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Dallas Meets Pakistan: A Unique Art Show

Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture

Mussavir Curated Art is very excited to announce a unique two-part art show that will simultaneously present two completely different collections of original, curated fine art.

 Join us on Friday, Dec 08, 2017 from 6pm to 10pm at the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, 2719 Routh Street, Dallas, for a free, no-registration-required, reception-style event and experience a unique art show.

Faces, Spaces, Traces:  An Artistic Journey Through Pakistan

Straddling the crossroads of the ancient and the modern, the east and the west, Pakistani artists are just as comfortable with the great art movements of the West as they are with the artistic heritage of the East. They revel in their mastery over technique, color, light, and movement while openly acknowledging the influence of impressionism, cubism, and pointillism, as well as the great Eastern artistic traditions of Mughal miniature painting and calligraphy. Absorbing, blending and experimenting with these varied influences, they have created the diverse, vibrant landscape that is contemporary Pakistani art.

Faces, Spaces, Traces attempts to give viewers a glimpse into this incredible artistic landscape by presenting a sampling of figures, landscapes, abstracts, miniatures, and calligraphy from Pakistan.

The Dot: Contemplating Universal Mysteries by Esther Ritz

“Over the years I often incorporated dots in my paintings. About a year ago, however, I found myself becoming more and more intrigued by them. Intrigue became fascination, which became obsession.”, says Dallas artist Esther Ritz about her current collection of contemporary works.

Islamic mystics, better known as Sufis, have for centuries used the dot as a symbol to represent The Divine, be it in poetry or art or in their teachings. The Dot: Contemplating Universal Mysteries, explores the connections between Esther’s introspective, contemplative work process and the Islamic mystic view that in order to understand the Divine we must first understand ourselves.

Head over to www.mussavir.net/exhibitions to read the curator’s statements about the show, browse our full collection, read artists’ bios and watch preview videos of the show.

Follow us on www.Facebook.com/MussavirCuratedArt to stay updated with show information.


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