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[email protected] with Paul Slavens: LIVE blogging Sunday Aug 16 2009.

by Paul Slavens 16 Aug 2009 6:23 PM

Welcome to the [email protected] blog. This is a great place to comment politely on the show, and leave your non-self promotional messages. But best of all, this is where you can give me suggestions for music, genres, artists, specific recordings that you would like me to check out and possibly share on a future show. […]


Welcome to the [email protected] blog.
This is a great place to comment politely on the show, and leave your non-self promotional messages.
But best of all, this is where you can give me suggestions for music, genres, artists, specific recordings that you would like me to check out and possibly share on a future show.

Here is a rundown of what’s on tap for tonite.
Pylon, Jorgen Ingman and Love and Rockets (if you can believe that) are all new to me this week.

Les Paul, Mary Ford “Vaya Con Dios”  Hits
Ornette Coleman “Folk Tale” This Is Our Music
Piano Magic “Love & Music” Disaffected
PJ Harvey “Cracks In The Canvas” A Woman A Man Walked By
Ventures “Walk Don’t Run” Walk Don’t Run
Salim Nourallah “The Man Who Learned to Love” Constellation
Stevie Wonder
“Contusion” Songs In The Key of Life
Buck Owens “I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail” #1 Hits: Ultimate
Sharon Jones & the Dapkings “How Do I Let a Good Man Down” Naturally 01

Love and Rockets “Saudade” 7th dream of teenage heaven

Steve Earle/Del Mccoury Band “Carrie Brown” The Mountain
MT RIghteous “LOST” When the Music Starts
Bill Haley “Flip Flop and Fly” Just Rockin Roll Music
“Get Out Of Your Krib” Shapemodes
Django Reinhardt “I’ll Never Be the Same” Djangology
blue roses “Doubtful Comforts” Blue Roses
tchaikovsky Le Tombeau de Couperin I Prlude City of London Symfonia
Danny Balis “It’s Over” Too Much Living
Jogen Ingman “Apache” Apache

Pylon “Stop It”Gyrate Plus
Mason Williams “Classical Gas” Classical Gas
Pinebox Serenade “Sons of Soil” Let the River Take Them Home
JP Sousa “Under The Double Eagle” The March King/Sousa Conducts
Van Halen “Eruption” Van Halen
Michale Nyman “Trysting Fields” Trysting Fields Sndtrk
Sade “King of Sorrow” Lovers Rock
Raymond Scott “Powerhouse” Reckless Nights and Turkish Twilight
John Coltrane Rashied Ali “Jupiter” INterstellar space

  • here we go !
    Who will be first to comment ?

    • Mike W

      thanks for putting Rashied Ali on the schedule, been listening to Interstallar Space since I heard about him passing. interested to see how people respond to this

  • Ron Bulla

    It shall be me.

  • Ron Bulla

    Hi Paul- “Heaven Sent” by The Steeldrivers. As per usual, it’s nice to hear your familiar, soothing Sunday night voice. Thanks for the great set list.

  • Steeldrivers
    never heard of em
    I will check it out

  • Thanks for playing a little from the Wizard of Waukesha!

  • Russ

    DVD tip: ALL Les Paul fans (or anyone) should rent or buy “Chasing Sound.” Lots of history, lots of gadgets, lots of tunes. Les must have kept every gadget he ever made, and most still work!

  • michael

    Hi Paul,
    Great show as always.
    Do you have Afrodisiaction?
    I love the song “In That Case, I Wonder What the Sheets Are Made Of…”

    • I have no idea what you are talking about
      but I will find out

  • Kristina

    Hey, it would be great if you could play some post rock such as Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, Band of Horses, Red Sparowes, Russian Circles, Pelican, etc. MGMT would also be fun to hear. Thanks 🙂

  • Thomas blas

    Hey Paul. I’m listing right now. Can we put something a little more energetic. Like U2. From there album called “no line on the horizon?” like there song called “I’ll go crazy if I don’t go crazy tonight”

    thanks a ton.

