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90.1@Night with Paul Slavens: Live Blog for Sept. 20, 2009

by Paul Slavens 20 Sep 2009 7:03 PM

Go Cowboys !! Well, if you want to have the game on with sound down, I think that would be peachy! That is what I will be doing! I will also be blogging with you! Leave your polite comments and music suggestions!! New to me tonight: Quantic Soul Orchestra, Jim Carroll, John Hartford, Yeasayer, Oumou […]


Go Cowboys !!
Well, if you want to have the game on with sound down, I think that would be peachy! That is what I will be doing!
I will also be blogging with you!
Leave your polite comments and music suggestions!!

New to me tonight: Quantic Soul Orchestra, Jim Carroll, John Hartford, Yeasayer, Oumou Sangare

Robert Gomez, “Hunting Song,” Pine Sticks and Phosphorus
Quantic Soul Orchestra, “South Coastin'” Stampede
Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, “Motoring,” The Ultimate Collection
Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach, “I Still Have that Other Girl,” Painted From Memory
King Sunny Ade, “Oro Towo Baseti,” Best of the Classic Years
Quebe Sisters, “Roly Poly,” Timeless
Jim Carroll, “Hairshirt Fracture,” Runaway
Jaques Brel, “Le Moribond,” Amsterdam
Joan Tower/Ursula Oppens, “No Longer Very Clear II: Or Like a…an Engine,” Joan Tower: Solo and Chamber Music
Fever Ray, “If I Had a Heart,” Fever Ray
Terry Jacks, “Seasons In The Sun,” Seasons In The Sun
John Hartford, “Granny Wontcha Smoke Some Marijuana,” Nobody Knows What You Do
Yeasayer, “Wait for the Summer,” All Hour Cymbals

Joe Williams, “Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good To You,” Every Day I Have the Blues
Oumou Sangare, “Bi Furu,” Ko Sira
Hendrick, “City Lights,” Exhale
Trey Johnson, “Struggle to Find,” Mount Pélee
Bill Frisell, “Focus,” Disfarmer
Yo la Tengo, “When It’s Dark,” Popular Songs
Tom Waits, “Shiver Me Timbers,” Heart of Saturday Night
Matmos, “Les Folies Francaises,” Supreme Balloon
Wilco, “Impossible Germany,” Sky Blue Sky
Grizzly Bear, “Foreground,” Veckatamest
Pogo, “Alice,” Wonderland
Django Reinhardt, “You Rascal You,” The Best of Django Reinhardt
Mis Killer, “Cumbia,” Tijuana Sound Machine

  • hi ho lets go!
    anybody out there?
    lets talk music!

    • Amie

      I thought I’d recommend a few things for your consideration:

      The Tiny- “Closer”
      Blonde Redhead- “Harmony”
      Castanets- “You Are The Blood”
      Wax Tailor- they do a great version of Nina Simone’s “Feelin’ Good”
      Os Mutantes- “Ave Lucifer”
      The Microphones- “Mt. Eerie”
      Lapin Machin- “Forest”

      I’m sure you’ve played Leonard Cohen on your program before, but the song “The Partisan” is gorgeous, and also if you can find any Josephine Baker I would be very grateful. I second the motion for you to play Cibo Matto as well. Thanks for making Sundays something to look forward to. Cheers!

  • Russ

    Whoa! You found Le Moribond! Thanks! And Tom Waits too!

  • I live to serve

  • Ron Bulla

    Hi Paul- I don’t listen to the radio these days (I’m listening to this show on podcast), so I apologize if these songs have received recent airplay. I get NPR Song Of The Day daily via email. I loved these.

    Georgia Anne Muldrow “Daisies”. Dark, off-kilter and compelling. All I can say about this song is wow. Georgia Anne Muldrow: On Deliverance : NPR

    Dead Man’s Bones “My Body’s a Zombie For You”. Just like the title suggests. This song begs the question: How many cheerleaders can fit in a recording studio?
    Dead Man’s Bones: Halloween Arrives Early : NPR

    The Avett Brothers “Slight Figure Of Speech”. It was difficult not to dance just a little.
    The Avett Brothers: Stomping And Hollering : NPR

    Lydia “I Woke Up Near The Sea”. I found this on Denton Music. This song is ethereal in places. Wonder how the live show at Rubber Gloves went on Thursday night?
    Lydia | My Denton Music :: Upcoming Shows

    Thanks for a wonderful show.
    Peace- Ron

    • Ron Bulla

      Sorry the links didn’t work.

    • cool, I will check this stuff out
      especially the local stuff
      never heard of it

  • michele

    Thanks for the great list! So much going on tonight-

    Had a day full of crummy news regarding the health of a loved one- music may not make it all better, but it sure helps.

    Maybe next week Cibo Matto and some Bryan Ferry? – wonder what he’s up to lately anyway, oh, Chris Smither too?

    Wish radio was this good all the time.

  • Martin

    Hello Paul,
    I’d like to hear “Curve” by The Mermen if you can scare it up.
    Great show BTW.

  • thanks for some nice suggestions
    sorry about the sad news. music can help a little, just to remind you that there is beauty and happiness in the world.

  • Anything by Green Mountain Grass.

    There is an awesome violinist whom is a part of the band

  • Kelly Higgins

    Hey. Play something good.

