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90.1@Night with Paul Slavens: Live Blog for Sept. 6,2009

by Paul Slavens 6 Sep 2009 5:47 PM

Good evening, and welcome to the 90.1@Night live blog! This is where you can make polite comments about the show, ask questions and, best of all, make suggestions for music that could be played on future shows. If you have specific tracks that you are suggesting, it helps if you can post a link to […]


Good evening, and welcome to the 90.1@Night live blog!
This is where you can make polite comments about the show, ask questions and, best of all, make suggestions for music that could be played on future shows.
If you have specific tracks that you are suggesting, it helps if you can post a link to where the music can be downloaded.

We have lots of local music tonight, and lots of new things to me, including: Teddy Thompson, Jose James, Gene Loves Jezebel, Golden Palominos and Arthur Lyman.

Hope you enjoy the mix !!!

Sam Phillips, “One Day Late,” A Boot and a Shoe
The Theater Fire, “Make Up a Story,” Matter and Light
Arthur Lyman, “Taboo,” Taboo
Roches, “The Largest Elizabeth In The World,” Keep on Doing
Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, “Pretty Purple Top Hat,” Family, Family, Family and the Magic Christian
Cornelius, “Breezin'” Sensuous
Nina Simone, “In The Morning,” Just Like a Woman
Tacks, The Boy Disaster, “Matilda,” Oh, Beatrice
Mom, “Sleep Whale, Little Brite
Lily Allen, “He Wasn’t There,” It’s Not Me It’s You
Teddy Thompson, “A Step Behind,” Teddy Thompson
Madlib, “Movie Finale,” Beat Konducta Vol. 3-4
Chaka Khan, “To Sir With Love,” Music World Master Series: Chaka Khan
Sarah Jaffe, “Under,” Even Born Again
Anton Karas, “Third Man Theme,” Most Essential Film Scores
Jose James, “Velvet,” The Dreamer
Syd Straw, “By This River,” Pink Velour
100 Damned Guns, “Here At The Bottom,” Musica de Tormento (Click here to listen to Paul’s Track by Track podcast with 100 Damned Guns.)
Carmen Miranda, “Burucuntum,” The Brazilian Tornado
Gene Loves Jezebel, “Desire (Come and Get It),” Voodoo Dollies: The Best of Gene Loves Jezebel
Iris Leu, “Ipso Facto,” Hushaboo
Animal Collective, “My Girls,” Merriweather Post Pavillion
Oso Closo, “Today Is Beauty’s Birthday,” Today is Beauty’s Birthday
Golden Palominos, “Holy,” Dead Inside
John Adams, “Two Fanfares for Orchestra: Short Ride in a Fast Machine,” The Chairman Dances
Einstürzende Neubauten, “I Kissed Glenn Gould,” The Jewels

  • Paul: Even if you couldn’t find Kirk’s Theme For The Eulipions, you kinda made up for it with the two John Adams pieces. I’m a big fanfare fan.

    In the meantime, iTunes has it from the album Return of the 5000 Lb. Man and what I think is the double album, Simmer, Reduce, Garnish & Serve.

    A pretty remarkable guy. As seen on Wiki:

  • alrighty then
    who will be first?

  • Russ

    Not me!

    Al Hibbler. I thought he did Edd Tide but search results vary. Did the 1st hit of “Unchained Melody,” but a better one is “After the Light Go Down Low.” I remember him as one of the first more stylized voices after the flat, bland style of 1940s-early 1950s. Others followed.

  • a good start
    I will get after that Kirk for sure

    Al Hibbler, sounds cool, I will see if I can find his music

  • Ron Bulla

    Hi Paul- Wonderful set list as per usual. I really like the local music tilt. In the future I will try to give you a link for song suggestions. Until then, I suggest “Consolation Prize” by Julie Doiron, “Jenny Don’t Be Hasty” by Poalo Nutini and “I Was Made To Love You” by Theron and Darrell. All were found on NPR Music. Listening to your Sunday night show is becoming a tradition for me here in Poplar Bluff, Mo.

  • Nifty dream like set. Thanks Paul!

  • Stephen Becker

    OK, this may be kinda silly, but seeing as this is Labor Day Weekend, I wonder if anyone has a favorite work-related song? I think I’ve settled on “Maggie’s Farm” – I just always thought the way he sings that song captures the “I’m fed up with all this” feel…

  • doesnt everyone feel like the largest elizabeth sometimes?

    • Ron Bulla


  • if you know what that means let me know

  • Davis

    “Maggie’s Farm” would be great…
    Cowboy Junkies, Dr.John, Asylum Choir, and whatever happened to Ralph McTell? (Was he totally swallowed by Gordon Lightfoot’s shadow?)
    Oh, and Trout Fishing in America.
    Sounds great tonight.

