Arts & Crafts

Are you driven to create something (or just interested in seeing the handy work of others)? Check out our highlights on this page and be sure to find more events by clicking the Places, Crafts and Fairs links below.

Arts & Culture Advocacy

Are you an arts supporter looking to take the next step? North Texas offers plenty of opportunities to support the arts through a number of worthwhile groups.

Arts Jobs, Opportunities

Looking for work in the arts? A fellowship, residency or internship? Or a chance to volunteer and give back to the arts community? These listings are for you. And if you have a job or opportunity that you'd like to let us know about, simply let us know by submitting it as an event in the Art&Seek calendar. We'll be happy to post it.

Auditions, Entries & Contests

Calling all artists, musicians, dancers, writers, and other creative types! Please check here regularly for auditions, competitions, and other calls to greatness! And tell your friends. If your arts groups has an audition, a call for entries, or a contest you'd like to list on the Art&Seek calendar, please submit your event via the link at the bottom of this page.

Books, Lectures & Readings

Whether reading them yourself or listening to someone speak them, words have the power to move us and call us to action. This page lists our staff picks for upcoming events, and please be sure to click on links to Places, Authors & Events and other categories provided below for all of our listings.

Classes & Workshops

Art is often an affair of the heart. If you've always wanted to... then why not start? Below are some suggestions of upcoming classes and workshops. For more choices, follow the links for acting, art, crafts, culinary arts, dance, film & video, music, and writing. Looking for something that doesn't fit neatly into one of those areas? Try "All Classes & Workshops." If you'd prefer to see only the classes or workshops offered in your geographic region, please follow the link for "places," and go from there!

Colleges & Universities

Our local colleges and universities are the breeding grounds for the next generation of great artists. Lucky for us, we have plenty of opportunities to check them out while they are still on the rise. Listed on this page are highlights of upcoming events. For more choices, click the Places and Events links below.

Culinary Arts

Whether you want to perfect a cooking technique or just sample the labors of a kitchen pro, North Texas provides a plethora of food and drink events. Listed on this page are some highlights, while all happenings can be found by clicking the Places and Events links below.

Dallas Arts District

If it's an arts event happening at one of the Dallas Arts District venues, you'll be able to read all about it here.


Do you fancy yourself a dancer? Or are you more comfortable sitting back and watching the elegance and grace of others? Either way, dance is a vibrant art form in our area. Listed on this page are highlights of upcoming events, while our complete listings can be found by clicking the Places, Ballet, Jazz & Tap, etc. links below.

Festivals & Special Events

With sunny and warm weather nearly year round, North Texas is an ideal location for outdoor festivals. And even when it's cold and rainy, there are still plenty of special events taking place inside. Listed on this page are highlights of upcoming event, while our complete listings can be found by clicking the Places, Conferences, Conventions & Symposia, etc. links below.

Film, Video & TV

Beyond the week's big Hollywood movie, North Texas provides a full landscape of repertory films, film and video festivals and locally produced television events. Check out our highlights on this page, and be sure to click the Places and Events links below for our complete listings.

Fort Worth Arts

Featured arts-related events around Fort Worth.


Feeling the economy's pinch? Don't let that keep you from indulging and expressing your creativity! Here are some suggested events. Just browse for others!

Galleries, Art Walks, Tours

Visual art is more than what is on display in big museums. With our abundance of galleries, there are plenty of opportunities to catch and artist on the rise, take in an established artist you're unfamiliar with or even purchase their work to take home with you. On this page are highlights of current events, and while you are here, be sure to click the Places, Art Walks & Tours, Galleries, etc. links below for our complete listings.

KERA Events

KERA members receive discounts at arts and cultural events when they show their current KERA Member Rewards Card. If you'd like to receive discounts, please join us.

Kids & Family-Friendly

Studies increasingly point to the importance of the arts in the development of the brain's neural pathways, deductive reasoning, and, of course, creative thinking! Sharing the arts with a child can leave one of the most lasting impressions, and can be among your most enjoyable experiences. For the young -- and the young at heart -- here are some events we suggest. For more choices, please make a selection from the links below. Literally hundreds of events await you! Many of them are free, or are offered at a minimal cost.


Here is a list of upcoming concerts that may be of special interest to KXT listeners.


Are you a reader? Our local libraries offer the chance for book lovers to get together to pursue their common interests. This page features highlighted events, while many more can be found by clicking the Places and Events links below.

Museums & Attractions

North Texas is populated with many top-notch museums, focusing on everything from art to history, nature to aviation. We've listed highlights of current exhibitions on this page, and be sure to click on the Places, Art, Children, etc. links below for a complete look at upcoming events.

Music, Classical

Below are some suggested classical music events in the realms of chamber, instrumental, opera, symphonic, or vocal music.For more options, select the specific type of classical music you're interested in... or choose "All Music, Classical" to see all classical music events currently listed on the Art&Seek calendar. Only want to see the events near you? Then start with "Places," and drill down from there!

Music, Popular

Whether you are looking for touring acts coming to the area or local musicians playing in their hometowns, you've come to the right place. This page features some highlights of upcoming performances, while our complete listings can be found by clicking on the link for the style of music below.

Nature & Science

North Texas is full of opportunities to learn about our surroundings, whether at a wildlife center, nature preserve or one of our science museums. This page features highlights of upcoming events, while complete listings can be found by clicking the Places and Events links below.

Opening Receptions

Be the first to get a look at new gallery exhibitions.

Theater, Drama & Comedy

With dozens of theater companies and several college programs, North Texans are constantly treated to top-flight stage productions. This page highlights some current and upcoming shows, while a complete list of all performances can be found by clicking the Places, Children's Theater, Comedy, Drama,. etc. links below.

Visual Arts

Whether its painting or sculpture, photography or video installations, North Texas has a home for all disciplines of visual artistry in one of our many museums and galleries. Highlights of current and upcoming exhibitions are shown on this page, while complete listings can be found by clicking the links to specific genres below.