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TITAS Presents: Lucky Plush

Moody Performance Hall (formerly, Dallas City Performance Hall)

A group of washed-up super heroes join forces to create a non-profit think tank but get caught up in the politics of branding and group dynamics. Fighting evil ain’t what it used to be. This is the basis Trip the Light Fantastic: The Making of SuperStrip, Lucky Plush’s newest creation. Funny, smart and thought provoking, Lucky Plush is a breath of fresh air in the dance world.

Lucky Plush Productions is a Chicago-based dance theater company led by founder and Artistic Director Julia Rhoads. Lucky Plush is committed to provoking and supporting an immediacy of presence – a palpable liveness –shared by performers in real-time with audiences. A unique hybrid of high-level dance and theater, Lucky Plush’s work is recognized for its layered choreography, moving content, surprising humor, and socially relevant storytelling. Since 2000, Lucky Plush has created 30 original dance-theater works including 14 evening-length productions. In addition to regularly performing in Chicago, the company has presented work in over 40 US cities from Maine to Hawaii, and international partners span from New Zealand to Cuba.

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Find This Event 2520 Flora St. · Dallas, TX 75201