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Paul Slavens: Live Blogging for 5th Anniversary Show

by Paul Slavens 5 Jul 2009 5:13 PM

Hello, glad to have you along.  Tonite is my five year anniversary of hosting [email protected]!  It sure has been a great experience. I have been exposed to so much great music because of this show, and almost all of it has been because of  e-mail suggestions that listeners have sent me.   Now we have […]


Hello, glad to have you along.  Tonite is my five year anniversary of hosting [email protected]!  It sure has been a great experience. I have been exposed to so much great music because of this show, and almost all of it has been because of  e-mail suggestions that listeners have sent me.   Now we have this blog so that we can share the suggestions with everyone, even the ones I don’t get a chance to play.  Of course you can still e-mail me at [email protected], but I hope you will share with everyone.

I am breaking one of my rules tonite for my anniversary.  I get a lot of requests to play my music, I usually feel kinda icky about that , but tonite I will acquiesce.   Also, you may hear the number 5 a few times. That’s as close to a theme as you are likely to hear me get.

I hope you enjoy the show, cant wait to hear from you.


Luciana Souza “Satellite”  The New Bossa Nova
Thievery Corporation “The Outernationalist” Dub Anthology
Beach Boys “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times” Pet Sounds

sheandhimJackson 5 “I Want You Back” The Best of Jackson 5
She and Him “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here” Volume 1
John Williams “The Return Home” Star Wars soundtrack
John Prine “The Late John Garfield Blues” Great Days: The John Prine Anthology
Dirty Projectors “Remade Horizon” Bitte Orca
Ennio Morricone “Una Pistola per Ringo (A Pistol for Ringo)” Anthology
Bill & Belle Reed “Old Lady and the Devil” Folkways Anthology
Regina Spektor “Two Birds” Far
Dave Brubeck “Take 5” Take 5
Martha Wainwright “Towersong” I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too
The Rascals “Nubia” Anthology

cameraDallas Wind Symphony (Percy Grainger) “The Lost Lady Found” Lincolnshire Posy
Big Joe Turner “Roll ‘Em Pete” Anthology
Camera Obscura “Careless Love” My Maudlin Career
A R Rahman “Riots” Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack

Telegraph Canyon “Quiet Assurance” The Tide and the Current
Yo la Tengo “Aftermath” They Shoot We Score
Hoagy Carmichael “The Aba Daba Honeymoon” The Essential Collection
The Baptist Generals “500 League Reunion March” No Silver/No Gold
Chameleon Chamber Group “Blue Danube”
Paul Slavens “Lucy” Alphabet Girls
Paul Slavens “Fugue on Bb”

ziggyBrian Eno “The Fat Lady of Limbourg” Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy
Frank Zappa “Lemme Take You to the Beach” Studio Tan
David Bowie “Five years” The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

  • Mike W

    been listening from the start

    can’t believe it’s been five years!

    time’s fun when you’re having flies

    • I still do every monday at Dans Silverleaf
      and every tuesday at Lolas 6th street in FTW

  • it is hard to believe its been 5 years
    I still love doing the show, what a great experience

    • Francois

      Good evening Paul and happy B’day to your show….
      So you are on monday at Dan’s ? I love that place…
      Bonne soiree !
      Francois in FTW

    • Mike R

      Happy 5th, Head Hunchman! I’m listening as always.


    • I wasnt sold on the Dirty Projectors for a long time
      the guys voice takes a while to get used to
      but now I am pretty amazed by them
      whaddaya think?

  • Ryan M

    I’m a recent fan of the Slavens, but having seen his live show and seeing his eclectic, but awesome taste in music, I can see myself becoming a regular listener.

  • Francois

    I will stop by and say HI, and bring some CD’s…

  • Howdy Paul, I am so happy your show exists! I wish it were every night! Happy 5th on this the 5th! Keep rocking my ear off, I will be listening all night and for the next 25 years too ! XO

  • Lauren B

    KERA’s music is what made me a listener in High School in 1986. As the music has been traded for talk, I’ve clung to every vestige I could find on KERA. . Paul’s show honors the best of what has made KERA’s music worth seeking out. You’ll hear things you’ll NEVER hear anywhere else and Paul is the perfect D.J. to hold this sacred space. Thanks Paul for everything you’ve done for the last 5, and look forward to the next 500. It’s been an amazing journey with you.

    • I have been hearing lots of good things about Mr. Tinker
      I have not heard any of his music
      hopefully he sends me a copy soon.

