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Save the Best for Later: Go Behind-The-Scenes with 8 Local Art Conservators

Latino Cultural Center

Save the Best for Later: Go behind-the-scenes with 8 local art conservators!
Curious about who takes care of art and cultural property? Go behind-the-scenes with 8 local art conservators.  An afternoon all about history, conservation treatments and restoration of fine art. Come hear conservators in private practice discuss the care of cultural objects from murals, to NASA chairs! It's all about conserving some of the best art and saving it for later.  

Tuesday, August 20, 1:00 PM– 5:00 PM 
Latino Cultural Center  2600 Live Oak St. Dallas TX
Sponsored by The City of Dallas & the North Texas Association for Art Conservation
This event is free and open to the public so come join us and invite your colleagues

Alton Bowman with Alton Bowman Studio / Flower Mound, Texas / www.altonbowman.com

Title: "Restoration of a 1760 Chiffonier by Bernard Van Risamburgh II"

Synopsis: Chiffoniers are small extravagant tables commissioned by Parisian designer or dealers for wealthy ladies. Bernard Van Risamburgh II was one of the most important furniture makers of the 18th Century; his tables are in the most significant collections in the world, including the Louvre, the Getty Museum, the Metropolitan Museum and Frick Museums. Mr. Bowman will discuss the restoration one such chiffonier made in Paris, c 1760.

Ron Siebler with Siebler Inc. / Dallas, Texas / www.siebler.com

Title: "The Boxcar: Piecing Together History"

Synopsis: When the Dallas Holocaust and Civil Rights Museum opens in September, the seminal exhibit of the Holocaust/Shoah wing will be a restored railroad boxcar. Planning, restoration and installation took over two years of work by a dedicated group of highly skilled artisans and craftsmen.  Siebler Inc. was tasked with the responsibility of reassembling the existing pieces and to recreate the missing parts of the boxcar. The result of their efforts is a remarkable and moving reminder of the events that we must never forget.

Laura Pate with Brown Mountain Art and Antique Restoration / Dallas, Texas / www.brownmountainrestoration.com

Title: "The Mystery of the Ceiling Mural at Wilson House"

Synopsis: During the restoration of the Wilson House on Swiss Ave. the entryway ceiling mural was cleaned and restored. Ms. Pate will discuss the history of the decorative ceiling mural in the entry way of the c. 1899 Queen-Ann Style home and describe issues that confronted her regarding its history and the subsequent complicated treatment. Her presentation will explore theories of origin and disclose new evidence found during treatment.

Michael van Enter with van Enter Studio, Ltd. / Dallas, Texas / www.vanenterstudio.com

Title: "Art in the Public Eye: The Conservators Roll in Repurposing Art"

Synopsis: Mr van Enter will discuss the ethical, moral, practical and creative issues surrounding relocating, remounting, reframing and repurposing art & architecture from an art conservators perspective.

Brad Ford Smith with Studio Six Art Conservation / Dallas, Texas www.studiosixartconservation.com

Title: "Conserving Historic Leather in Texas"

Synopsis: Conserving historic leather in Texas often involves working with objects associated with the ranching and rodeo arenas like saddles, boots, chaps, holsters and gloves. Conservation consists of working with objects no longer in use but destined for display, now or in the future. Working with old leather calls for an understanding of different skins used, tanning processes, fabrication, previous storage and function. Often, leather is mixed with metal, cloth, beads, and feathers that can further complicate treatment. Mr. Smith will discuss how important knowing what not to do is as to know how to proceed. 

Cristiana Ginatta with Helen Houp Fine Art Conservation, Inc. / Dallas, Texas / www.helenhoup.com

Title: "A Tale of Two Murals: the Loss, the Rediscovery and their Communities Then and Now"

Synopsis: In 1935 Joe Jones painted an eight feet tall by forty feet wide mural depicting The Struggle of the South for Commonwealth College in Mena, Arkansas.  In 1955 John Biggers traveled to Northeast Texas to deliver and install a large canvas commissioned to celebrate the history of the African American education in Morris County.  Commonwealth College closed in 1940; a shift in the demographics resulted in the deinstallation of Dr. Biggers' artwork in 1970.  Both murals were thought to be lost.  Until a fortuitous occurrence, the intuition of a local historian and the perseverance of a passionate scholar led to their rediscovery. Ms. Ginatta will discuss the conservation treatment; the last steps before the murals were reintroduced to their communities.

Cher Goodson and Callie Heimburger with Art Restorations, Inc. / Dallas, Texas / www.artrestinc.com

Title: "The Preservation of Mosaics for the St. Jude Chapel, Main Street, Dallas, Texas"

Synopsis: The St. Jude Chapel, a spiritual oasis in downtown Dallas, was anticipating their fiftieth anniversary.  The upcoming commemoration inspired Father Johnathon Austin to refurbish the chapel and focus on the restoration of two large and exceptional mosaics. A collaboration formed between Cher L. Goodson, Art Restorations, Inc. and Julie Richey, Julie Richey Mosaics to undertake the scope of the project. Ms. Goodson and Ms. Heimburger will share interesting highlights of the restoration process and the challenges involved in transforming these incredible mosaic masterpieces into the best versions of themselves.

Melanie Sanford with Textile Preservation Services of Texas, LLC / Allen, Texas / www.conservingthreads.com

Title: "The 74 NASA Chairs: Restoration of the Seating in the Visitor Viewing Room to the Historic Apollo Mission Control, JSC."

Synopsis: July 20, 2019 marked the 50th Anniversary of the Historic Apollo 11 Moon Landing. To commemorate this accomplishment a restoration of the Historic Apollo Era Mission Control rooms at Houston's Johnson Space Center was completed. The restoration focused on all five areas, The Historic Mission Operations Control Room, The Bat Cave, The Simulation Control Room, The Recovery Operations Control Room and the Visitor Viewing Area. This last room consists of 74 upholstered theater-style seats used by family and VIPs to observe the goings-on during a mission. Ms. Sanford will discuss the history of these seats, the restoration process carried out by the TPST team and the final installation of the original 50 year old seats in time for the re-opening of these areas to the public.

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