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Parenting Power Hour

Plano Public Library System - Haggard Library

Hear from experts each month that will answer your questions and empower you to be a better parent! Presented in partnership with This Side Up Family. Adults

Fall Schedule 

  • Sep 12 - Smart Money, Smart Kids – Instilling good money habits in your children is arguably one of life’s most important lessons. Teaching your children how to manage and save money is crucial, so we’ll talk through practical tools to start with the basics and build on them.
  •  Oct 10 - Teaching Responsibility – What can kids handle at each age/stage? Children are taught responsibility when they help with chores at home. Volunteering together strengthens family bonds, enhances communication, and sends a message to your children that you’re a team! Learn ideas and opportunities for how kids can serve at home and how your family can serve in our community.
  • Nov 14 - Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World – Teaching children the difference between “want” and “need” can be the first step towards raising confident, resilient, and successful children. Learn how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude in your home and cure your kids of the entitlement epidemic.
  • Dec 12 - Parenting with Love and Logic – One basic need all children have is to be loved unconditionally; accepted even if they fall short. Learn how to parent with unconditional love and logic. Establish healthy control without anger, threats, nagging, or power struggles.

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