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Paul Slavens: Welcome to My First Live Blogging Show 6.21.2009

by Paul Slavens 21 Jun 2009 6:46 PM

Hi ! This is our first night of blogging. Here is the playlist for tonite. Got any ideas for music or artists that you want to share ? Let me know your suggestions, and tasteful comments. Lets have some fun tonite! Martha Wainwright –“Bleeding All Over You” –I Know Your Married But I Have Feelings […]


Hi !
This is our first night of blogging. Here is the playlist for tonite.
Got any ideas for music or artists that you want to share ?
Let me know your suggestions, and tasteful comments.
Lets have some fun tonite!

Martha Wainwright –“Bleeding All Over You” –I Know Your Married But I Have Feelings Too
Wes Montgomery — “Eleanor Rigby”– Greatest Hits
Aaron Neville— “Tell It Like It Is”– The Very Best Of
Ruth Etting— “Could I, I Certainly Could” — Ten Cents A Dance
Dirty Projectors –“Two Doves” — Bitte Orca
Ray Manzerak “The Roasted Swan (Olim Lacus Colueram)”  Carmina Burana
Jackson Browne— “Doctor My Eyes” —Jackson Browne
Kaki King — Life Being What It Is —Dreaming of Revenge

Bosque Brown –“Texas Sun”– Baby
Washington Phillips –“Paul and Silas in Jail”  — I Am Born to Preach the Gospel
The Boxtops— The Letter the letter /neon rainbow
Luciana Souza— God Only Knows– The New Bossa Nova
Nina Simone– “Black Is The Colour Of My True Love’s Hair Jaffa Remix” –Verve Remix2
Nick Lowe –“Endless Sleep” — The New Best Of
Camera Obscura— “James”–  My Maudlin Career
Dan Auerbach –“Trouble Weighs A Ton”– Keep It Hid
Pogo “Symphony #69”  Broken Beats
Nancy Wilson— “My Foolish Heart”– Four Decades Of Music
Fight Bite— “Swissex Lover” — Emerald Eyes
Ray Charles –“Eleanor Rigby”– Anthology
Bon Iver— “Lump Sum” — For Emma Forever Ago
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy –“How Big Can You Get” —How Big Can You Get
Enon –“Diamond Raft”– High Society
Big Star –“She’s A Mover” #1 Record/Radio city
Jackson C Frank –“Blues Run The Game”– Blues Run the Game
Robert Johnson—  “Sweet Home Chicago”– King of the Delta Blues Singers
Eno— “Bottom Liners”– Another Day on Earth
Charlie Christian Goodman–” Flying Home”– Genius of the Electric Guitar

  • Stephen Becker

    Wow — never heard Ray Charles do “Eleanor Rigby.” And I can’t say I can imagine it either, which makes the thought of hearing it all the better. Good pick

  • Play “Misty” for me. ;P

  • had a couple people wanted to hear alternate versions of eleanor rigby
    I found 2
    anybody know any others that are good?

  • Mike W

    I’m trying not to peek at the playlist
    one of the best parts of this show is not knowing what
    comes next
    happy father’s day Paul

    • Re: Eleanor Rigby–um, muzak?

      • wes montgomery
        its smooth alright, but the guy is a legend
        surely a cut above muzak, but I hear what your saying
        I will try to dig up some Black Sabbath for you ; }

    • Bill K

      agreed. the mix is half of the fun!

  • I definitely thought about that aspect of posting the playlists
    there is a certain fun to the mystery of what will come next

  • allison green

    i am making my dad listen to your show. don’t suck. 😉

  • PeterJ

    i like the blog and having the playlist to look at. i have already been to Martha Wainright’s site and just kinda working my way through the list while listening. great idea. Happy Fathers day Dads! P.S. i have never known this show to suck… ever. 🙂

    • Anna

      I like having the playlist too and I’m doing the same thing as Peter – looking stuff up while listening 🙂 Very cool.

      • make sure and share if you find anything good.

  • Anna

    Love ‘Doctor my eyes’ :)! thank you…

    re. the previous song ” The Roasted Swan”, I am always mightily irritated by songs whose titles make no sense – you have any idea why this is called “The Roasted Swan” ?

    • my borhter requested the Jackson Browne
      he used to listen to it all the time when I was a kid.
      I got one of his JB tee shirts when he outgrew it, I would wear it to school and feel cool

      listen on air for an explanation on the Manzerek

      • Anna

        Thank you 🙂 Also for some future show could you play ‘Hide and Seek’ by Imogen Heap?

      • I love me some Imogen
        I will see if I can mix it in next time

        • Matty Dunlap

          have u ever heard of a band called Neutral Milk Hotel? They have a really cool album: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. You should check it out.