    • I will get it next week,
      I preprogram all the music before I do the show
      that way I can get the timing, transitions and levels all good.
      but I things will get energetic throughout the night !

  • I think I have played Mogwai and Explosions on the show,
    and I like them
    thanks for the tip on the others
    I will get on it for next week

  • Mel Torme – April Showers

  • dale

    Wow I forgot all about “Contusion” – Reminds me of Bill Bruford and other JazzRock. Thanks for playing that.

  • Ron Bulla

    “Malibu Gas Station” Sonic Youth.

  • La Queen

    May I request that you play some Duke Ellington or Ella Fitzgerald just to swing into the midst of things?

    Thanks. :-)*

  • Suzanne

    Hi, Mr. Slavens.

    a request for tonight, don’t know if that’s possible: Neko Case, Magpie to the Morning

    also…ever heard of Bat for Lashes? I’m new to them, but really digging them lately…

    • played some Bat for Lashes a month or so ago
      but I could probably dig em up and play em again next week

  • Ron Bulla

    Had never heard the Love and Rockets instrumental. Sweet.

  • Any song by the Rhett Butler Group from “Spend it All”

    • dont have this yet, but I will get it and try to spin your request next week

  • Thomas blas

    Hey Paul. Do u mind playing U2. “I’ll go crazy if I don’t go crazy tonight”.


  • MJ

    Hi Paul ~ love the PJ Harvey alongside the Les Paul (vaya con dios Les), Ornett Coleman, Django Reinhardt. For a thrilling, cathartic, somewhat orgasmic side to PJ, play some cuts from her “Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea” CD – a whole ‘nother side to her current. Gives us a perspective of her fine work. Love you and your show and very excited about KERA’s all music station line-up. Long overdue !!!!

  • Cliff

    Enjoying the show tonight, Paul! Here’s a suggestion for a future show—Andrew Tinker, from Denton. I heard the track “B Sweet” a few weeks ago and just loved it. Check it out!

  • Ron Bulla

    Great song by Dani Balis. It’s the kind of classic country shuffle no one does anymore. Will be looking into more of this album. Paul, is this the same Danny Balis that I used to listen to on the Ticket in Texas? Also in a very good band, Sorta?

  • Russ

    Ivan Rebroff’s “Evening Bells” always amazes people the first time they hear it. Other singers thought him a freak of nature due to his amazing range, I’ve heard. Sings a lot of Russian songs but he’s (or was, died a year or so ago) actually German.

  • Ron Bulla

    I second Andrew Tinker.

  • ha ha, I see you’re playing Powerhouse tonight!!! I’ve loved this song all my life from cartoons, but only found out the name of the song a couple of years ago when it was used in a VISA check card commercial … It brings up images of automated houses from the old Looney Tunes!

  • Oh, and for future broadcasts: “Bros” by Panda Bear, the frontman from Animal Collective. Listen to it with headphones, it’s totally Brian Wilson plus Phil Spector times lots of craziness: It has hoot owls, fireworks, sobbing … WAY too much.

    Seriously, take a listen.

    Here’s a link to it on YouTube: http://bit.ly/jEOcO

    • thanks
      those animal collective fellers are an imaginative bunch

  • Richard P-A

    Sorry I’m late!

    Loved the Mason Williams! Check out his “Them Poems”! Ha!

    I’d love to hear some Shibboleth on here or maybe even Track By Track.

    Another DFW act that you should play is Neo Camerata.

    I enjoyed the mostly instrumental evening tonight! Do it again!

  • Margo

    would love to hear some Chet Atkins guitar picking and also Steve Martin’s banjo band

  • Steve

    Got in too late, I just heard the show end. Have a suggestion – something from the album “Forever Changes” by the band Love. Nice salute to Les Paul at the top of the show. What an influence he’s had on music!

  • thanks for joining in !
    see you all next week!

  • Taylor

    Please play a track from TREY JOHNSON’S NEW SOLO ALBUM Mount Pelee, the following are just a few songs from his “urbanized folk” recording as it may also be called…..

    1) Unfavorable Way
    2) Old Reactions
    3) Bragging Type