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by Anne Bothwell 3 Nov 2008 9:57 AM

What happens when ’80s music videos are resung with lyrics that explain what’s happening in the scenes? Well, for one thing, not much work gets done here at Art&Seek HQ. Under the Bridge Head Over Heels Take on Me Happy Monday! And thanks to David and Jennifer for clueing me in.

  • Thanks..those were great!

  • jleon

    You guys should know that Under the Bridge was early 90’s, not 80’s. Shame, shame…I think you should include Girls, Girls, Girls. Motley Crue always did a great job of having their lyrics correspond with action. And it may only be me, but I’ve never made heads or tails of Take Me On. It always seemed like a mash up of cliche romance lyrics. It’s a great song, but those lyrics give me tired head.

  • Stephen Becker

    In case you are looking for more of these, I’ll throw out this excellent entry for U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”. U2 + Las Vegas = plenty of funny.

  • Anne

    Hey Jleon,
    Thanks and you’re right, shoulda known better. But ’80s or ’90s, that video is worthy of this treatment. Slo-mo pecs!

  • These are great fun. They also show how convoluted the original videos and lyrics were. And this was the 80’s and 90’s.
    Today’s best videos and lyrics, aren’t even worth enough to make fun of.
    When rock becomes everything it started out opposing, maybe its time to oppose rock.