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Past Events

24th Annual El Corazón Exhibition

Bath House Cultural Center

Opening Reception Saturday, February 3, 2018 (7-9 PM). Exhibition on view through March 17, 2018. 

Curated by Jose Vargas

A beloved annual tradition at the Bath House Cultural Center, El Corazón is a passionate and eclectic art exhibition that features a variety of ideas, styles, and concepts inspired by the human heart (El Corazón), an important and universal symbol in art.

The Bath House is celebrating the musical arts by hosting a music festival and unveiling two new music-themed mural paintings inside the building’s lake level later this year.  In line with the celebration, Jose Vargas, the Curator of the show, also suggested a theme of music for the 2018 El Corazón exhibition.  He stated that: “When it comes to combining the symbol of the heart and the concept of music, the possibilities are endless.”  Music is, however, not the only concept explored by the participating artists, making this show as diverse and engaging as it has always been.

The exhibition features art by Andres Aceves, Mirtha Aertker, Pablo Azar, Jessica Bell, Rita Barnard, Kimberly Bradshaw Meadows, Kristina Carbrey, Sara Cardona, Kim Carothers, Andrea Cook, Sharon Covington, Mariana De Yta , Jenna Deslaurier, Glenn Downing, Martha Francis, Charlene Goldman, Brandy González, Rebecca Guy, Justin Higgs, Jessica Hills, Chad Hines, Marcela Kourkova, MaryEllen Lacy, Cindy Lemmon, M3AT, Jackie MacLelland, Marian Maldonado-Pagán, Samuel Chuck McCarter, Sarah McDaniel , Margo Miller, Yamel Molerio, Karla Mora Mora, Crystal Murley, Sharon O'Callaghan Shero, Caroline Ometz, Julie Pearson, Maia Pizarro, Michelle Purvis, Christopher Rahmeh, Ann Ranson, Ellen Ray, Gail Roberts, Rene Rocha, Lesley Rucker, Joe Sarate, Teresa Shields, Mary Southall, Pam Stern, Christine Stoddard, Wendy Tigchelaar, Mary Ann Turner, Jose Vargas, Lisa Vollrath, Joan Wheeler, ME Wilcox, Lorena Williams, and Kelly Witte.

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