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Science, Economics, and Politics of Tropical Deforestation and Climate Change

Southern Methodist University - Carr Hall/Godwin Gruber Lawyers Inn

Jonah Busch is a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development.  He is an environmental economist whose research focuses on climate change and tropical deforestation.

Busch is the co-author of Why Forests? Why Now? The Science, Economics, and Politics of Tropical Forests and Climate Change (Frances Seymour and Jonah Busch, Center for Global Development, December 2016). He is the lead developer of the OSIRIS model for analyzing and designing policies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation. His research on climate and forests has been published in academic journals including Science, Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesReview of Environmental Economics and PolicyLand Economics, and Environmental Research Letters. He has also published on the economics of penguins, pandas, and surfers.  He serves on the editorial board of Conservation Letters.

Busch has advised on climate and forests for the President of Guyana, the governments of Norway, Indonesia, Bolivia, Suriname, Colombia, the United Kingdom, and California, the Global Environment Facility, and the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility. He is a research fellow at the Center for Effective Global Action at the University of California, Berkeley and a visiting scholar at the College of Environmental and Resource Sciences of Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China.

Moderator: Dr. Salehyan’s research focuses on civil and international conflict, international migration and refugee flows, and environmental security issues. He is the co-Director of the Social Conflict in Africa Database (www.scaddata.org), a resource for analyzing political and social unrest across the African continent. Dr. Salehyan is the author of Rebels Without Borders: Transnational Insurgencies in World Politics, and his articles appear in journals such as the American Journal of Political Science, Journal of PoliticsInternational OrganizationInternational Studies Quarterly, and World Politics. Dr. Salehyan holds a PhD from the University of California, San Diego.

Location: Southern Methodist University - Carr Hall/Godwin Gruber Lawyers Inn Room 227

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