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The Eye of the Beholder

Amphibian Stage

Two people witness the same event, yet describe it differently. Sometimes you feel you’re being watched, but you don’t know by whom. Other times your eyes are wide open and yet you don’t truly see what’s in front of you. Visual and performance artist Laura Anderson Barbata’s multimedia work explores these phenomena: What do we see without our eyes? How do our eyes betray us? Travel to the Amazon Rainforest, meet The Ugliest Woman in the World, and set aside all your preconceived notions of beauty, if even just for a moment.

Join Laura and director Tamilla Woodard as they spend a week in residence putting the final touches on this interactive performance piece that will be traveling to museums and stages around the world in the coming months. 


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  • $20
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120 South Main St. · Fort Worth, TX 76104