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Lone Star Murder Mystery Dinner & Show - A Cold-Hearted Christmas

Billy Bob's Texas

“Where Historical Meets Hysterical!”

“A Cold-Hearted Christmas”

‘Tis just before Christmas and all about town, E.B. Neazer Enterprises is stirring and shutting everyone down. E.B. Neazer is the meanest, nastiest "grinchiest" citizen in town. He owns everything and hates everyone and on Christmas Eve he’s decided now is the time to spread his own wicked brand of Christmas cheer. It appears he’s planning on closing the orphanage, buying out the bordello, firing his only employee, and giving Marshal Jim Courtright a headache.

What will become of poor Sister Mary Agnostic and her precious little orphans if Neazer shuts down her operation? Will she unleash her wrath to protect the children? Miss Sarah Ann Dippity, the local madam, must make a living and can’t do that if Neazer buys her out. You can bet she’s not going to take this lying down. And then there’s Bob Scratchit, Neazer Enterprises’ only employee. He barely makes enough to feed himself and his son, Itty Bitty Bob. Will he snap once Neazer fires him?

It seems our hero, Marshal Jim Courtright, will never get his Christmas stocking hung by the chimney with care unless you join the posse and help find out who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. Hitch up the one-horse sleigh and join us for our interactive comedy murder mystery dinner experience.

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  • $60

2520 Rodeo Plaza · Fort Worth, TX 76164