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Jackson's Dance and Theatre Co.

VOTED NUMBER 1 Dance Studio in Plano by Local Star Media! What if I told you that there was a Dance Studio that required no dance recital or costume fees; that concentrated on the performance...

Jackson's Dance and Theatre Co.

VOTED NUMBER 1 Dance Studio in Plano by Local Star Media!

What if I told you that there was a Dance Studio that
required no dance recital or costume fees; that concentrated on the performance
experience for children and adults alike? Would you believe it? Jackson's Dance
& Theatre Company views the way dance and theater are taught through a
whole new lens. They have eliminated the word, "recital" for a start, and
instead offer original shows in which the students themselves contribute and
build. This venue's added bonus is that it uses live bands instead of track music!
This is a dance experience in a new and exciting package. Instead of a
one-night recital of repetitive dance moves, each student walks through a
performance that will live in their memory for years to come. This new approach
has turned the recital industry on its head by making the spotlight of the
student's passion the core of their performance education. The man behind the
concept is owner Jackson Foltyn who has taken his vision and made it reality,
and he's done it right here in Plano, TX.

Jackson Foltyn, a recording artist, "Graceland Approved" Elvis Tribute Artist, and touring entertainer opened Jackson's Dance &
Theatre Co, last year. Located on Spring Creek Pkwy at Coit road, it is at the
very heart of Plano. "We are INFO-tainment and we have broken the mold of the
cookie cutter dance studio," Foltyn, a native New Yorker, says. We bring the
family back to the forefront. We offer parents and their children dance
classes, musical theatre classes and cardio classes, because performing art
requires fitness. With the high number of children and adults with obesity
problems. We've thrown out the need to lead a video game lifestyle, and
replaced it with creativity for the mind and a barrage of dance forms to burn
fat. Most importantly we don't try to fleece parents with expensive recital
fees or costume fees, just so their kids can participate."

Foltyn's belief is that you don't buy your way into
performing, but rather work to earn your way to the stage. All of this makes
the job of the instructor more demanding, yet rewarding. "Most children will
not be performers when they grow up. Yet performing will help them in the long
run when they are ready to get their first job interview or just to be
confident and learn how to communicate with people," Foltyn says. Is this
risky? Of course, its never been done before! We've done the about face with
recitals . . . We perform shows." Picture that if you will . . . jackson's Dance & Theatre Co. does original productions where the students are credited as "original
cast members" making it a collaboration they have a stake in.

Prosper resident Judy Barnes has been bringing her daughter
Laura, 10, to Jackson's studio for the past several months and it didn't take
her long to realize the instructors are exactly what Laura needed to perfect
her tap dancing. "The teaching style is unbelievable," said Mrs. Barnes. "The
pace is a lot faster. It keeps their attention, and no pun intended, keeps them
on their toes." Rich Milam says, "For new Plano homeowners looking to find a
creative outlet for their children, or simply improve on their dance and
theatrical abilities, it comes as welcome news that Jackson's Dance &
Theatre Co. is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking studios in the
entire Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Expansion! Franchising! "That," says Foltyn, "is the
ultimate goal. We try to stay innovative with different strategies, to help
people understand who we are and what we are, and by doing so help the student
discover their needs and interests. No service goes unexplored. We have the
tools, the individual, young or old, brings the imagination. That's why we're
here - melding the children and the adults together and building a theater for
them -It's the best of both worlds." When Foltyn asks, Can I have this dance?" leap into his world for a minute, and I think you'll find it will soon become