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Jill Nonnemacher: Subject to Interpretation

Haley-Henman Gallery

Jill Nonnemacher opens her studio installation of new sculptures and paintings, titled Subject to Interpretation.  For Nonnemacher, painting is the unifying process used with different media to search, investigate and reveal possible transformations of a structure and how it expresses the emotionality of self in more abstract and expressionistic directions.  Her interest in the dynamic movement of form compels her overall installation as a sculpture itself.  Nonnemacher's first solo exhibition at Haley-Henman in 2016, titled Modeling the Subconscious, presented an interactional performance piece, "Experience The Transcendent." 

She continues to develop her interest in art experiences that encourage social interaction. With these new works Nonnemacher is much more eclectic in her expression, which invites different interpretations.  Her intuitive process brings forth a spectrum of psychological states that create an interactive synergy to the collective whole, where a painting a paper talks with a clay sculpture.  This type of interaction is indeed part of many installations, yet she uses relationships of space, form and color, not only by individual works, but also by their placement among others.  In other words, the studio installation is a conscious, sculptural work to increase the viewer's social participation in the interpretation between and among the artworks.  

Reception is Saturday, March 2, 2-5 pm.  

Conversation is Saturday, March 9 at 3 pm.  

After work aperitif  is Wednesday, March 13, 5-7 pm

The closing reception is Saturday, March 24, 3-5 pm.  

In addition to these planned events, visit to the open studio is by appointment, call/text 214-532-3225.  Check the website www.haleyhenman.com for current directions to Open Studio 516, 516 Fabrication Street, Dallas, Texas 75212.

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