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[email protected] with Paul Slavens: Live Blog, Aug. 23, 2009

by Paul Slavens 23 Aug 2009 3:25 PM

New to me and the show this week: Ivan Rebroff Anita O’Day God Help the Girl Skinny Puppy Leave your polite and tasteful comments as well as any and all musical suggestions. I get a lot of my playlist from this blog, so help me do my gig !!! See you tonight from 8-10. She […]


New to me and the show this week:
Ivan Rebroff
Anita O’Day
God Help the Girl
Skinny Puppy

Leave your polite and tasteful comments as well as any and all musical suggestions. I get a lot of my playlist from this blog, so help me do my gig !!! See you tonight from 8-10.

She and Him, “Take it Back,” Volume 1
Pink Martini, “Andalucia,” Sympathetique
Todd Rundgren, “Can We Still Be Friends,” The Very Best of Todd Rundgren
Prefuse 73, “Pagina” Siete Reads the Books E.P.


Nouvelle Vague, “Dancing With Myself,” Bande á Part
Chet Atkins, “Dizzy Strings,” Essential Chet Atkins
Mogwai, “Dial Revenge,” Rock Action
Prokofiev Suggestion, “Diabolique Op. 4. No. 4,” Composer Plays


Steeldrivers, “Heaven Sent, The Steeldrivers
Shibboleth, “Knute,” Experiment in Error
School of Seven Bells, “For Kala Jamari,” Alpinism


Bat for Lashes, “Bat’s Mouth,” Fur and Gold
Steve Martin, “Freddie’s Lilt,” The Crow
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, “Henry Lee,” Murder Ballads


Architecture in Helsinki, “Fumble,” Fingers Crossed
Dean Martin, “Just in Time,” Greatest Hits
Skinny Puppy, “Jaher,” Mythmaker
Ivan Rebroff, “Evening Bells,” Ivan Rebroff


Danny Balis, “Tethered,” Too Much Living
Thievery Corporation, “Harekrsna,” Radio Retaliation
Ella Fitzgerald, “Solitude,” Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Duke Ellington Songbook
Scott Walker, “Fat Mama Kick,” 5 Easy Pieces


God Help the Girl, “God Help the Girl,” God Help the Girl
Latin Playboys, “Latin Trip,” Dose
Stan Getz and Cal Tjader, “For All We Know,” Cal Tjader – Stan Getz Sextet


Neko Case, “Magpie To The Morning,” Middle Cyclone
Squarepusher, “A Real Woman,” Just a Souvenir
Anita O’Day, “Star Eyes,” At Mister Kelly’s

  • who will be the first to comment or leave a song suggestion??

    • clementine

      the IMPRESSIONS!
      keep on pushing

  • Ron Bulla

    Greetings from up north. Thank you for this radio program. My suggestions are “Election Day” by Jen Chapin. Anything off of the excellent Live At The Folklore Center, NYC: March 6th, 1967 by Tim Buckley. (I found this on NPR Music). Also by Jen Chapin, “Let It Show”, a song sung to and about a baby boy. For another song sung to and about a baby boy, try “Godspeed” by Radney Foster. Both superb songs rarely, if ever, heard on radio.

    • thanks as always for the copious suggestions
      I will get crackin on it for next week

  • Suzanne

    Skinny Puppy AND Anita O’Day? THIS is why I love KERA at night. I haven’t heard Skinny Puppy since I was a little punk rocker in the 80s! Would never have thought of them as radio-friendly! You’re a bold one, Mr. Slavens…(and thanks for playing neko for me tonight…)

    • my daughter turned me on to this track
      one of the few playable Skinny Puppy songs (at least on my show)
      just had to get it on the show !!

  • There was a feature on ATC today about the song of Summer 2009. For me it is “Dhan Te Nan” from the acclaimed Indian flick “Kaminey” (still playing at your local FunAsia locations). The song would be even better with a convertible. Might be too pop for you but it is irresistible. I defy you to sit still.


    • I will check this out when I get home.
      are you saying I am not poppy enough ?
      ok, guilty… maybe.
      I will just have to see.

