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Cirque Du Horror

Dan's Silverleaf

Let Cirque du Horror take you on a musical journey, transporting you to another time and place. Perhaps a time where sideshows and carnivals traveled the countryside performing in grassy clearings outside of town. Or maybe where oil lamps and candlelight guided you through rain-soaked muddy streets and dark alleyways, where a massive striped tent waited full of wonders and horrors alike. Inside, perhaps a bearded lady and a hall of mirrors are prepared to make you laugh and chuckle, or you might find grisly tales and ghostly visions to send chills down your spine…

All of this is Cirque du Horror, a show that screams “Halloween!” It’s a little fright and a lot of laughter, with a touch of eye of newt and tail of rat. It was created in 2009 by local composer David J. Pierce, to provide the community with fine Halloween-themed entertainment cradled somewhere between “too scary” and “not enough.” Appropriate for the entire family, it is a delightful descent into the macabre. Come join us for a collection of bone-chilling poems, spine-tingling short stories, and spooky songs guaranteed to have you jumping from your chair with fright and splitting your sides with laughter

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  • $7-$25

103 Industrial Street · Denton, TX 76201

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