      • jim

        I will try to contact ‘Mr. Andrew Tinker’ and have him bring you a CD, but if you don’t see him soon, you should consider going to Recycled Books or iTunes and purchasing it. MyDentonMusic and the Dallas Observer have recently had positive reviews of ‘It Takes the World.’

  • Yolette

    I send congratulations to you on your 5th year of playing great music on 90.1. It’s a pleasure listening to you.

    Your first pick tonight by Souza reminds me to ask if at some point your could play anything of Bebel Gilberto and her album “Tanto Tempo?”
    Thanks, Paul and keep up the dynamic work.

  • Stephen Becker

    Paul —
    I wonder if you could wager a guess at which artist you think you have played the most during your five years? You mix it up so much that I am sure it would be hard to say. But I wonder if there is someone out there who you feel you lean toward more often than others?

  • the Puntiff

    How about some We Five? Were they a one-hit wonder, or did they have other hits besides “You Were on My Mind”? I’d love to hear more of their music.
    Congratulations and enjoy celebrating your 5th on the 5th!

  • I have sure spun my share of Bebel Gilberto over the years
    but probably Nina SImone, Tom Waits, Ken Nordine, Frank Zappa and Django are top spinners
    I make a very conscious effort to not play tracks more than once or twice a year, and artists no more than 3 or 4 times a year
    except for local stuff , which gets special treatment

  • Brad Ellis

    Happy 5th Anniversary!
    Enjoying the music as always. I also wish you were on every night.

  • chipg

    Paul, congrats on 5 years. Seems like it just started. Great program so far tonight!

    Great local guy to check out if you have not is Tim Miller. “Who I Am” is a good cut.

    There are two cuts of the same track on the CD–I think one is a “hidden” one.

    Another formerly local guy who moved down to Wimberly but plays around town occasionally is David Byboth–“Dave and Louene” and “Engineer’s Song” are both favorites from his debut CD.

  • its hard enough just putting together one show a week
    but its a nice thought
    anybody have any suggestions for me
    I need fresh music
    Im like a zombie who needs music instead of brains

  • Stephen Becker

    Paul – I would suggest Austin’s Asylum Street Spankers. I went to their Granada show on Friday and they were very polished and fun as always. They have a new album coming out this fall, so I would say watch out for that one. The instrumentation in their band is interesting.

  • the Asylum Street Spankers
    but of course
    I knew Whammo when he lived in Dallas 20 years ago
    I remember seeing his band Klang at the 500 club on Exposition
    guess Im showing my age

    • Jeff ryan

      Congrats on 5 years Paul. Loved it since day one. Great show tonight , as always.

  • Andrew Hime

    Don’t take five, take what you want!

  • Brad Ellis

    You have said that my suggestions are hard to track down, this one should not be too hard. I used to listen to Steve Miller before the Joker album. He really rocked before that.
    Try “My Dark Hour”. I enjoyed his work with Boz Scaggs.

    • sounds good
      I know that there was some good stuff back before the megahits

      I have been trying to track down a CD of Boz doing Kurt Weill songs
      ever heard of it?

  • jim

    I think Polyphonic Spree did a cover of David Bowie’s Five Years at some point and released it as a single.

  • Brad Ellis

    Boz doing Kurt Weill songs
    Have not heard of that CD but I will look into it.

  • Dang, Paul, I wish I’d caught on to the request scenario. I should have asked for a “dedication” to Bill on the occasion of being featured in “True Romance”! I think it would have been “Montegues and Capulets” (aka Dance of the Knights) from Prokofiev’s R & J. That, or, you know, some Bollywood track!

    It is nice to have you at KERA, Paul, and here’s to the next five years. Even though I am most definitely a core listener of KERA in its news/info incarnation, I also miss the days of discovering new music and artists on KERA in the early 1990’s, when we first came to Dallas. We look forward to your role at the new 91.7 offshoot, whatever it may be.

  • congrats on all your success!!

    oh, and anytime you wanna play bat for lashes or regina spektor, i would definitely not be complaining but rather probably dancing around all happy like 🙂 oh yeah, and feel free to play that cool local band…chameleon chamber group, anytime!. yeah 🙂

  • Thomas Orange

    Requests for next week:

    1. Mood Ring – Root Boy Slim & The Sex Change Band
    2. Ready to Die – The Stooges
    3. Rich Kids Blues – Terry Reid
    4. Hit It and Quit It – Funkadelic

    Thank you.