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Yoga Nidra & Intention - Awaken Your Radiance

WAAS Gallery

Tracee Stanley knows how to create space that awakens the heart’s deepest desires. Those who have not had the pleasure of being near her, will have the chance to attend her workshop, Yoga Nidra & Intention-Awaken To Your Radiance, from April 27 to April 29 at WAAS Gallery, 2722 Logan St., Dallas, TX 75215). 

Workshop participants will transform as they unveil their body’s natural way to reveal and release negative patterns. They will engage in meditation, writing exercises, and yoga Nidra practices that improve memory and self-mastery. Attendees will take away a piece of themselves that they have forgotten because of the stress that arises from coping with internal and external obstacles.

Tracee has the wisdom and glow of a goddess. Her aura blossoms from her teaching Yoga and Tantra for 22 years. Comfortable in many realms, she has produced Hollywood films and trains others in asana, pranayama, and mantra at gatherings such as Wanderlust 108, Symbiosis, and the Bali Spirit Festival. She inspires others because she balances her creative entrepreneurial talents with her devotion to living with more joy and intention as a yogi. Her arrival this spring is a bright omen for Dallas’s potential in combining all of these worlds. 

This workshop will radiate the vision that expands from the collaboration between Brandy Michele Adams of WAAS and Kirsten Joy Burch of Prani Lifestyle Consulting. The two have partnered to replenish Dallas’s prana, or life force, through the arts and yoga. Tracee’s gifts will accentuate the collaboration’s workshops in their Goddess Series sessions which are guided meditations stirring the Divine Feminine potency that is waiting to be unleashed on DFW as their collective efforts bloom.

Tracee’s achievements in her practice, as well as articles she has authored, are included in The Huffington Post, Yoga Journal WGNO ABC New Orleans, Thrive Global, Living Yoga Dallas, Mindful Yoga Health, SheKnows.com, Woke, as well as several other sources of media.


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2790 Logan Street · Dallas, TX 75215

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