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Chat and Blog with Paul Slavens during 90.1 at Night

by Paul Slavens 12 Jul 2009 6:28 PM

Hi, and welcome to tonight’s blog, just click on the title and add your comments to the blog.  I especially love to hear your suggestions for songs or artists that you would like to share with others on the show.  I also enjoy your tasteful comments.    Great to have you along ! Lets blog ! […]


Hi, and welcome to tonight’s blog, just click on the title and add your comments to the blog.  I especially love to hear your suggestions for songs or artists that you would like to share with others on the show.  I also enjoy your tasteful comments.    Great to have you along ! Lets blog !

Karen Dalton – “When a Man Loves a Woman – In My Own Time
Koop -“Soul for Sahib” –Waltz for Koop
Randy Newman -“It’s Lonely at the Top – Sail Away
Radiohead -“Everything In Its Right Place” –KID A

Daniel Johnston – “My Yoke Is Heavy” – Don’t Be Scared
Kronos “Liszt at the Grave of Richard W” – At the Grave of Richard Wagner
Ken Nordine -“Yellow”- Colors
Emily Haines, “Soft Skeleton Doctor” – Blind Knives Don’t Have your Back

Robyn Hitchcock – “Madonna of the Wasps” –  Queen Elvis
Raphael Mendez – “Tico Tico”  The Legendary Trumpet Virtuosity of
Rafael Méndez Volume I

William Shatner–  “Ideal Woman,” Has Been
Laura Nyro, “Stoned Soul Picnic,” Eli and the 13 Confessions

St Vincent -“The Stranger” – Actor
Lee Hazlewood – “Summerwine”  –Nancy and Lee

Imogen Heap – “Just for Now” – Speak for Yourself
Ray Price -“Release Me”- Essential
Sun Ra & his Arkestra -“Medicine for a Nightmare”- Greatest Hits:Easy

Modern Lovers– “Dignified and Old” Jonathan Richman Modern Lovers

Telegraph Canyon – “Dressed In Fight” – The Tide and the Current
She and Him -“I Thought I Saw Your Face Today” –Volume 1
Moog Cookbook – “Ain’t Talkin Bout Love” – Moog Cookbook Plays the 80s
Mel Torme– “Top Hat, White Ties & Tails” – MT sings Fred Astaire

Andrew Bird – Nomenclature – Noble Beast
Inkspots – “Whispering Grass [Dont Tell the Trees]” – The Inkspots
Del Castillo – “Anybody Wanna ” Del Castillo
Deerhoof -“MyPal FootFoot”-  My Pal Foot Foot

Talking Heads – Crosseyed and Painless – Remain in Light
Max Richter – “Untitled (Figures)” –  Memoryhouse
Faces–  “Miss Judy’s Farm”- Ronnie Wood Anthology
Jackson 5 -“Ben”- Greatest Hits

  • Mountainsmith

    Dig up some old and new Shake Russell and Dana Cooper-

    You’ve got a Lover
    Traveling Texas
    Deep in the West
    Songs on the Radio

    You rock btw!
    Are you a local to DfW?

    • I am denton proud !! lived here for the last 25 years

      thanks for the Shake Russel etc
      heard of them but never heard them
      excellent, I will go looking this week

      my favorite band doing the ultimate Shaggs cover, its like a dream come true

  • I will get things started
    take a look at the playlist
    any questions?

  • Mike W

    ha! My Pal Foot Foot
    the greatness of the Shaggs
    good selection

    • Amie Campbell

      I’d like to sing songs and slap five with ya!

      • all in good time my pretty

        • Jeff ryan

          Never knew d Johnston did this originally. Good choice

          • that is one of the most beautiful songs I know
            he is a genius just for that one gem
            the sparklehorse version is pretty great too

          • Jeff ryan

            Love this song!!!!

  • jobo mojo

    who’s on first?

  • Ryan M

    Imogen Heap has a fantastic new song out from her forthcoming album Ellipse. Check it out on her website I believe there’s a link…

    I will see you next Monday at Dan’s!

    Ryan M
    Houston, TX

    • Weary traveler

      I plan my vacations in such a way that I will be returning to the 90.1 @ night broadcast area by 8:00. I cut it super close tonight but luckily didn’t miss a beat. Thanks Paul! You make the radio button in my car worth it.

      • thanks, I always imagine someone listening in their car driving through the Texas night when I put together the show.

  • Ryan

    acid jazz is awesome as the sun sets-try some greyboy allstars; unwind your mind is a great track.

    • cool, i will investigate

      • Cliff

        Weird seeing the playlist and knowing what’s coming in advance. Well, I guess that’s how we roll now on teh internets.

        You can’t ever get too much Geggy Tah or Soul Coughing. I’d love to hear some in future shows.

        And check out the Youngblood Brass Band for some awesome horns. Especially “Brooklyn” and “Camouflage” from Center:Level:Roar

        That Daniel Johnston was certainly… something. Keep bringing us the unexpected!

