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Live Blogging with Paul Slavens 90.1@Night: Aug. 9

by Paul Slavens 9 Aug 2009 5:35 PM

Good evening, and I hope you are looking forward to checking out some music with me. Join in.  Leave your tasteful, non-self-promotional comments about what you hear, and what you think others would like to hear. Suggestions are the lifeblood of the show. New to me this week: Gal Costa, The Knife and Bouncing Souls. […]


Good evening, and I hope you are looking forward to checking out some music with me.

Join in.  Leave your tasteful, non-self-promotional comments about what you hear, and what you think others would like to hear. Suggestions are the lifeblood of the show.

New to me this week: Gal Costa, The Knife and Bouncing Souls. Very different, and I really like all of them.
Also, we’ll have local stuff from Sarah Jaffe and George Neal as well as a song from this week’s Track By Track artist, Dust Congress.

Here’s tonight’s set list:

Nat King Cole, “Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps),” His Very Best
The World of Coleen, “The Happy Sea,” The Golden Morning Breaks
Sarah Jaffe, “Black Hoax Lie,” Even Born Again
John Williams, “Cavatina,” The Deer Hunter Soundtrack

Les Rita Mitsouko, “Don’t Forgive the Nite,” Best of LRM
George Jones, “Please Take The Devil Out Of Me,” Long Live King George
Terry Riley, “Medusa’s Refrain (Part 1),” No Man’s Land
Broadcast, “Tears in the Typing Pool,” Tender Buttons
Dan Fogelberg, “Looking For A Lady,” Home Free

Regina Spektor, “Machine,” Far
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, “Goodnight, Ollie,” Winterwood
Steven Stills, “Colorado,” Manassas
Gal Costa, “Wave,” Gal Costa Canta Tom Jobim
Doug Burr, “A Thousand May Fall,” The Shawl
Ibrahim Ferrer, “Nusestro Ultima Cita,” Ibrahim Ferrer
Tom Waits, “What Keeps Mankind Alive,” Lost In The Stars: The Music Of Kurt Weill
Ratatat, “Swisha,” Classics
Joni Mitchell, “Jericho” Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter
Karlheinz Stockhausen Kontakte, “Struktur XIII,” Elektronische Musik 1952-1960
Dust Congress, “Please Thanks,” Egg Tooth
Jorge Ben, “Tim Dom Dom,” Samba Escueva Nova
The Knife, “From Off to On,” Silent Shout
Raymond Scott, “Manhattan Minuet,” Reckless Nights and Turkish Twilights
LaVern Baker, “Tweedlee Dee,” Soul on Fire: The Best of LaVern Baker
Bouncing Souls, “The Toilet Song,” Bouncing Souls
Vashti Bunyan, “Lately,” Lookaftering
Super Furry Animals, “The Very Best of Neil Diamond,” Beggars Group Radio Sampler 2009
Gianna Nannini, “Fumetto,” Latin Lover
Ween, “Ocean Man,” The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie Sountrack
George Neal, “Little Too Late,” 3 Songs
Erykah Badu, “Rim Shot,” Baduizm
Ray Peterson, “Tell Laura I Love Her,” Tell Laura I Love Her

  • Francois

    Good evening Paul, so you found some Rita Mitsouko, wow wow wow….
    Can’t wait for the show!

    • indeed I did. Someone had requested it several months ago and I had already located some.
      Interesting stuff.
      You are the winner of the “first-to-comment award”

  • Ron Bulla

    Hi Paul- Greetings from Poplar Bluff, Mo. Thanks for playing my suggestions. Your show always makes me wistful for Denton. Tonight’s suggestion: anything by Piano Magic, but I am currently digging “Love And Music”. Keep up the greatness.

    • sounds like a beautiful place
      thanks for listening and suggesting

  • Weary traveler

    I’ve got to hear something new and now. The sun is blinding. Thanks Paul.

  • Weary traveler

    This second song is like taking drugs

  • Ron Bulla

    “One Shot, Michael. One Shot”
    “Yeah. One Shot.”

  • dale

    The is an Uber-Wacky Orchestral Piece that has been exerpted on “Fresh Air” a couple of times- like Looney Tunes Music on SpeedAcid. Would love to know what that is to hear it in its entirety.
    — Very Much Appreciate your excellent show- I know your Studies take up much of your time but will you have a role in the new Music KERA Sister Station?

