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Ecology and Border Politics: MAP at Dallas Arts Month

MAP (Make Art with Purpose)

MAP presents a site-specific installation that addresses the geography and politics of the Texas - Mexico border and the ecology of North Texas. From April 4th-14th, artist collective Tierra Firme’s installation Sin Fronteras explores the relationship between the border as a nonobjective geographical landscape and as a politicized place. Suspended from a woven net atop the MAP Pavilion, native minerals represent the border region in the state of Texas. Red and blue natural dyed cloth create a grid on the back wall of the Pavilion for how different counties voted in the 2016 presidential election. With the use of Texas-Mexico border native minerals, cochineal red and indigo blue natural dyed cloth, bi-lingual (Spanish / English) signage and the grid, Tierra Firme suggests a minimalist approach to data imaging to represent geology and politics found along the frontera. From April 18th-25th, artist collective Fiber: Hive will present Earth as Infrastructure. Technology and infrastructure are constantly moving forward which has many environmental consequences. Fiber: Hive invites the audience into a calm and inspiring environment featuring three-dimensional off-loom structures reminiscent of both trees and buildings. This collaborative experience meshes together the forces of nature and infrastructure to promote the conservation and appreciation of nature alongside industrial development.

In celebration of Dallas Arts Month. 

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