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90.1@Night: Live Blogging Here! Aug. 2, 8-10 p.m.

by Paul Slavens 2 Aug 2009 5:47 PM

Hey, I’m back! I was in lovely Portland for a week, and Joe Kozera filled in for me last week. I hope you enjoyed the change of pace. I won “Best Radio Show” recently at the Dallas Observer Music Awards,  and I want to thank all of you, since I get most of my ideas […]


Hey, I’m back!
I was in lovely Portland for a week, and Joe Kozera filled in for me last week. I hope you enjoyed the change of pace.
I won “Best Radio Show” recently at the Dallas Observer Music Awards,  and I want to thank all of you, since I get most of my ideas for music to play from listener suggestions.
New things I really liked this week are Ratatat, Fever Ray and Ethel Smith – keep those great suggestions coming.

Here’s tonight’s set list:

Brazilian Girls, “Homme” Brazilian Girls
Mark Mothersbaugh, “Zissou Society Blue Star Cadets,” The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Soundtrack
Sons of the Pioneers Blue, “Shadows On The Trail,” RCA Country Legends
Titan Moon “Too Late,” Titan Moon
Ratatat “Wildcat,” Classics
Cathy Berberian/Weill “Surabaya-Johnny” Magnificathy
Gogol Bordello, “Harem in Tuscany (Taranta)” Super Taranta
Miles Davis, “Boplicity” Birth of the Cool
Fever Ray, “When I Grow Up,” Fever Ray
Robert Fripp, “LCG Guitar Craft Theme III” Eye Of the Needle Live
Dixie Chicks “Northern Rail” KERA Sound Sessions
Ali Akhbar, “Khan Prayer in Bhairavi,” Legacy
Louis Armstrong, “The Dummy Song,” All-Time Greatest Hits
David Byrne and Brian Eno, “Strange Overtones,” Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
Ethel Smith, “Tico Tico,” Les Stars de Annes 50
Ellen Allien, “Alles Sehen, Berlinette
Dust Congress, “Sow a $58 Seed,” Regurgitate Sunshine State (check out this week’s Track by Track podcast with Dust Congress)
Efrain Morel, “Esta Noche Me la Llevo,” Bachata Roja
Buffy Saint-Marie, “Summer Boy,” Fire Fleet and Candlelight
Al Green, “Take Me to the River, Greatest Hits
Mickey Newbury, “Just Dropped In,” Winter Winds
Ravel, “Sonatine 3,” Animé Marcel Meyer
Stereo Lab, “Neon Bean Bag,” Rough Trade 4ad Sampler
Hoyt Axton, “Oklahoma Song” Less Than the Song
Lykkeli, “Hanging High,” Youth Novel
Ken Nordine, “Burgundy,” Colors
Lawrence Welk, “Adios (Au Revoir) [Aufwiedersehn],” The Best Of Lawrence Welk

  • Stephen Becker

    @Reece – News should be over for now. They always go to news at the top of the hour.

  • Ron Bulla

    Hi Paul! Glad to have you back. How about some Steve Earle and the Del McCoury Band from “The Mountain” CD. Texas Eagle or Carrie Ann or I’m Still In Love With You are all good or any song from it.

    • Ron Bulla

      Yeah Paul, that was me in Poplar Bluff, Mo. that requested Sons Of The Pioneers. I recommend “Looking for a Lady” by the late Dan Fogelberg from the album Home Free, my favorite Fogelgerg album.

      • love me some old Fogelberg
        I will see if I can find this old record

    • hbelknap

      ok Paul and everyone , greetings , speaking of Brazilian girls

      Gal Costa – O Sorriso do Gato – is an amazing album – Gal Costa has an amazing voice. album is a mix between uptempo Brazilian and sexy cool Brazilian that will melt your heart – anything from this except the last track would be great –

      on amazon

      to hear the tracks

    • Joe

      I was going to request some Kurt Weill, the you played “Johnny”.


      I really love Van Dyke Parks arrangements of Weill. The little Lieutenant of a loving God!

