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Redaction: BFA Thesis Exhibition of Lillian Young

Moudy Gallery - The Art Galleries at TCU


BFA Thesis Exhibition of Lillian Young

Moudy Art Gallery, Texas Christian University

November 26 - 30, 2018 

The Art Galleries at TCU presents Redaction, the BFA Thesis Exhibition of Lillian Young.  Redaction will be on view at Moudy Gallery from November 26 - 30, 2018, with an artist reception on Wednesday, November 28thfrom 6-8pm. 

History is a vast expanse of different perspectives, as the saying goes there are two sides to every story.  However, some stories are told more than others or changed to suit those in power. In her BFA thesis show, Redaction, Lillian Young creates a visual timeline that calls attention to the alarming and ongoing trend of redacting/editing American history. Her paintings, video, and prints specifically look at moments and people from African American history that are not always considered in the mainstream narrative. 

The stories of the people who fought for civil rights in the United States and continue to suffer inequality are pictured in this exhibition. Often history omits or “forgets” the cost that African Americans suffered in order to get America where it is today. Redactionis a visual reminder of some of the stories and moments in African American history that have been taken out of the mainstream narrative. In highlighting these moments, Young connects these moments to the social anxiety felt today about the rise in racism, loss of representation in history, and her own struggle of continuing to fight for equality.

Lillian Young is a senior at Texas Christian University, finishing her degree in Studio Art and Art Education.  She is an African American painter and art educator, utilizing her work to focus on people, moments, and objects centered around the Black Experience that are left out of mainstream narratives. Her work is a starting point for people to have uncomfortable conversations about issues that are considered taboo.  Young finds that as the country changes, it is important to remember its history so that we can learn from our mistakes.

Moudy Gallery, located in the same building that houses TCU's School of Art, Moudy Gallery showcases student work, including exhibitions by undergraduates and MFA students.  Moudy Gallery is located inMoudy North Building on TCU’s Campus, 2805 S. University Dr., Fort Worth, TX.
Gallery Hours are Monday - Friday from 11am - 4pm, Saturday from 1 - 4pm, and by appointment.  Admission is free.  For more information please call 817-257-2588 or email us at [email protected]

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