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90.1@Night w/ Paul Slavens: Live Blog for September 13 2009.

by Paul Slavens 13 Sep 2009 6:24 PM

Hey there! What ? Your’e not watching football ?? So glad to have you here. This is where you can make your tasteful comments and best of all this is where you can suggest music for future shows. new to me this week: Lila Downs A Camp Paulo Nutini Ida Marie Dead Combo Al Hibbler […]


Hey there!
What ? Your’e not watching football ??
So glad to have you here. This is where you can make your tasteful comments and best of all this is where you can suggest music for future shows.
new to me this week:
Lila Downs
A Camp
Paulo Nutini
Ida Marie
Dead Combo
Al Hibbler

Dave Brubeck “Take FiveTake Five
Bob Dylan
“Maggie’s Farm” Essential
Lila Downs “Tu Recuerdo Y Yo” Very Best Of
Levon Helm “Tennessee Jed” Electric Dirt
Dead “Combo Rumbero” Vol. 1
A Camp “Love Has Left The Room” Colonia
Yo La Tengo “Periodically Double or Triple” Popular Songs
Ray Bolger Judy Garland “If I Only Had A Brain” Wizard of Oz OCR
Julie Doiron “Consolation Prize” I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day
Al Hibbler
“After The Lights Go Down Low” After the Lights Go Down
Van Cliburn “Brahms Intermezzo in E Minor Op119#2 “My Favorite Brahms
John Jacob Niles “I Wonder As I Wander” I Wonder As I Wander
Paolo Nutini “Jenny Don’t Be Hasty” These Streets
Ida Maria “Oh My God” Fortress Round My Heart
DrJohn “Right Place Wrong Time” In the Right Place
Bassekou Kouyate “Bassekou Urban” Africa Compilation
Trey Johnson “Old Reactions” Mount Pelee
Cowboy Junkies
“If You Were The Woman And I Was The Man” Black Eyed Man(j.prine)
Split Enz “Dirty Creature” History Never Repeats
David Bromberg “Come On In My Kitchen” How Late Y’all Play?
Groove Armada “What’s Your Version” soundboy rock
PJ Harvey “The Slow Drug” Uh Huh Her
Glen Campbell “Gentle on My Mind” The Capitol Years
Francoise Hardy “Le Temps de Lamour” The Yeh Yeh Girl From Paris
Ray Charles/Betty Carter “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Ray Charles and Betty Carter
Pixies “Silver” Doolittle
Edith Piaf “Rien de Rien” Legendary Edith Piaf

  • Scott

    Cool, Brubeck. I love Paul Desmond’s sound.

  • who will be the first to comment?

  • Susan in Denton

    Great Brubeck. How about some Robert Gomez (with Sarah Jaffe?) for next week?

  • Scott

    Well that would be me. I guess I even beat you! I loved the Brubeck, shared it with my twelve year old. Made him listen to the Dylan too. Thanks Paul

  • Kelly Alexander

    hey Paul~kicking in my two-cents for the evening….

    since you were a fan of Melody Gardot’s latest record, i thought you also might like her first record:

    Melody Gardot-Worrisome Heart-i particularly love the title track.

    VA-Tru Thoughts Covers-the best record label ever releases a record of covers done by their recording artists:The Bamboo’s-Kings of Leon cover The King of the Rodeo and Quantic and his Combo Barbaro’s take on Portishead’s Wandering Star are stand-outs.

    Parov Stelar-Coco-double album of AWE-inspiring swing-dub-funk.
    the title track Coco feat. Lilja Bloom and Let’s Roll feat. Blacktroniks are great.

    Shawn Lee-Soul In The Hole-this could’ve been made in the 1960’s , it’s brilliant retro cool soul. check out Cruel Woman feat. Fanny Franklin and Jigaw feat. Nicole Willis.

    hope this finds you well and my suggestion peak your interest. best regards, as always, Kelly.