      I hosted a show in the early days of KNON (83′-85″) called MUSICA EXOTICA. What you do Paul is essentially what I was doing then. Nowadays I’m fanatical about Wim Mertens (Belgian Musician/composer virtually unknown in the US), The Late Great Hector Zazou, Madredeus, Lila Downs, Roger Eno, Terry Riley, Rota/Fellini, Penguin Cafe Orc (Simon Jeffes RIP), NORTEC COLLECTIVE, you get the idea. You do a great job. Sometime I’d like to visit with you and maybe do some exchanges.

      • nice to hear from you
        and that is a nice fat list of suggestions
        I have about half of that stuff and will be glad to
        look into getting the rest
        nice to have another eclecticist listening

  • Stephen Becker

    Looks like TItan Moon has a couple of local shows coming up.

    • Ron Bulla

      Spillcheck where are you?

    • Elizabeth

  • chipg

    I saw “In the Mood for Love” recently and was haunted by Nat Cole’s Quizás, Quizás, Quizás (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps). Several other good pieces in the movie though not all appear to be on the soundtrack.

    • ok, I will see if I can find it
      Nat King Cole is always a winner

  • Stephen Becker

    Paul – I’ve noticed that it seems like you always include at least one soundtrack cut in your shows. Do you have a favorite movie soundtrack?

  • hmmm
    I love Star Wars
    Clockwork Orange
    Life Aquatic
    Triplets of Belleville
    Repo Man

    • Joe

      Pan’s Labrynth
      the Straight Story
      Malo Educacion
      Fellini Roma
      No Man’s Land -Terry Riley

  • Here’s the big request. Play something from the first world music list – the first non corporate list of new music – the every corner of the world best new music list – the first revolution in music in 60 years.

    OR better yet, I challenge you to a song duel. Because I think that these 200 songs are better than the last 200 new songs you’ve played (and the best music in the world now) – better composed, performed, and less generic sounding. I challenge you to a duel. You play a new favorite of yours, then you or I can pick a like format tune from mine. Then we reverse the order. I can pick a song from the list, and you follow up with your choice from your records. And then YOUR listeners can choose the best.
    The challenge is on.

    Kera Vs. Musea
    May the best list win ( and you’ll still get second!)

    “100 Plus Favorite Music from Youtube and Myspace”

    PS I’d chicken out if I was you.

  • Stephen Becker

    @Tom – So by your estimation, you don’t consider hip-hop or electronic music revolutionary? I’m sorry, but that is just ridiculous.

  • Francois

    Hello Paul, hope you had a good vacation, some French music suggestions: from the 80’s and 90’s there is a cool Rock Band called “Telephone”…. otherwise some late Serge Gainsbourg is always cool to listen to… Also I heard a band from Austin on NPR the other day that I absolutely loved, the lead singer has an amazing voice, their name : Girls in a Coma… Great Stuff…

    • thanks
      I will see if I can find some of this
      love French music
      I was listening to “Sea Sex and Sun” last week on my IPod, classic Serge.

  • mark

    Paul, just enjoyed Mr Fripp & LoCG. I suggested it last week because my son reminded me of it and I was actually handing his brother the CD to check out when you played the tune – nice timing…
    thanks, Mark

  • Francois

    Sea Sex and fun is amazing, I believe he did sing it both with Brigitte Bardot and then his wife later on Jane Birkin who was born in GB. Jane sings just like her daughter Charlotte, you did play Charlotte on the show.

  • Francois

    not fun, sun that is, sorry 😉

  • hbelknap

    Life Aquatic had some great bowie covers – i suppose you have played some of them already – Life On Mars?

    • I have to be careful not to overplay this album
      it is so deep with good cuts

  • Mike W

    ha! Tico Tico-Brave Combo does a great version of this

    • I woul dlove to play it, do you remember what CD its on
      they only have 50 or so releases
      hardest recording band in America

  • please play

    ‘A Box for Black Paul’ from artist ‘Nick Cave’ on a pretty old album –

    ‘from her to eternity’ done in 1984 by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds .

    nick can be bad ass

    • these are cool suggestions
      I seem to be hit and miss on Nick Cave
      some stuff really knocks my socks off other…not so much

  • Stephen, I don’t know if they are so revolutionary in this century. They were new in last century, not this one.
    BUT, that doesn’t really matter because the list is against genres anyway. It’s for all types of music. PS yes there are still tunes on my big list that are somewhat in that vein on the list. But they have to be great new songs no matter what style. Check the list out qnd you will see.
    The list is about specific great new songs from every corner of the world, it is not about any specific genre being better than another. It tries to go beyond all genres – that’s part of the greatest and revolutionary aspect of the list – there is no favorite genre – no limits.

