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Murder on West Moon Street

Rover Dramawerks

Murder on West Moon Street by Rob Urbinati directed by Chad Jones
based on the Oscar Wilde short story "Lord Arthur Savile's Crime"

November 1-17
Young Lord Arthur is deliriously happy – just down from Oxford and engaged to be married – when a mysterious palm reader predicts that he will commit a murder. A proper English gentleman, Arthur believes it is his duty to get this killing business over with before he marries. But his education has not provided him with the required skills, and a hilarious series of mishaps ensues as he sets about finding a victim. 
Based on the Oscar Wilde short story, "Lord Arthur Savile's Crime."

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  • $15-$24
Box Office
  • 972.849.0358

221 W. Parker Rd. Suite 580 · Plano, TX 75023