    • you wouldnt know it if you heard it

    • actually wait a couple tracks , there is something coming on by Fever Ray that I think you will like

  • Ron Bulla

    Gee, that sure sounds like “Seasons In The Sun”.

  • Kelly Higgins

    I know you’re ahead of the game and all, but have you checked out Lat Days of Humanity’s Chopped Up Face Beyond All Recognition? It’s Gear!

  • Ron Bulla

    The scent of a theme wafts through the airwaves.

  • MMA Master joe

    nice…. this pianoist really knows how to merge tones together…. forget beethoven. What’s the composer and title?

    • look above for all songs tonite

      it was Joan Tower

  • Kelly Higgins

    typo: Last Days of Humanity. I think they have a shark for a singer. An actual shark.

    • is it like HateBeak, the punk band with a parrott for a lead singer?

  • SarahRuth

    I really like that Jim Carroll song you are playing right now! Here are some requests: Julie London, perhaps ‘You and the Night and the Music,’ The Four Lads ‘Istanbul (Not Constantinople),’ Anita O’Day-any will do!

  • Kelly Higgins

    The suicide note stories circulating around Seasons in the Sun were rumors planted by the record label. Tery Jacks is still teaching English in Kawasaki Japan, where he founded the Cherry Blossom Institute for the Preservation of Maudlin Pop.

  • Kelly Higgins

    Yes. Like HateBeak. And Caninus, with a pit bull lead singer…

  • Mike W

    John Hartford was a regular on the old Glenn Campbell show

  • MMA Master joe

    HAHA nice song. Marajuana… I’m laughing so hard! Imma need to buy john’s CD… Yah… Paul, My father loves african music from “Fela” and “Sunny Ade”. I kinda love the beat. I knew that fifth song was from sunny ade.

  • Kelly Higgins

    Hey. There’s a recording of Randy Newman playing Dancing Queen on Fresh Air in the early 90s I think. Why not use your public radio superpowers to dig it up? I never heard it, but it must be golden. Call that Terry Gross up.

    • far out
      if this is true it must be out there somewhere

  • Davis

    Hey Paul,
    John Hartford wrote “Gentle On My Mind” and did a really fast talking ketchup commercial in the late 60’s early 70’s.
    He was a honest to God “Riverboat Captain” and died a few years back.
    Funny, but very talented.
    Sounding good, and looking forward to the new radio station.

    • Kelly Higgins

      Hey Davis. Davis B? Right on.

  • Thank you for playing Hendrick! I’ve always looked up to you, sir. It’s an honor to hear my bass come from your program. haha

    That was dorky. But sincere.

  • Regan

    Tom Lehrer

    “Mr. Lehrer’s muse is not fettered by such inhibiting factors as taste.” — New York Times (9 February 1959)
    “More desperate than amusing” — New York Herald Tribune
    “He seldom has any point to make except obvious ones” — Christian Science Monitor
    “Plays the piano acceptably” — Oakland Tribune

  • Yimmy

    Hi, Paul
    Great tunes
    Please add to the queue something by Peter, Paul and Mary (the recently late Mary Travers). Perhaps “Freight Train”

  • Russ

    Interesting. The Brel version is even more upbeat musically. If you didn’t know French, you’d never know it was about dying, but somehow this song makes it seem okay. Not everyone gets a chance to say goodbye, so that is good, I guess. Thanks!

    • I dont speak the French
      so I will just have to trust you

  • oh, and the trumpet on that song is by Chris Curiel. He played for the Spree, but now has a band called Swirve. They’re amazing. It’s drums & experimental trumpet (complete with insane effects) along with spoken word done by Chris’ wife Tamitha. Check them out. Love that guy.

  • Veronica Beats

    That Fever Ray song gave me chills!
    I looked on their website, and found a video for the song you played….and the video is pretty bone chilling too.

    Thanks for turning me on to them!
    Im going to investigate them some more!

    • yep, one of the most exciting things I have been turned on to recently has been Fever Ray and The Knife.
      so glad to have turned you on !!1

  • Regan

    Thanks for the show. Very good, as always.

  • Russ

    Paul, I don’t speak ze French, just assumed the lyrics were similar.The Brel version supposedly has an extra verse about an ex-lover that was less than complimentary.

  • Ron Bulla

    Thanks for a show so good it had me rippin’ my bodice off.

  • thats it folks
    thanks for having fun with me again this week
    see you next sunday night

  • listener mark

    Really dig the Pogo….. and you nailed the BBC hand off. Good work sir.

  • greg metz

    thanks for that nice fiona apple! may be my favorite thou not a big fan
    how bout some carl stallings project 2 anything
    twilite zone ‘manhatten transfer’
    combustible edison.the veldt spy vs spy or carnival of souls
    joe meek original works -the original surf tetra music

  • greg metz

    was that from Black Orpheus sound trak?
    i somehow remember… ? maybe something like that….

  • greg metz

    was that from Black Orpheus sound trak?
    i somehow remember… ? maybe something like that….
    quess i will find out.

  • Joey

    Hey man, love the show. Glad to see you got Yeasayer on there, they’re a great band.

    I’ve got a request for you: could you play some Estradasphere, preferably something off their album “Palace of Mirrors”, which is a fanstastic album.