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North Texas Performing Arts

Plano Symphony Orchestra Presents:

"Learn and Listen,” a series of 45-minute concerts and lessons for kids and families.  Chamber ensembles from the Plano Symphony Orchestra perform well known classical music.  The music history lesson portion is geared toward PreK-School age children and families.

Mar. 29:  An ensemble from the Plano Symphony Orchestra will perform great music by Mozart, Beethoven, and Haydn from the Classical Period (1750-1820). This 45-minute experience will include historical explanations surrounding these famous composers and their works.  Learn how the American and French Revolution relates to Beethoven and hear great music!

April 26: An ensemble from the Plano Symphony Orchestra will perform music from Romantic Period composers (1820-1900) such as Chopin, Berlioz, and Brahms.  This historical period of the industrial revolution greatly impacted the world of classical music.  Learn about composers in history and hear their music performed in an intimate setting!

May 10: American composers dominate the field of film music!  Learn about John Williams’ famous film scores to Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Indiana Jones as well as the history of incorporating music into film.  An ensemble from the Plano Symphony Orchestra will perform some of these beloved favorites in this 45-minute lesson and concert.

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  • $8-$10
Box Office
  • 972-473-7262

6121 West Park Boulevard #B216 · Plano, TX 75093