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El Corazón Exhibition - 25th Anniversary

Bath House Cultural Center

Reception with the Artists: Saturday, February 2, 2019 (7-9 PM). Exhibition on display through March 9, 2019

The Bath House Cultural Center is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its El Corazón exhibition in 2019.  Local artist and curator, Jose Vargas, has curated the annual show since 1993 (with the exception of one year, when the center was being renovated).  This popular exhibition is a beloved annual tradition at the Bath House Cultural Center that gives artists an opportunity to create various artistic interpretations of the human heart.  This passionate and eclectic exhibition features a variety of ideas, styles, and concepts inspired by the heart (El Corazón), an important and universal symbol in art.

The exhibition attracted artists from many cities in the U.S. and Mexico.  The artists participating  in the 2019 exhibition are Angela Amias, Olga Arrendondo-Brock, Angie Bolling, Barbara Brandel, Lori Brennan, Jeff Brown, Sydney Brown, Katrina Chandler, Soojin Choi, Sharin Clark, Mcat  Davis, Margaret DeLima, Katrina  Doran , Sharon Ellis, Lynn Eskridge, Katelynn Falleroni, Jacque Forsher, Carlos Fresquez, Kelli N. Gard, Fred Gardner, Amorette V. Garza, Joelouie Genus, Nick Glenn, Brandy González, Liza Marie González, Stacy Gresell, Jason Guynes, Meg Hachmann, Sabrina Juarez, Dani Kent, Karla A.  Kolb, Al “BATO” Landoll, Thom Lang, Rebecca Lansdowne-Collins, Kimberly Lavon, Heidi Lesur, Rose A. Letherby, Phyllis Leverich, Linda Lewis, Tisch Mikhail Lewis, Eli Lorenz, Shelby Mae, Marian Maldonado-Pagán, Shelby Margaret, César Mateos, Velkys Mayfield, Karla Mora Mora, Kelly B. Morris, Lisa Nigro , Maria Oliveira, Rocío Ramírez, Lorena Rocha Williams, Pam Stern, T.Stone, Maya Sultana, Nereyda Vallejo, Jose Vargas, Lisa Vollrath, Joan B. Wheeler, and ME Wilcox.


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