

      a few more requests:
      Phillip Roebuck
      Hackensaw Boys
      Joy Division
      Shanti Michelle
      Sons of Hercules

    • phillip roebuck ???
      I think I love you

  • listener mark

    Thanks for the Pistols Paul. That stuff lowers my heartbeat and makes me feel old in the best sorta way…..

  • Davis

    Not trippin’!
    What will that poor boy ever do without those Amboys?
    It’s fun to play with that idea.
    “I’m quitting the band and going solo” seems to be the battle cry of a musician about to make a hangman’s knot for themselves.
    Not always.
    I really enjoy the mix of stuff the other listeners suggest and you play.
    I’m not sure what “post-bands” are… but, I saw a hotel room the Sex Pistols left behind in Atlanta, Georgia… and I was kinda scared.

  • dale

    The Knife Was Awesome!
    1st Amboy Dukes “Journey” is still awesome concept album.
    I’m fond of 60’s band “The Music Machine” try “Masculine Intuition”

  • michele


    • edgar allen
      or is this a band?

    • michele

      Female singer out of Britan.
      Hello – album, 1995
      Angry Johnny , trigger happy jack, that day.
      all good.

  • Also, this weekend I heard an interview with Rosanne Cash who spoke of a list of something like the the one hundred greatest country songs, given to her by her father back in the early seventies I think. So now Ms. Cash has recorded some of those songs, and the one she played during the interview was quite good. I think it would be good if you played some more of ’em for us, your loyal listeners.

    And what the hell is “post-bands music” anyway, by the way?

    • Davis

      I second that emotion…
      (The Cash list!)

    • wow, I would love to peruse that list

  • chipg

    The wife suggests Kristin Chenoweth’s “Taylor the Latte Boy”.

    I was thinking maybe some Tito Puente would be nice.

  • Renfrocity

    The Hercules and Love Affair was quite nice to hear. I’ve just gotten to them. You may want to check out Phoenix, especially their latest release.

    Thanks, for the Cibo Matto!

    PS. Play the song Pass This On by the Knife. It is quite likely their best song and has an awesome video. There is also phenomenal live performance on youtube.

  • How ’bout something from Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians? Take your pick.

  • Regan

    nothing changed.

    King Missile or John S Hall and Kramer? Probably too spoken word. Hide the Kinves does feature a casio keyboard.

    • It’s high time for some Fiona Apple too by the way.

    • I will see if I can find a little something for you

  • Trey

    Wow, that song a few minutes ago with the theramins sounded like the movie “Forbidden Planet.” So awesome. Thanks as always, Paul!

  • michele

    Thanksgiving time idea : William Burrows, A thanksgiving prayer.

  • Here’s a link to the aforementioned Rosanne Cash interview: http://www.studio360.org/episodes/2009/09/25.

  • thanks everybody
    another fun night of music
    cheers !!!!!!!!!!

  • Here’s a link to the aforementioned Rosanne Cash interview and her father’s list of greatest country songs: http://www.studio360.org/episodes/2009/09/25.

  • David Bennett

    I sill think you need to check out Rheostatics.

  • lauran

    Thanks for playing Hendrick!!! Play some more from Exhale….or anything. Great music. They are underrated… keep ’em coming.

  • Gini Mascorro

    Can’t play King Missile without playing a little bit of Bongwater, too. I’ve got some of both if you should ever need ’em, Paul…

  • Pat

    Thanks for the great show last night– You might not know that Bruce Hornsby has a new CD, Levitate–a couple of really good songs–including “Black Rats of London” and “Here We Are Again.” He’ll be in town at the end of the month. 🙂