  • Cathy Grundy

    Howdy! Will you please tell the listening audience tonite about the event in Denton that you and Kris Boyd and? whoever else are going to be involved with? A couple of times this week there has been an announcement that the Denton board members are putting on this event that you and Kris will be at. Unfortunately I am always in the car when I have heard it and have never been able to catch all the info. I don’t find anything about it on the KERA website at this point. Do a shout out will ya?
    I would also like some Laurie Anderson or some Frank Zappa, with a dedication to quirky school nurses and (hopefully) quirky teachers too!
    Thanks The real world starts tomorrow in Cowtown!

    • Stephen Becker

      Cathy –
      Here’s a link from the Art&Seek calendar about the event you’re talking about up in Denton:

    • I wont be able to get the Anderson or Zappa on this week
      but I sure will next week
      good luck with educating the next generation of Americans !

  • p.s. The song is written by the movie’s director, Vishal Bhardwaj, and sung by Sukhwinder Singh (“Jai Ho”) and Vishal Dadlani.

  • Jason

    Well then. Looks like I’ll have to dust off my Squarepusher vinyl this week. Anyone got a new cartridge?

  • Stephen Becker

    Paul – Glad to see Danny Balis in the mix this week. I really enjoyed the Track by Track podcast you did with him:


    I also went to his CD release part at the Granada on Friday that was sold out (partly due to the return of Slobberbone). But the crowd ate up Danny’s traditional country tunes.

  • cory

    I highly recommend Skinny Puppy’s “Last Rights” album.

    I also need to figure out a way to stop myself from reading the playlist. I prefer to be surprised. Maybe I could put some duct tape over that section of my monitor or something.

    • hit yourself over the head after you look at the playlist
      this will help you forget and will set up an aversion complex so that you will not forget to not look at the setlist.
      there is no charge for this excellent advice.

  • Kelly Alexander

    Paul~here’s some new things you may enjoy.

    FLORENCE & The Machine-Lungs. don’t know what to say except she’s gonna be a star. the best thing this year. i LOVE “Girl With One Eye”, “My Boy Builds Coffins” and “Drumming”.

    Micachu and the Shapes-Jewellery. they were expected to nominated for a Mercury prize this year, yet were passed by for some odd reason. they use “found sounds” vacuums, doorbells, seagulls, etc. they are very young teens, i believe. anyhow, great record. i like “Curly Teeth” and “Eat Your Heart”.

    Imelda May-Love Tattoo. she’s Irish and amazingly beautiful, she sings rockabilly. she’s good. favorite tracks are “Love Tattoo” and “Falling In Love With You Again”.

    Fujiya & Miyaki-Lightbulbs. not sure if they ARE Japanese, but they are very quirky and cool. blip with soul. top tracks are “Ptrodactyls” and “Knickerbocker”.

    Mlle. Caro and Franck Garcia-Pain Dissapears. French duo, who uniquely sing all the word exactly together, electronic in nature, very innovative, signed to EBTG’s Benn Watt’s Buzzin’ Fly label. recommended tunes are “Dead Souls” and “Always You”.

    Melody Gardot-My One And Only Thrill. very lovely voice and songs. songs: “Your Heart Is As Black As Night” and “My One And Only Thrill”

    hope you are well, great show this week. best regards, Kelly Alexander.

    • always an interesting list of suggestions
      thanks again
      I will get to work as usual. I have played some Florence
      maybe I could sneak in some more

  • Would you mind playing Ellen Foley next week?
    Look forward to Sunday nights and your show.
    Thank you for being there!

  • oh, maybe some Cibo Matto too?

    • I will try to find some for next week
      thank you so much for your suggestions !!

  • OK – here’s a request for you: Paulina Rubio’s “Causa y Efecto” (here’s the most interesting and fun rendition of it I’ve come across: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09m7WY2eyps&feature=related; others available at YouTube).

    Ms. Rubio is about as pop as they come – something along the lines of a mexican Madonna, and this song’s been near the top of the Latin charts for months now which, since you ordinarily don’t play current pop hits, would seem to exclude it from your show, but I bet not one in a hundred members of your audience have heard it, so I think you should expose them to a little of what they’re missing – aside from the sheer infectiousness of the song, to do a little to bridge the anglo/hispanic divide that nobody wants to acknowledge in our fair ‘plex.