    • once again, thanks for the interesting challenging suggestions

  • Have you checked out Paulina Rubio’s “Causa y Efecto”? The current popularity of this song would ordinarily seem to exclude it from your show, but its popularity exists only on the Latin charts; to Anglo-Americans she’s virtually unknown. She’s about as pop as they come but your audience still might like her in small doses. I thought she would have fit in well in last week’s show, both musically and temporally, between Lily Allen and Carmen Miranda, but alas….

    • I think I might have checked this out.
      Pretty poppy if I recall, but , I will recheck it this week

  • nmlhats

    Great to hear Lila Downs on the show. She is such a great singer–the range of her voice is quite something, and her music traverses so many styles as well.I would LOVE to see her perform live someday…if she plays anywhere in TX I’d travel to see her. If you dig her, “demand” that she come here…

  • Kelly Alexander

    speaking of Sarah Jaffe, anyone know if she is writing music reviews for a national magazine called “Bust”? i happened to be reading a female friends copy and noticed a byline by someone called “Sarah Jaffe” in the reviews section. Kelly.

    • I dont know, I will ask her if I remember next time I see her.

  • Coy

    Dead reminded me of Calexico

  • Kelly Alexander

    pointing out that A Camp is the solo project of Nina Persson of The Cardigans fame. just trivia i know. Kelly.

  • Mike W

    another great record from YLT, thanks for playing it

    • Davis

      Hey Paul!
      Always great to hear Levon.
      This show should count for continued adult music education.
      I’m gonna sit back, enjoy the ride, and dig out those little “crackerjack treasures” we get every Sunday night.
      Thanks again… no suggestions… yet.

  • kumar

    Hey paul can you play a song of Oumou Sangre called Bi Furu

    • I will try to get it this week for you

  • Russ

    One Hit Wonder: “Seasons in the Sun,” by Terry Jacks. Sounds so upbeat you don’t realize it’s about a dying man until you hear it a few times and listen to the words. Kind of happy and sad at the same time, an acceptance of death. It’s an adaptation of “Le Moribond” (“the dying man”) by Jacques Brel.

    The hook: “We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.”

  • Philip

    I haven’t recommended artists in a while. I tend to recommend the obscure ones, but I think you should play some Yeasayer. I especially like their song “Wait for the Summer” in their album All Hours Cymbals.

    ‘nother song to check out: “Where Would You Be” by a band called Yaw. I might have already recommended it, but it’s a lovely melody with a soulful voice accompanied brooding horn section with that lovely classic reverb you’ll hear in older jazz songs.

    I want to hear some African hip-hop too.


  • How about:
    Joe Williams duet with Nancy Wilson.
    Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach- anything from that collaboration is just fab.
    Ran “True Stories” last night, great music and great Texas story.
    Thanks for the Yo La Tengo!

    Great to watch the game in the next room with the backdrop of KERA!

  • thanks for those suggestions
    I am especially interested to find the original Brel
    I think I have heard some yeasayer

  • My request is to stop the boycott of the new Post-bands music. This is supposed to be an open show that doesn’t discriminate against certain music. Thanks.

  • Sirbasku

    Cool you’ve got Gentle on my Mind coming up, I always said even though Glen Campbell was playing other writers songs, he was cool as heck even wanting to play Gentle on my Mind, that song was so bohemian for someone like him at that time!

  • No one suggest The Beatles. Get more creative

  • Sirbasku

    Paul see if you can find Sade “Killer Blow” from the Absolute Beginners soundtrack, one of my favorite Sade songs ever and I never get to hear it! Great listening again, hope you are having fun! Congrats on the very cool gig!

  • The Fixx secret Seperation

    • I took an aerobics class in college (easy credit, or so I thought)
      one of the main excercise songs was “one thing leads to another”
      I still sweat when I hear it.

  • Ron Bulla

    Hello from the Ozarks. Great set list. I suggest Wilco “Impossible Germany”, Sean Lennon “Friendly Fire”, Alajandro Escevedo “The Wedding Song”, Paul Westerberg “A Love Untold”. Hope these suggestions aren’t too mainstream for ya. Thanks for a great program.