        • yeah, I debated whether or not to post the list
          I know that there is a certain pleasure to not knowing what is going to come up next
          guess you could just avert your eyes.

          thanks for these suggestions, things I have and have heard but have not played for a long time, perfect !

  • Amanda

    How many of your selections for the show are songs or artists introduced to you by friends, i.e “Oh man you’ve got to hear this!”?

    Do you often hear music in a building or on a commercial and obsess to find the artist?


    • one of the main reasons I was so excited to do the live blogging is that I have always relied heavily on the suggestions that I got from listener emails over the years. Now those suggestions can be shared in real time.
      I have had my musical universe expanded a hundredfold in the last 5 years. That is why I am always asking for suggestions. Its the lifeblood of the show.
      I sometimes hear things when Im out and about. Usually its when I visit someones home and they play music.
      Just listened to some great old Ray Charles recordings I hadnt heard last night at my friends house.

  • Yay Robyn! Talk about chiming guitars. Luv it.

  • Big Al

    Ben? I remember seeing the movie when I was (like) 6 years old. Such a sad movie ending for a young child. I remember the song being sad, maybe that’s just ’cause of the movie though.Poor Ben…*sigh*

    • wasnt it Willard?
      the movie about the killer rats?

      • Big Al

        There were two rat movies. I think Willard was the sequel. If I remember correctly, Willard was in the movie Ben, and survived to star in his own movie. lol

      • Big Al

        “Ben” is definitely the better of the two rat movies, plus it had an original theme song by MJ .

        • hbelknap

          Woot ! I am enjoying the set tonight Paul …
          1st time blogger long time listener haha..

          – a suggestion XTC – Summers Cauldron – or anything from Skylarking

          – also i enjioyed last weeks show when you were off – did you pick the set list then as well ? or was the Jeanie (sp?)


          • I did not pick that excellent set out
            in fact I got to listen to her do the show as I drove in from Nebraska
            as I came over the mountain in Arbuckle I tuned in all the way to Denton
            she does a good job doesnt she !!

            thanks for the suggestions
            I have that stuff and would be glad to spin some next week

          • That’d be the fabulous Gini Mascorro.

          • hbelknap

            Cool thanks Paul and Anne

  • Much Prop’s on the blog/track listing format 🙂 wish more people would pick/up on this medium similar to ustream…It’s a kicka55 change to the Dallas over saturated Dallas market of manufactured tracks., that repeat over-and-over all day long….

    Have you checked out any Ladytron (new – Velocifero), Morcheeba, or kosheen…Bt also just came out with a new cd “Rose of Jericho” (BT’s Deus Ex Machina Album Mix)


    • I agree, I think this is the way of the future radio show
      I love the interaction, its what Ive dreamed of since I started doing it

      gotta admit I was not blown away by the Ladytron
      I have it, maybe I should give it another listen? any track suggestions?

      theres new Morchheeba ? I am hit and miss on them

      • Morcheeba, not that I know of. (they came out with a cd awhile back but I never got a change to listen to it)..but Ladytron the song is called ghosts (on the new cd) and then listen to the remix (Blestenation Mix) ….but there older stuff…is def. in the mix as well…. I also recommend La Roux – In for the Kill that just came out…

  • Russ

    Ever find any David Bromberg?

    • not yet, but its been awhile since I looked
      I will give it another try

  • Caleb M

    Paul, have you heard much from the Japanese style of Shibuyakei? More well known artists include:
    Buffalo Daughter
    Towa Tei
    Pizzicato Five

    Less well known include:
    Yukari Fresh
    Flipper’s Guitar (before Keigo Oyamada became Cornelius)
    Cubismo Grafico
    Fantastic Plastic Machine

    These artists’ music would fit very well on this show, yet I never hear any of their music. If you’d like some specific song suggestions I would be glad to provide them.

    • Caleb M

      I forgot to also include:
      Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her (best artist name ever)
      Would-Be Goods
      Kahimi Karie
      …and many more

      Actually getting your hands on some of the music can be very difficult, as it’s either out of print or must be imported, but if you could put some Shibuyakei on here, that would be great!

      • I LOVE the Cornelius album “Point”
        one of my favorite albums of all time
        didnt know it fit into a known subgenre, this interests me greatly
        thanks so much for this information

        havent been quite as wild about his other recordings
        but now I have some fun music to check out

        oh yeah, I like Pizzicato 5 although they can be a bit cutesy for me

      • Caleb M

        Well, the genre itself is very broad and difficult to define. I’m not quite a big fan of the more cutesy artists like Pizzicato Five either (although they were fun at first but got old quick). The Trattoria Label, created by Keigo Yamada himself, was basically exclusively Shibuya-Kei. I have typically used this label as a guide for finding fresh new music (even though most of it was released in the 90’s). There’s a website that keeps a list of the Trattoria catalog, since it’s difficult to really find the info anywhere else. You can at least use it to find artist names, album names, and catalog ids:

        Good luck tracking down some new flavors of music for your program. =)

  • hbelknap

    *or was that Jeanie (spelling ?)

