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Whimsical: Recent Paintings by S Chuck McCarter

Bath House Cultural Center

The paintings from S. Chuck McCarter’s new exhibition, Whimsical, at the Bath House Cultural Center faithfully reflect the artist’s natural inclination for the playful interaction of art elements and the world of his experiences, real and imagined.  He affirms that art is his mind at play and that colors, shapes, and surface textures are his sandbox from which his content emerges.

The inspiration for Chuck’s work come from childhood stories, fairy tales, ancient historical epics, the Bible, Native American narratives and careful observations of daily life and its oddities.  The artist includes people, animals, and other multicultural references in his work.  Although some of the artist’s work is based on research and study, he describes his work as an often evolving and ever-changing process that he embarks upon intuitively and spontaneously, often with the aid of meditation.  Through relaxed contemplation, the painter says, he finds his deepest soul, letting the piece tell him what it wants to become.

S. Chuck McCarter is a visual artist, exhibition curator, and a recently retired art professor.  He lives and works near White Rock Lake in East Dallas.

The Whimsical exhibition is presented in conjunction with the 19th annual Festival of Independent Theatres and is on display July 8 - August 5.  There will be an opening reception with the artists, Saturday, July 8, 2017 (7-9 p.m.) featuring live music by Percussion Things.


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