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Opening Reception: Visions for Venus: Works by Ashley Whitt and Ashley Kauschinger

500X Gallery

Visions for Venus

500X Gallery will exhibit the two-person exhibition, Visions for Venus by Ashley Whitt and Ashley Kauschinger from February 24 – March 11, 2018.

The exhibition presents works about women by women. Both artists seek to empower and seduce viewers while subverting patriarchal ideas of history and greatness.

Ashley Kauschinger’s series The Rise & Fall of Woman investigates women’s history through still lives, projections, and performative shadows. The series explores the history of events, female figures, violence against women, and the evolution of patriarchal systems. Ms. Kauschinger is an artist, founding editor of Light Leaked, and professor at the University of South Carolina.

Ashley Whitt's self-portrait series, After Her is inspired by the self-portraits of great women artists, including Claude Cahun, Ida Kar, and Francesca Woodman. Constructed as GIFs, large-scale wall vinyls, and handmade sculptural books, these works consider the past, present, and possibilities. Ms. Whitt is a Dallas-based artist, 500X member, and Lecturer at TCU.

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