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Get the Special ‘Mummy Wrap’ at the Spa

by Jerome Weeks 30 Sep 2008 10:08 AM

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has compiled a list of the ‘King Tut’ packages and attractions offered by Dallas’ fancier downtown hotels, including the “Bare Bones Package” at the Adolphus and the “Tutini” cocktail at the W Hotel.

  • Ms. Tiggs:

    Thanks for commenting.

    You’re characterizing the site based on three posts from a single day. One of those posts, I should add, was intended as a deadpan comment on the lavish packages tied to the King Tut exhibition (note the headline). I didn’t think hammering the obvious was necessary. Another one of the postings, the clip from the LATimes, is actually one item in a series of posts about arts policies in the current presidential campaign as well as the troubles on Wall Street and their possible effects on the arts, information I’ve found nowhere else in Dallas-Fort Worth media.

    As for sophisticated or literate discussions on the arts in North Texas, you might consider this item about the raft of new arts managers in town and the history of the Dallas Theater Center. Or this one about the profit vs. nonprofit considerations behind the King Tut exhibition at the DMA. And there’s this freewheeling discussion about the possible limitations imposed on contemporary female artists.

    As for in-depth reviews of individual works or shows (like the Kimbell’s Impressionists exhibition), you should turn to our feature section (the top center portion of Art & Seek’s front page), where all the reviews and feature stories appear.

    And, of course, we welcome any future postings you may wish to contribute to the ongoing discussions of the arts here in North Texas.

  • SandraTiggs

    I’m sorely disappointed that in true Dallas style, what I hoped would be a stimulating, adroit blog on the Arts in Dallas turned out to be, so far, a clip from an LA writer, an advertisement for corporate pandering to our local Schmoozeum, and a tiny yet well-written entry about The Swell Season. This blog is endemic to the reason the Arts in Dallas are suffering. The community doesn’t care enough to CARE for our Art Scene with sophisticated, literate blogs, challenging new pieces, or an open mindedness that fails us in most avenues of Dallas society. I promise…if every theater offered spa tickets with their season subscriptions or a bloody mirror, Dallasites would jump all over it. Dallas Arts suffer because Dallas residents are too busy looking at themselves to look to performance.