  • The best local music IMO is from the radical first world youtube and myspace list – (It’s a lot harder to get on than the Billboard 100). How about playing some of those listed tunes from:
    One O’clock Lab Band, Delbert McClinton, Lisa Loeb, LeAnn Rimes, Sara Hickman, Freddie King, Salim Nourallah, Erykah Badu, Fishboy, Brave Combo, or Hunkasaurus.
    100 Plus Favorite Music from Youtube and Myspace”
    Thanks in advance.

  • Ron Bulla

    Good song by Teddy Thompson. It’s regretful that the sound was muddled.

  • D’Arcy Weddington

    I have just been introduced to your show and am loving it. I was wondering if you could play a bit of Dead Combo (of Lisbon not NYC) and maybe some Ida Maria. Thanks for bringing back radio I can listen to.

  • hmm …muddled
    not sure where that came from
    it came through clear here in the studio

    • Ron Bulla

      In that case Paul, it was most likely my skewed perception.

    • dale

      Yeah seemed like some of the digits in the digitals dropped out.

  • Has Steve Forbert been doing anything good recently? I used to listen to him but not in years.

  • Russ

    Paul – David Bromberg is at Poor David’s Pub 9/18. Check him out! You’ll like! Info on Art&Seek – man, is he old!

    Thanx for the Arthur Lyman!

  • Stephen Becker

    Appropriate that “The Third Man Theme” would come in the second half of your show as Orson Welles makes the most famous entrance in movie history more than half way through The Third Man. I’m just sayin’ – you can’t open a show with that, but it’s great later on…

  • I don’t know if this is your type of music but this is a friend of mine, used to live in Dallas, now in Bismark ND. Thought you might want to check it out.

  • Carolyn F

    Love the mix & the show! Keep it coming! Especially liked the Chaka Khan version of To Sir tonight.

  • “A story from north america” on youtube

  • Regan

    Since you’re playing some movie theme music, if you can track it down, would you play The Dead Nazi March off the Romper Stomper Soundtrack. Composer is John Clifford White. If you do, make sure you play the right track (instrumental), other music on this soundtrack, taken out of context, might offend.

    • wow, that is an unusual request
      I am interested

  • Regan

    Or maybe not. How about something from the Wizard of Oz instead.

  • listener mark
  • Danilo

    *Have you ever heard of a Brazilian rhythm called “Choro”? quite baroque A good place to start would be a song called Odeon by Ernesto Nazareth. Often beautifully executed on acoustic (nylon stringed) guitar.

    * on the more modern side, I’m sure many are familiar with Marisa Monte(a staple of MPB or Brazilian popular music). What many miss of her repertoir is the single disc that she put out with Arnaldo Antunes (from the Brazilian rock movement) and Carlinhos Brown (one of the most regarded singers of “axé music”, a rhythm that is incredibly concentrated in the state of Bahia) under the name of “Tribalistas”. The music in this album is…mind blowing. Truly, a CD to listen from end to end.

    *Another rhythm originating mainly from the interior of the state of Bahia is Forró. Forró is played almost exclusively on the winter in Brazil (that’s in June y’all). Forró, (especially the so-called “pé de serra” or traditional forró ) is an extremely contagious rhythm). A good place to start would be the freshman cd of group called “Falamansa”….they revitalized the rhythm with a return to its origins. I especially like a tune called “xote dos milagres” Disclaimer: These tunes are not exactly sophisticated examples of harmony (this is music for the poor, hard working masses of the poorest states of Brazil…) but so authentic …. There are probably better representations of this rhythm…but they escape me at the moment….

    …the whole “Axé music” rhythm from Bahia I leave for another discussion. It has a cult (and cult-like) following in Bahia. It’s peak is past I would say. Nowadays the rhythm is a swamp of repetitive 3 minute jingles made especially for the radio…with few, too few exceptions.

    • wow, thanks
      I have heard of choro
      I got into Hermeto Pascoal a while back
      this is nice research stuff
      I will check it out this week

  • Ron Bulla

    Till next time. Thanks, Paul.

  • Why don’t you play something sung by the Dallas Symphony Chorus next week in honor of David R. Davidson, who dies yesterday.

    Also how bout
    Sukhvinder Singh (Omkara)
    Syria (Essere in te)
    Sanseverino (Rouge or Les Embouteillages)
    Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (Naina)
    Lila Downs (Mi Corazon me Recuerda)
    something by The Divine Comedy (The Happy Goth, Something for the Weekend, Charge, Middle Class Heroes, Becoming More Like Alfie)

    You should be in possession of all those above 😉

    Wig in a Box or Wicked Litle Town from Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    My vote for Labor Day: Pastures of Plenty/This Land is Your land by Lila Downs. She has a lot of great labor songs about worker life on both sides of the border.

  • just about out of time
    thanks everybody-tune in next week to see what I found!

  • Thanks for the local tilt, Paul!