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August 30 2009:LIVE Blog [email protected] with Paul Slavens

by Paul Slavens 30 Aug 2009 10:44 AM

Welcome to tonite’s LIVE Blog. Feel free to leave your polite and interesting comments. Feel VERY free to leave suggestions for music that you would like me and others to check out. If you suggest an artist, go ahead and suggest a track. Or maybe its a request for something you have never heard but […]


Welcome to tonite’s LIVE Blog.
Feel free to leave your polite and interesting comments. Feel VERY free to leave suggestions for music that you would like me and others to check out. If you suggest an artist, go ahead and suggest a track. Or maybe its a request for something you have never heard but were always curious about. In any case I make the show up largely from your input.

New to me this week:
Ellen Foley
Volcano IS
Cevin Key
Micachu and the Shapes
Melody Gardot
Mink DeVille

Ella Fitzgerald “Trying (Vaughan)” Ella Fitzgerald
Phillip Glass “Knee Play No 1” Einstein on the Beach
Ray Lamontagne “All the Wild Horses” Trouble
Laurie Anderson “Let X = X” Big Science
Notwist “One With The Freaks” Neon Golden
Laurendo Almeida Charlie Byrd “Hernando’s Hideaway” Tango
Ellen Foley “Whats A Matter Baby” Nightout
Cevin Key “Musik Fur Cats” Music for Cats
Zappa “Lemme Take You To The Beach” Studio Tan
Myopic “Things I Saw” Plays in Pieces
Lambchop “Up With People” Nixon
Ali Farka Toure “Diaraby” alking timbukty
Mink Deville “Love’s Got A Hold On Me” Where Angels Fear to Tread
Billie Holliday “Gloomy Sunday” Blue Billie
Volcano IS “Choir Island” Unmap
Tim Buckley Dolphins
100 Damned Guns “Hard Row To Hoe” Musica de Tormento
Thomas Newman “Dead Already” American Beauty Sndtrk
Melody Gardot “Our Love is Easy” My One and Only Thrill
John Fahey “In Christ There Is No East Or West” Legend of Blind Joe Death
Grizzly Bear “Dory” Veckatamist
Kimya Dawson “Tire Swing” Remember that I Love You
Mel Torme “When April Comes Again” Lulus Back in Town
Micachu and the Shapes “Guts” Jewellery
Telegraph Canyon “Dressed In Fight” The Tide and the Current
Kraftwerk “We are the Robots” Computer World
Dottie West “Country Sunshine” RCA Country Legends

  • ok
    BLOG !!

    who will be the first to suggest some music ?

    • How ’bout something by Nancy Griffith?

    • Randy

      How about Tommy Emmanuel’s recording of Somewhere Over the Rainbow from cd: Endless Road. Tommy was at Bass last Tues. incredible!

  • Man, that Ella is just gorgeous. I may be biased, but I do think that’s a lovely way to kick things off tonight.

  • David Land

    Great. Cant wait to hear Billie Holiday’s Gloomy Sunday. I’ve never heard the entire song before. I hope you give us some info about it. All the music so far is great. Ok, off the wall I suggest the Roches, a song that begins “Did you ever feel like the largest Elizabeth in the world..”

    • hmmm
      dont know that track
      but it has been a very long time since I played the Roches
      I will get on it for next week

    • Roches, Keep on Doing album.

  • Listening to Phillip Glass and Laurie A, How about some Lou Reed ~ New York? Halloween is coming …

    And from a favorite move: Hombre Secreto (Secret Agent Man) – The Plugz.

  • Ron Bulla

    Hi Paul- Delicious set list as per usual. Here is food for thought: The Trews “Fleeting Trust”, Teddy Thompson “A Step Behind”, Chaka Khan “To Sir With Love”, Black Oak Arkansas “High and Dry”. May you develop an appetite.

  • Suzanne

    Hey Paul.

    I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately.

    How about some Syd Straw (“Future Forties”, maybe) and/or Golden Palominos next week. Or Gene Loves Jezebel’s “Desire”. Or some old Alarm (“68 Guns”, perhaps). Or some Dead Milkmen (“Bitchin’ Camero”, maybe?)

    Also, thanks for the Laurie Anderson tonight. Huge fan of hers…

    • cool, I dont think I have played any of those groups
      thanks for blogging!!

  • I can’t remember if I was the one to request Zappa or not, but thank you regardless!!!

  • How about some of the new post-bands music? I note that it is so radical that no mainstream station in Dallas will play it. You often play what other stations won’t. How about the radical new music?

  • Kelly Alexander

    hey Paul-thanks for getting two of my suggestions on this week. not alot of time tonight but here’s a few things that have crossed my path this week:

    Rokia Traore-Tchamantché. beautiful African singer with a progressive edge, just fascinating.

    Soil & Pimp Sessions-Planet Pimp or Pimp Master. CRAZY Japanese Punk-Jazz madness.

    Jose James-Dreamer. cross between Sinatra and D’Angelo.

    Jackson Conti-Sujinho. MadLib and the Drummer fro Azymuth. lovely end of Summer sounds.

    thanks again for the show, best regards, Kelly.