          • I have played a few cuts off that record, but dont mind playing another
            thanks for the suggestion

  • Paula Schell

    Wow. Loved both the Nina Simone and the Nick Lowe……encroyable. *sigh*

  • George & Veronica B

    Good evening and you have always played some great stuff and we are so happy to hear of 91.7 coming in the Fall!

    Will you move from 90.1 to 91.7?

    Keep playing Zappa – Let Me Take You To The Beach!

    Great summer song!

    • Jeff Ryan

      that camera obscura song is amazing! whole record is good really. thanks for playing that.

    • I would love to play LEmme take you to the beach
      one of my favorite zappa songs
      I will be gone next week, but I will definitely play it the floowing week
      I dont need much of an excuse to spin Zappa !

  • Matty Dunlap

    have u ever heard of a band called Neutral Milk Hotel? they have this way cool album: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. if u haven’t heard them before, u should totally check them out.

  • Naples, Florida is listening to you. I love you.

  • Hey Paul,
    Guess you were right about taking down Stephen’s blog post from Friday announcing tonight’s blogging. It’s getting some comments as well, including this one from JimJam: Any chance of hearing some billy cobham/george duke? Wow what a concert they put on in G’ville, fla.

    • no problem
      this is fun
      its great to have an easy way to converse and get the whole thing interacting, its always been my desire to have the show be very interactive.

  • Kay

    Pogo was delightfully strange.

    My music suggestion is Portisthead’s Third. There is so much goodness there.

    • I have it and will pick something out for next time
      thanks a bunch

  • Mike W

    Dan Auerbach is the guitar/vocalist half of the Black Keys

    • oh yeah, I remember being told that now.
      lots of folks like him. I am still getting to know his stuff
      do you like it better than the black keys
      maybe I should play some of them again.

      • Mike W

        this is the first I’ve heard of his solo work
        any of the Black Keys albums are strong though

      • His latest solo effort is solid, although there’s a a couple clunkers.
        Nice addendum to the Black Keys vibe.

  • just as a test, can you all see this comment?
    just reply to this comment if you can see me.
    thanks, working out the bugs on the first night

    • Kay

      I can see you

    • yes. great show!

    • Mike W

      you’ve been seen

    • thanks just checking

  • make sure you chime in with your list of suggestions
    got a lot of this weeks music from facebook suggestions
    but I would love to get some ideas from this blog
    what MUST i check out ?

    • A few suggestions: Royksopp, The Knife, Eleni Mandell, The Pillows, and Jonathan Coulton.

  • Jim Jam

    Hey Paul, found the portal in! Any chance you might play some billy cobham/george duke? Saw them in concert once in G;ville, fla, WOW what a concert.


    • glad you made it in
      log time listener first time blogger , right?
      I can try to find, I know I have a billy cobham record somewhere
      I seem to remember a tune called Puffinstuff
      ring a bell?

  • clementine

    i heart you!
    i hope you get your own show on the new station.
    you are so fantastic.
    will you please play some bullion?
    specifically the song: Time For Us All To Love.

    • I am hearting you in a reciprocal fashion
      as Yoda says,”always in motion, the Future is”
      never heard of bullion
      I will check it out

  • Gideon S.

    That Fight Bite track was *amazing*, it had a sort of 4AD sound to it, thanks a lot!

  • Jim Jam

    Yep, long time listener 🙂

    Saw Billy and George together in a concert in Fla, was one of the 2 or 3 best I ever saw, another being Led Zep on their first American tour… Always had a fondness for Willie too, 🙂

    Best to you Paul!

  • ricko

    hey, paul –

    think my initial comment got stuck in some parallel blogiverse. enjoying your show, as always. would you work some richard buckner (maybe goner w/ souvenir off his since album) in when you see the right spot?

    thanks mucho.

  • Jim Jam

    Whoya! Love Robert Johnson. Did I hear he had a recording session in Dallas?

    • allison green

      yes indeedy!

  • I dont think I did know that about R Johnson
    I will look into all of your suggestions
    thanks everybody, this is great fun !

  • Shelagh

    Hi P. Slavens,

    I think my comment got lost also (so sorry if this comes up twice on everyone else’s computer), but just wanted to say I really like KERA and especially your show. I am new to Denton and was wondering if you play every Monday at Dan’s Silver Leaf or just last Monday. Hope to see it sometime…


    • every monday night at Dans 11pm
      every tuesday at Lolas ^th street in FW 11pm
      come out and say hi
      welcome to Denton , my home sweet home

  • That was amazing…i how you get you a new show on the new station…