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The Cliff Gallery of Mountain View College is honored to present Tenuous, work by Dallas based artists Iris Bechtol, Kristen Cochran, Nic Mathis.

 Reception, Friday, October 18, 2019, 7-9 p.m., exhibition on display through Nov. 1. 

Artists make work. This is what we do or try to do. Oftentimes out of necessity, in most instances, it is purely because it is the way we live our lives. As an artist and curator, I am curious about how other artists make their way in the moment, in the unpredictability, tension, confusion, joys, anxiety, happenstance, and intentional acts that make up our days. The three artists exhibiting work in the Cliff Gallery this month are sweet examples of human beings living their lives as well as possible.  I am inspired and humored; challenged as well as propelled do be and do similarly.

Iris Bechtol' work is oriented around a phenomenological approach, exploring the relationship between the body and the environment through abstracted forms. Using various materials and methods, her work aims to encourage others to contemplate the idea of “selfhood,” how we are connected to our surroundings, and how that impacts the body’s place in the world.  Recent works manifest into physical form the traumas experienced by the human body and the earth. 

Kristen Cochran’s recent work explores the pleasures, absurdities, and banalities of labor and the symbolic implications of laboring. Her trans-disciplinary work shape-shifts in the forms of ​sculpture, drawing, video, and installation and is often comprised of ​quotidian materials such as bread, clay, clothing, shirt pockets and copper plumbing—materials used as they relate to the gestures, needs, and aspirations of human beings at work.

Nic Mathis' subject matter is culled from the memories that persist after first impressions or vivid dreams, resulting in drawings and paintings of weeds, flowers, and the distorted forms of furniture, detritus, animals, and people. Mathis’s compositions record his reactions to these memories within the perimeters of the canvas, the paper, or even his immediate environment.


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