  • Mike W

    Ray Price followed by Sun Ra!

    not gonna get that kind of spread on many shows

  • Weary traveler

    I’m sure you know but I’ve never jeard them on your show. The Kingston Trio’s album: the New Frontier specifically ” some fool made a soldier of me”

    • great call
      it has been a long long time since I put them in the mix
      next week !!

      • dbx

        Hey man did you get the e-mail re: Ani diFranco; “light of some kind”?

  • Amanda

    This is such a good show. And thanks to everyone sharing their favorites- I need to know.

    • You are absolutely right !!!
      isnt it great to get turned on to new stuff !!

  • Cliff

    Thanks, Bob Moog, for your wonderful circuits!

  • Mike W

    not heard of Moog Cookbook

    this is a hilarious remake

  • hbelknap

    hey ! hey! hey ! “Ain’t Talkin Bout Love” – Moog Cookbook Plays the 80s – that was a blast .. love the Moog

  • I’d like to hear the Nonce, 90s hip hop.

  • “I am denton proud !! lived here for the last 25 years”

    Great! Find us some Good Foot! I loved them so much that, when they played a reunion concert in 1994, I skipped a night of classes at my police academy to attend it. Anyone have a line on any of their work? I have lost my single tape of their album “Strung Out On Beef, No Doubt.” They were especially active as a funk band in Denton in 1990, ’91.

    • I will look into it
      I know some of those cats are still hanging around Denton
      cant promise I will play any, its pretty esoteric local stuff

      • Actually, from that album, they even played some jazz standards (wth the Hung Low Horns) with a funk riff (“Take The A Train,” for instance.). But yeah, they had some original stuff like “Hippy Chick.” I was actually pretty closed-minded back then (Zappa was beyond my comprehension. Heck, he still is, for the most part.), so it must be fairly accessable for people to appreciate. 🙂

  • James L

    Oh, man. I always considered myself a pretty “well-read” jazz fan, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard Sun Ra…. I see I have much to learn…. thank you so much for the track!


    • believe me, I have been amazed time and time again that I had totally missed artists who were hugely popular, or influential.
      All Im sayin is that there is no way to hear everthing there is out there.
      Old and new, local and international. Its a wonderful endless adventure of discovery
      thanks for being part of it.

  • Weary traveler

    Paul, think you’ll be given a spot on the new 91.7? I can’t think of a person more qualified and it would be a blessing on the bland airwaves of dfw. If you haven’t been offered I’m officially requesting you get a daily show. And if any of ya’ll agree chime in and be heard/seen!

    • Cliff

      Hear, hear!

    • Oh, how I blasted the Program Director by letter when KERA left its old music format. To his credit, Jeff L. sent me a very nice, reasoned response. But why oh why can’t we go back to the wonderment that was KERA Overnight, at least? Kim Corbich (sp?) would play some completely bizarre stuff that I’d never heard of, and couldn’t find anyone else (except for other KERA night listeners) who had heard of it, either.

      I’ll have to agree that Paul Slavens would be the rightful successor to that throne, should KERA get back on track and ditch BBC at night. (Bah.) We who work deep nights would be in heaven.

      That said, I’m about to switch over to 89.3 FM to catch Weird Warren Harris’ “Sonic Burrito,” from 11P to Midnight. 🙂

      • Oops, I meant to say from 10P to Midnight. (every Sunday night.). Just now starting.

      • Seems to be a bunch of Michael Jackson from the ’70s. (Damn his little voice was a bright laser.)
        Now it’s Motown. I’m going to check out KNTU for Block Of Rock.

    • hbelknap

      yes indeed

      • The Sonic Burrito is a gem
        always an interesting listen

        Block of Rock is also a great show that is on after me on KNTU radio
        if you can get that Denton radio station

  • Caleb M

    Hahah, that MyPal FootFoot song was great. I’ve never heard of Deerhoof but I’m def gonna check them out now.

    • best …band…ever….
      well, one of em at least
      the Beatles were pretty good too.

  • Brent

    How about some Grace Jones from the Night Clubbing album or something a bit different.

    • Hey I’ll second that. I was perusing YouTube for disco today (in memory of the anniv. of ’79 disco demolition in chicago) and watched “Pull Up to the Bumper” all the way through.

    • I love her version of the Astor Piazolla Libertango
      she has a new album out too that is pretty darn good

  • hbelknap

    Great set tonight -as usual – i really look forward to each weeks show – Reminds me of when i was a kid in the 70’s my favorite station was KGOU out of the university in Norman – you never knew what you might hear.

    – Love this show –

    • Jeff ryan

      Great show, thanks for playing max richter.

  • stupe

    loved the show!

  • Ron Bulla

    I only now figured out how to blog to the show. I’ve been sending my messages to Facebook! I look forward to next week. Peace.