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Opening Reception: COURTNEY GOOGE - 'SPIN'

Jen Mauldin Gallery


[Proposed] - Master of Fine Arts in Art - Thesis Exhibition

Courtney Nicole's Spin showcases a body of work based on her subconscious response to life's unexpected moments – the inevitable psychological transformation that follows a sudden realization. Using imaginative dream-like imagery, she translates these times of uncertainty and transition by using the spiral or “spin" to represent the movement between these moments.      

In true surrealist fashion, she attempts to subtly connect the worlds of reality and fantasy through photographic images of real places overlaid with automatic drawing and collage which consider the realms of dream and imagination. This connection is more integrated in the presentation – there is no glass barrier between the image and the viewer, as the surreal image projects into actual space as a real object.

Science fiction, fantasy, circus, and carnivalesque themes inspire Courtney’s autobiographical surreal illustrations, which she constructs using both traditional printmaking techniques and digital applications. She combines salvaged materials, various papers, charcoal, paint, and ink to create both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional works. In addition to studio art, Courtney has some background in ancient art history, basic Arabic, aerial dance, culinary arts, fencing, marine biology, and museum practices.

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