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Book Signing: ARF & Soul by Leon Robertson

TVAA - Texas Visual Arts Association

Meet local artist and author, Leon Robertson for a special book signing of his debut book, ARF & Soul at the TVAA Gallery between 2-4pm. 

Leon Robertson is a self-taught artist that works with primarily pen and ink illustration. It is the medium used for ARF & Soul. He has also explored mixed media using found objects to create a series titled, The Junkyard Birds. Because so much of his art is inspired by the use of language, stories often unfold with his art. It is the reason why he prefers to work in an open-series format. His work has been exhibited in local shows and galleries. Several of the characters from his ARF & Soul Dog Series were first published in the book, 1000 Dog Portraits: From the People Who Love Them. Leon’s passion for art, design and all things creative was demonstrated in nearly two decades of working in the fashion and home luxury retail markets.

About the Book:

What do you imagine dogs are thinking? Author and illustrator Leon Robertson finds himself pondering that question often and decided to address it in his work, ARF & Soul. This thoroughly entertaining book was inspired by language, (human) social issues, and philosophy. Believing that dogs are often left out of the "Big Picture" when it comes to the decisions that impact their life, Leon puts them back in, suggesting that dogs have more wisdom than we give them credit for. Through his illustrations, Leon emphasizes that dogs have a wide range of emotions, dreams and desires. They are more than just our cute, furry, four-legged friends. They are members of our society and want to be treated as such. They get very little say in the decisions that affect their lives, but perhaps they have more wisdom to share than we give them credit for. Robertson’s debut book is the perfect gift for dog lovers everywhere.

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