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Second Seating

Bath House Cultural Center

Reception: Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018 (7-9 PM)

The Bath House Cultural Center presents Second Seating, an art exhibition that draws inspiration from the chair as a functional object, as a metaphorical representation, or as a fascinating symbol that conveys multiple meanings.

The exhibition, curated by local artist T. Stone, is a reboot of her first exhibition about chairs, Reserved Seating, which was also presented at the Bath House Cultural Center in January of 2002.  Many artists from the 2002 show were asked to return for the 2018 exhibition.  A number of  new artists are also featured this year.

The curator states that she chose the exhibition theme because everyone can identify with a chair on some level. She observes that, in addition to its utilitarian purpose, a chair can also identify or portray the status or condition of the sitter: a throne, a lazy boy, a wheelchair, a director’s chair, a place of contemplation, a symbol of power and authority.  Each of the featured artists have contributed their interpretations of the theme by creating art works in a variety of media, including assemblage, sculpture, painting, photography, and other techniques.

Participating Artists: Rita Barnard, Katherine Baronet, Margarita Birnbaum, Byron Black, Tiffany Brown, Tim Brys, Du Chau. Ray-Mel Cornelius, Nancy Ferro, Linda G. Gossett, Lara Gough, Jeff Green, Cindy Higby, Ann Huey, Lee Ann Lage, Freddie McCoo, Kevin Parma, Marty Ray, Richard Ray Daniel P. Sellers,  T. Stone, Elise Techentine and Laura E. Walters.

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