  • Suzanne

    well then add the band Gualcanal Diary to the list too. REM-ish Athens, GA band from the 80s that couldn’t compete with REM, I guess. Watusi Rodeo was a great album, but may be out of print now…

    take care…great show tonight. I really liked that Myopic piece. never heard of them myself…

    • Suzanne

      uh, duh…should have typed “Guadalcanal Diary”. D’oh.

    • Local music there by Myopic
      A wonderful artist named Jeff Ryan
      he plays with Sarah Jaffe, as well as several other groups around Dallas
      but this is a lovely solo instrumental album
      glad you like it
      I will try to get some more on next week

  • Pam

    Thanks for Laurie Anderson. It’s been along time. I suggest Mary Fahl “Ben Aindi Habibi”, and Kula Shaker “Great Hosannah”. Cheers! I adore the show. I try to listen every week.

  • Sirbasku

    Hey Paul great to hear your voice again and you play cool music! Maybe see if you can play Andreas Vollenweider – White Winds – The Glass Hall sometime. Thanks – Sirbasku

  • Shane

    Nice play list!
    How about “The The”?
    and how can I get the play list from weeks past?

    • go to
      there is a link to all my old playlists !!!!

    • Suzanne

      The The’s “Gravitate to Me” is one of the sexiest songs ever. Cheers.

  • Had never occurred to me to ask where this song from “The World” came from. (Bad former-music-editor.) Thanks so much to the listener who suggested it, and to you, for playing it.

  • Russ

    E. Power Biggs/mighty organ, Leon Redbone/any, Janis Ian/At Seventeen, Arthur Lyman/vibraphone.

  • JP

    Dear P,

    Thanks for the great tunes!



  • Craig

    The tango piece reminded me of the soundtrack from “The Third Man,” a 1949 Oscar winner with Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles. Anton Karas created and performed the theme. Instrument was the zither and Karas could neither read or write music. IMDB.com has more fun facts. Anyway, I always thought the movie’s theme was both haunting and a little jaunty.

  • Helen

    Enjoy your program.please play some music from the contestants in the movie
    Afghan Star. (It’s great). Especially something by Setara who got eliminated probably because she moved to the music or her headscarf slipped!!!!!
    Enjoy your programme. Cheers,helen

    • wow
      this sounds like it may be challenging to find

  • dbx

    hey P, how aboutanything from alana davis’ “blame it on me” it is all superb!

    • gonna have to track this down for you
      I will try to get it on next week

  • hey, got distracted by a problem here in the studio, thanks for the nice comments and suggestions, looks like next weeks show should be interesting
    assuming I can locate all this great music

    • Craig

      Re: The Third Man theme, just Google it. It’s on YouTube, amazon, etc

  • dbx

    btw thanks for answers thus far re: recording software.. also I always love to hear my theme song,”light of some kind” by Mistress Ani…

  • Don

    Hi, Paul,
    Diggin’ the show tonight, as always…
    I’d like to suggest for your radio show and/or podcast anything by the Texas band Soul Hat. I think the song ‘Here’ from OUTDEBOX would fit nicely on the show, but all their stuff is really good, so check ‘em out!

    Keep up the good work!

    • I used to gig with that band all the time back in the old Ten Hands days
      I dont have that ancient gem, but maybe i can find an old hippie who does
      : )

  • Cliff

    I just became a Volcano Choir fan! Thanks for playing that!

  • Regan

    Would you play some Sam Phillips

    • I actually have met Sam and she is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met
      I would love to play some next week

  • Paul, thanks for playing something off the first youtube and myspace best music in the world, 200 list, Micachu & The Shapes. Glad you support the post-bands anti-corporate music represented by those listed – http://musea.wordpress.com/2008/12/10/100-plus-best-music-from-youtube-and-myspace/

  • Kelly Alexander

    YEA! the Melody Gardot suggestion was one of mine. she’s amazing. thanks for playing her, Paul. K.

  • UT

    Amanda Shires – Mineral Wells on her album West Cross Timbers
    Thrift Store Cowboys – anything
    Lily Allen
    Tacks the Boy Disaster – Frozen Feet

    • supercool
      I only know Lily Allen
      3 new things!!!

  • James L

    “Gloomy Sunday”… That had to be one of the most depressing tunes I’ve heard, but I loved it! Thanks so much! There’s an Ella tune “How about me?” that I rank high in the beautiful/depressing category, too. Great stuff.

  • Sirbasku

    Oh yeah, something off Split Enz Time and the Tide album. There’s some cool pop stuff like Dirty Creature and some stranger stuff too! All good and haven’t heard that in a while! I love this crazy mix of music I’ll tune in next week, see ya1

    • thanks for all the great ideas
      so glad to have you along

  • thanks for another fun Sunday night everbody !!!!
    cant wait to hear next weeks show with your suggestions !!
    have a great week

  • Ron Bulla

    See ya next week, Paul. Thanks for the tasty program.

  • cory

    Who needs the BBC when we could have jaunty Please Stand By music?

  • Cliff

    Sorry you’re having technical difficulties, but I’m enjoying this extended edition of 90.1 At Night!