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Recombinant Abstraction

Arts Fort Worth

Many artists have a talent for recognizing the expressive potential of materials, particularly when these materials are combined with contrasting or repurposed components. They delight in exploiting textures, colors and colliding forms. Often disparate materials are spliced together and the resulting work is animated by striking juxtapositions. The artists' artworks, like recombinant DNA, may evolve into completely unique and abstract forms. The artists chosen for this exhibition by curator Barbara Koerble have proven their versatility in selecting and repurposing materials, as they utilize an intuitive sense for organic and unusual compositional possibilities. Artists: Mike Cunningham, Angel Fernandez, Barbara Horlander, Trish Igo, Cynthia Lewis, Jill O’Brien, Adam Palmer, Susan Sitzes, and Fred Spaulding 



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1300 Gendy Street · Fort Worth, TX 76107

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