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Finding A Sense Of Place

Irving Arts Center

Matthew Jones' show, Finding A Sense Of Place, challenges visitors to examine their relationship to the environment. Most of the scenes depicted are just beyond the metroplex: Turner Falls, Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge, and Chickasaw National Recreation Center make up a few of the more notable sites. Through the use of encaustic Jones works both additively and reductively. His surfaces are gouged, accreted, scored, and scorched in the process of finding the feeling of the places he visited. This method pairs heavy texture with smooth atmospheric affects resulting in a tangible presence. The combination makes for a tactile experience that puts the viewer in the midst of these environments.

Matthew Jones is an emerging artist from the Midwest. An avid traveler, he is just as passionate about exploring new places as he is the methods by which he recreates the experience. He received his M.A. From University of Dallas in 2016 and is expecting to receive his M.F.A. this May also from University of Dallas. Matthew has shown work at such notable institutions as Royal Contemporary in Florence CO, The Beatrice M. Haggerty Gallery in Irving, TX, Umbrella Gallery in Dallas, TX, Grackle Gallery in Fort Worth, TX, and Urban Arts Center in Columbus, OH.

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