  • hbelknap

    Ween – Ocean Man

    Ween – The Mollusk

    and thank you for turning me on to senor coconut , smoke on the water its amazing how people react when they hear it .

    Bowie – Letter to Hermione off the Space Oddity album – or from the same Memory of a Free Festival

  • Who was that AMAZING organ player just now!? SO FAST! SO GOOD!

    • Oop! Just heard it. Ethel Smith! Incredible!

  • Stephen Becker

    Tom – I didn’t say they were revolutionary this century, I was merely referring to your time frame of the last 60 years. Bot of those genres were born in the past 60 years, and I think most people would say they were pretty revolutionary when they came out.
    There’s certainly a lot of good tunes on your list. But you’re gonna have to twist my arm hard to get me to say that Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman “Time To Say Goodbye” is revolutionary. Nice to listen to, yes. Revolutionary, no.

  • someone wanted some Nina Hagen
    I dont know much about her
    any suggestions?

  • The list is revolutionary. It takes contemporary music beyond rock. It takes it worldwide. It takes it from youtube and myspace – so every musician can audition with no middle men in the way. It takes it out of corporate hands. It takes it out of genre limits. It salutes all types of music. It begins a world music that can and will replace rock. It opposes bands. And even the idea of a world list is revolutionary – who else has done that?

    As to the time frame of 60 years – I think both hip hop and electronic music were outgrowths or form of rock – just like disco, country rock etc. Perhaps the most revolutionary thing of the 80’s was not music at all, but music videos. I’ll grant you that.

    • Let me tell you something: I do not trust the people that live on myspace and youtube when it comes to ANYTHING. Why do you trust them with something as important as what music you listen to?

  • Ron Bulla

    Buffy Saint-Marie mesmerized me.

  • hbelknap

    Maude Lebowski: What do you do for recreation?
    The Dude: Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback.

  • Owen Bickford

    that song by Buffy Saint-Marie was great. reminded me of Portishead. Fever Ray and The Knife are top-notch!

  • hbelknap

    Just Dropped In – soulful

  • Veronica Beats

    “My kind of soilder” by: Guided by Voices
    “I AM a Tree” by: Guided by Voices

    Nice adult power Rocktacular!

    • have heard of this band for years
      heard some stuff by the lead singer
      I will check these two tracks out though

  • I just played some Mickey Newbury and was looking at his Wiki entry and saw that he penned Buff St Maries only top 75 hit song
    what a weird coiincidence
    now I gotta find that track !

  • Thanks for turning me onto Ellen Allien!

    My favorite soundtracks, and off of which I would recommend playing tracks:

    Lost In Translation

    Powaqqatsi (Philip Glass)

    Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

    And sort of related: “Music for a Darkened Theatre”, collections of Danny Elfman’s film music, especially Volume 1, even though Volume II has six times the number of tracks (and yet still no “Desperate Housewives” theme!)

  • Veronica Beats

    Ohh nice stereolab song!
    If you like Stereolab, you will love Broadcast.
    Broadcast may be a bit more droney and repetitious though.
    I suggest the album entitled “Tender Buttons” by: Broadcast

  • Stereo Lab song was OK. but this song from my list is better and in the same style. It’s just a better song with a great chorus.

    Best Motownish Pop Song, Camera Obscura “French Navy” (myspace).

  • I have played some Broadcast
    but not for years
    I will check that album, I have not heard it

  • Ron Bulla

    “Flip Flop And Fly” by Bill Haley and the Comets. Can’t find my list of new stuff I was saving for you, Paul. Maybe next week. Wasn’t aware Hoyt Axton growled. Greatness.
    As always, loved the show. You bring joy to S.E Missouri.

  • thanks everybody
    another fun night of music and conversation
    see you next week