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Workshop - Defining Self

Bath House Cultural Center

This workshop is presented by art photographers, Angilee Wilkerson and Jana C. Perez. The artists' exhibition Perform La Femme is on display at the Bath House Cultural Center through April 22.

Defining Self is a workshop that addresses topics such as the difference between portraiture and the “selfie,” crafting persona, the photographic truth, posture and performance, and how these topics relate to gender, psychology, fantasy, technology, branding, etc.  The workshop begins with a lecture that addresses a historical overview of self portraiture along with excerpts from contemporary essays on the phenomenon of the “selfie.”  Additionally, the artists will review the idea of the gaze, cultural ideals of identity, and how one constructs identity through photography and social media.  Following these overviews, a discussion will be generated that asks questions and elicits further dialogue on these topics.

Using photography, students will participate in an exploration of seeing and being seen with an emphasis on posture, persona and performance.  The workshop will conclude with a final critique and discussion of the work produced by the students.

Materials needed:

  • Photographic camera (cell phones are acceptable).
  • Optional tripod and/or selfie stick.

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