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Fullton Turnage

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Born in South Carolina, Fulton Turnage began playing the saxophone at the age of 13, in junior high school. He played in all of the various school bands, including jazz ensemble, where he possessed a natural ability to improvise solos. After high school, Mr. Turnage joined the U.S. Army, where he served 10 years as a member of the Army Band.
In 1990, Sgt. Turnage was deployed to Saudi Arabia to provide musical morale support to the troops during Desert Shield.Upon completion of his tour in Saudi Arabia, Sgt. Turnage returned to Fort Hood to finish his tour there. In 1991, Fulton left the military, and moved to Dallas, Texas, and worked his way into the music scene. He has been a performing member in well known DFW local top 40 bands, including Emerald City Band and Random Axis Band. Fulton has performed with Joe McBride, Bernard Wright, Tom Browne, and Little Anthony and the Imperials, to name a few. In 1996, Fulton had the honor of playing on original TOTO vocalist Bobby Kimball's album "All I Ever Needed". His beautiful solo work can be heard on the haunting ballad "Two Souls". In 2013, Fulton performed in concert with smooth jazz recording artists, Rick Braun and Paul Brown.

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