    • we shall see
      I will check it all out this week
      I am sure we can find something to play !

  • By the way, I really enjoyed Lily Allen’s “He Wasn’t There” last week (somehow I don’t believe her when she sings at the end, “And now everything is fine”).

    FYI – your playlist for last week has gone MIA (though it can still be found in your blog, but it’s not so convenient to access there). Speaking of your playlists, is there anyway you can also include an audible snippet of each song there – so we can be clear which song it was that we liked should we want to purchase more from that artist?

    How ’bout some afro-pop King Sunny Ade soon? I don’t know anything of his to recommend in particular – maybe you can surprise us.

    • hmm,
      yes have been having some playlist issues
      I will try to remember to mention it to the IT dude

      I wouldnt hold my breath on the snippet thing

      I keep meaning to play some Sunny Ade, I will get some next week

  • Ron Bulla

    Thank you kind sir. That sure sounds like John Prine singing w/Cowboy Junkies.

  • Also, I notice you’re working on a degree in music composition at UNT. Recently I was wondering if there were any “serious” composers who include a prominent role for the electric guitar in their work? If you know of any, maybe you can track it down and play some of it for us on your show. No, Frank Zappa does not count – I want a piece that’s been seriously performed by a reputable symphony orchestra in something other than one of their “pops” performances.

    In the meantime, I suggest some Bill Frisell.

    • nothing that I know of
      I will ask some of my more longhaired friends in the Dept.

  • Puddingebola

    You have probably have played plenty of Tom Waits, but would you play Shiver Me Timbers.

    • I will consider playing this next week

  • Russ

    Paul – “Le Moribond” by Jacques Brel would be wonderful – I’ve never heard it. Always wondered what the original is like since the “Seasons in the Sun” adaptation is such a haunting, stays-with-you song. Seems like I read it was quite different musically. Maybe play both for comparison. Thanks!

  • “Groove Armada” – I like this. I wonder how old it is?

    • couple years old now I think

    • Sirbasku

      They’re playing in Amsterdam Oct 23

  • Ron Bulla

    What a great show! Not a cull in the bunch. Really digging dreamy Groove Armada.

  • Cliff

    I’d love to hear some Opposite Day on this show. They’re an outstandingly talented and clever trio from Austin. Check out “What Is Is?” or “Current Currency Current” from their latest album, which also happens to be titled “What Is Is?” For some earlier stuff, try “Middle of the Street” or “Gravity Personified” from their album Fictional Biology. Check them out at or

  • Heya Paul,
    Maybe next week some Jim Carroll. RIP…..I just learned.

  • Davis

    John Hartford would be great to hear.
    Since you brought him up.
    I saw Glen Campbell, Jerry Reed, and John Hartford live at Tarrant County Convention Center when it was new.
    And the show was still on the air.
    They were, all three, awesome in their own way.

  • PC

    Jean “Django” Reinhardt – I just heard Minor Swing and thought that might be interesting to some of those listening out there. Then a flip to a completely different side of the spectrum and I hear Regina Spektor – The Calculation. That was fun.

  • Kelly Alexander

    Paul~i hesitate to mention this as it’s not yet officially out, but keep your ears open for the new Micah P. Hinson record, called All Dressed Up & Smelling Of Strangers. it’s all cover of some really eccentric tunes, new and old. i keep going back to “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” and the Emmy The Great cover…which i do not know by name…this record is VERY dark and as with his previous work it makes an impression. again, best, Kelly.

  • thanks for the input everyone
    another fun week
    and lots of good songs to dig up for next week

  • You ever play any Shivaree? Maybe you should – there’s much worthwhile on 1999’s “I Oughtta Give You a Shot in the Head for Making Me Live in This Dump” such as their slightly popular song “Goodnight Moon”, but if you want to play something off of their more recent albums that would be fine too as I don’t think I’ve heard much of that.

  • John E.

    John Hartford wrote the great hobo anthem Gentle On My Mind made famous by Glen Campbell.