    • dont mean to cut out current pop
      although I figure that there are enough places to hear it without me piling on.
      but this I will check out,
      tune in next week
      : )

  • I would request any of the post-bands music recordings.
    Thanks ahead of time.

  • I am thinking of an album that tickles the ear buds,
    Stay Awake. a great cover of Disney.

    Is there daily freeform radio in Dallas metro area?

  • Stay Awake is one of the first albums I got turned on to by Chris Douridas the great former DJ at KERA back in the 90s. What an excellent gem of a record. I played it on my very first night on the air 5 years ago, and have revisited it since many times.

  • Suzanne

    I sure miss the days of Chris Douridas, when KERA played music more than half of the time. I stopped my membership for years when they made that format change (I’m a member again now). Chris and that gang of DJs turned me on to so much new music. I sure wish we got more than 2 hours of your show per week, Paul. DFW needs more shows like this (thank god for KNON and KTCU (and KNTU)…

    • I am right ther with you. Chris changed my life and inspired me to do this show.

  • Suzanne, did you read where KERA has bought 91.7 to use as an all-music station, starting in the fall? Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/dWWnq

    Maybe we’ll get more Paul that way!

    • Suzanne

      wow…yes! I had heard that a few months back but completely forgot about it until you just mentioned it! Hallelujah! and thanks to you, CheckersSpeech, for giving me some hope for non-commercial radio tonight!

  • James L

    Mr. Slavens,

    Speaking of Mexican pop music, I stumbled across a song called “Fuiste a Acapulco” a couple weeks back on 106.7(?), which I think is a Spanish oldies station. This song must have been recorded in the 60s or 70s, although I haven’t been able to find out who might have done it. It’s a great song, very lively, w/ funny lyrics (if you can understand Spanish)… if you should somehow come across it, it would be a great track for the show….

    Always love the show. Please keep it up!

    • wow, not even sure where to go to find this
      but I will certainly try
      thanks, it will be interesting to hear

  • Brad

    Some suggestions for future programs:
    Solar Powered People, Grizzly Bear, Q-tip or any old Tribe Called Quest.

    • nice suggestions
      went on a grizzly bear splurge a month or so ago, so I may need to give that a rest, but I will look into the other 2

  • Deanna

    God Help the Girl… God Help the Girl… God Help the Girl…

    We like it! We like it! We like it! Good show tonight! Thanks!

    • what saved it for me was the line about
      “even boring myself”

      I did like it better just now as I listened again
      glad you dig it and glad I played it

  • Jason

    A band called Drink Me, on their Sleep album…second to last track called Train to Chicago.

    The whole thing is great, but that one stands out to me.

  • And here’s my suggestion for this week: “Anais Nin vs. The Pirates of Santa Cruz”. Those girls do beautiful counterharmonies, plus, as you can tell from the title, the lyrics are very brainy …

  • Russ

    Thanks for the Ivan Rebroff! Another generation turned on to this amazing voice. People are always grateful to find out about him. Some don’t believe that’s just one guy singing that song.

    Still need some David Bromberg, maybe “Such a Night,” also any Joni Mitchell is always good, would fit in well.

  • thanks again to all who jumped on
    another fun night
    see you next week !!!

  • Here here, very nifty show.
    Glad to hear about 91.7.
    I have another idea but will join in next time or so.

  • dale

    Has Everyone Heard a major “Big Box” store is stocking Viynl again? (If they ever did!) the Initials of the store are “BB” . Now all I need is a new turntable!

  • Don

    In the interest of promoting Texas music, I’d like to suggest for your radio show and/or podcast anything by the band Soul Hat. I think the song ‘Here’ from OUTDEBOX would fit nicely on the show, but all their stuff is really good, so check ’em out!

  • I know the show is over, but I have a suggestion for next week.

    “Hawaii Dream” by Mew. The song is only 5 minutes long.

  • Actually, I meant “Hawaii.”