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Erykah Badu makes the music video of the year

by David Okamoto 28 Jan 2008 1:44 PM

Yes, it’s only January – but once you watch Erykah Badu pay tribute to classic R&B/funk/hip-hop album covers by Eric B and Rakim, Grace Jones, De La Soul and Minnie Riperton in the dazzling new video for “Honey,” you will agree with the statement above. Watch “Honey” by clicking on the TV icon here and […]

  • Jerome Weeks

    Funny. Erykah dismisses the “neo-soul” label when it’s still applied to her, yet this very clever music video references George Clinton’s Maggotbrain album, Grace Jones, the Ohio Players, Chaka Khan and Diana Ross — along with, yes, the Beatles and the Grateful Dead, among others. If the video was intended to indicate (honor) the full range of her ’60s influences, it mostly re-emphasizes her soul updates … although I didn’t catch any nod to Sly Stone, but perhaps I just missed that one.

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