    • afraid I dont know what yer talking about off the top of my head
      anybody else out there have any idea what this music might be?

      I will pull a Sgt.Schultz concerning the new station

    • chipg

      Dale, is it actually a Looney tunes piece or just an orchestral piece that sounds like Looney Tunes? If the former, maybe it’s Powerhouse which was used in a couple of toons?

  • Francois

    So much emotions along that Deer Hunter song, what a movie…
    “One shot”
    What was that Disco song they play and dance on in the bar the night before they leave to Nam ??? “I love you baby… something…. Play it next week Paul…. please.
    And yes I promise I will bring my hunting boots lol…

  • Veronica Beats

    Nice Broadcast pick.
    Very sweet.
    I cant wait till they come to town in November!
    I bet the put on a brilliant show.
    I anticipate lots of droney lights……..a very psychedelic trip i hope.

  • Ron Bulla

    Old Fogelberg is best Fogelberg.

  • Veronica Beats

    People……….Regina Spektor is soo played out.

    • dunno.
      I only recently got introduced to her
      I like the recent things Ive heard
      guess I should go back and listen to old stuff
      before she was “played out”- yes?

  • Ron Bulla

    There is a beautiful song by Jason Isbell, “Just To Know What You’ve Been Dreaming” written by Will Johnson of Centromatic fame. I’m not sure if it has been recorded, I found it on Youtube. The sentiment of the song is gripping.

    • Paul Slavens

      it apparently has not been written

  • Stephen Becker

    Nice to hear Doug Burr featured tonight. Art&Seek’s Betsy Lewis had a nice conversation with Doug and filmmaker Jon Collins, who shot the video for Doug’s “Should’ve Known.” You can read the interview and watch the video here:

  • Mike W

    Ibrahim Ferrer could sing the phone book and make it musical, thanks for playing him
    the Doug Burr song was really nice as well

  • Stephen Becker

    Also, since you are all music lovers, I thought I would throw a link up to our new This Week in Texas Music History podcast. It’ll be posted every Saturday; the first one takes a look at the life of Buck Owens.

  • How are you liking the Stockhausen?

  • I love Bossa Nova but these three are so much better than this one you are playing now. How about playing them? One is a classic, two are new music and all three are great songs, great singers, and great performances.

    Astrud Gilberto “Fly Me To The Moon”

    Giuseppe Cuce “La Ballata di un Flore” from Italy

    Roberta Campos “Felicidade” from Brazil

  • Mike W

    I liked it, I’m a Sun Ra fan and never realized how much Stockhausen influenced his electronic pieces

  • Hamichok

    LaVern Baker makes me wanna shake my booty in all kinds of different directions.

  • Pudding Head

    This toilet song is revolutionary. Did they influence the Circle Jerks?

  • Roger H

    Hey-just wanted to say I’m enjoying the music tonight. Thanks!

  • dale

    chipg – Hi Don’t know Powerhouse, sorry. I’m 98% sure it is not an actual Looney Tunes piece- it is compressed like 10 Loonies in one with faster changes in mood, tempo, totally bonkers. I couldn’t find it on “All Songs Considered” so I’m at a loss but believe me, you’ll know it when you hear it. (Hope I’m not hijacking the blog, Paul!)

  • I guess there is a large loyal following for Bouncing Souls
    mostly people who were born about the time I graduated college.

  • I actually played a piece by the composer of Powerhouse
    Ramond Scott
    just a weird coincidence

    • dale

      Yes, I thought that was in the spirit of the genre.

    • chipg

      Weird coincidence? And I suppose that while I was turning the water back on after fixing the toilet tonight and you played The Toilet Song that that was a coincidence too? Are you sure that secretly the 90.1 at night program does not secretly run the world?

  • Pudding Head

    I like this Ween song, haven’t heard it before. REminds me of Mister Would you please help my pony.

  • Ron Bulla

    Super Furry Animals were super furry good.

  • Pudding Head

    This Tell Laura I love her song is revolutionary.

  • Ron Bulla

    Thanks Paul- till next week.

  • thanks again y’all
    see you again next sunday night

  • donald whynott

    hi. could you please play some Henry Cow? Or leo Ferre